He doesn’t know what these two things are, and he doesn’t understand what influence they can bring to himself.

His talent and ability, after he decided to play with the mecha, he recommended these two things to him.
He had a hunch that these two things would suit him well.
So he went directly to the stall owner who was dressed strangely and asked, "How much are these two things?"
The other party smiled and said, "God Chaos thanked the benefactor for taking care of the original business. The price of those two things is 1 reward point. If you buy two at one time, I can give you a discount. Amen!"
The two apostles were creatures starting from tens of meters. After the fight, their bodies were as high as hills.
These two minced meat roots are nothing.
After all, the price he picked up for nothing was naturally very cheap
Olga said, "I’ll take it all."
"Hao Chenghui will charge you 1 reward point in total."
Looking at the instant payment reward point, he smiled more heartily and quickly took out a business card saying, "If the donor needs it, you can always come to being original to buy all kinds of things, and I will earn a middle price."
[Li Hanhe’s occupation-blasphemy priest God number-No.774952 specializes in all kinds of precious materials and can conduct all kinds of purchasing transactions to ensure fair prices! 】
Olga nodded calmly. "We’ll see."
Three days later.
Inside Olga’s private room
He bought Gundam wreckage, and he had already dismantled it.
All the parts were reorganized and optimized by him.
Dozens of robotic arms jointly transport those parts to cooperate with Olga to get its materials.
A humanoid mecha in red and gold with a height of more than 30 meters was gradually built.
Its general structure is similar to that of an enlarged human figure.
But it has four arms, four full of propeller mechanical wings
It’s full of metallic luster, and its image looks extraordinarily powerful.
And after finishing the basic work,
Several runes are slowly carved on the surface of the mecha in the form of mechanical arm patterns.
Give it a series of special buff, such as automatic repair, energy resistance, resistance and soul defense.
With the last pattern being portrayed, layer after layer of position slowly emerged and covered its surface.
Formed a layer of method to dispel the hazy colorful halo
Make it like a silent giant mechanical god.
Let a person feel daunting.
After everything is done, things are not over, and there are two most important processes that have not been completed.
One is a round sphere that is emitting iridescent light.
Its shell is covered with a layer of crystal texture.
The huge energy flows smoothly in the middle, and it is not a big problem to release and explode the moon-like asteroids.
And it is the mecha power source.
Miniature antimatter power furnace-transformation of magic runes
Didn’t put it directly into the mecha surface is because the driver is still in the modulation.
With the countdown of a mechanical cabin returning successfully
The heavy hatch was hit slowly.
And in the middle, Olga also opened his eyes.
At the moment, his appearance has not changed much.
The only change is that the hair has changed from crimson to silvery white.
That’s what happens automatically when he combines the power of two apostles.
It is somewhat similar to the characteristics brought by biologically dominant dna.
It’s a minor problem
After all, silver hair looks good.
Go to the mirror and look at your white hair and red pupil image.
Olga had a strange sense of sight for no reason.