"Almost." Samby casually found a broken chair and sat down. It seems that he wants to chat with Huang Xuan for a long time.

No matter whether the other person has energy or not, Huang Xuan knows that there is no hope of winning. He obediently found another dirty chair and sat down and said, "People outside say that you killed a senior traveler with a pound gun."
"That’s right." Samby laughed and let Huang Xuan see some Chu also setting shadows. He clapped his hands and said, "Level 1 travelers are naturally senior travelers."
"Level 1?" Huang Xuanzui, Boss Zhang, the only one he knows about first-class travelers is the Huadao people who say that a single man destroyed a senior man.
"Otherwise, how could you be exiled?" Samby said with a change of face and some embarrassment. "Is Chu also good?"
Huang Xuanlai didn’t digest the information from Samby and rubbed his head. "Miss Chu is very good, but she is in charge of the administration."
He wants n bss
Samby obviously saw Huang Xuan’s idea and laughed off. "I was also a member of the Authority at that time, and I would be relieved if I was also fine."
Huang Xuan secretly stunned the martyr daughter. The starting point is Gao Dad’s great daughter. The fit is naturally relatively great. Isn’t this the foundation of a family?
Chapter five hundred and fifty-one Samby (1)
The two men were silent for a moment, thinking about their own worries, or Huang Xuan was the first to lose his temper. "I think it seems that no one has come here for a long time. Where do you usually live?"
"Live outside or in the living area" Samby laughed. "Come on, young traveler, I’ll find you a place first."
Through a half-collapsed passage, you can see the light from a distance. Huang Xuan saw that Samby’s face was still good, and he vented his doubts. "Mr. Samby, do you know that Chu also went to the trial? Can you see the whole trial plane?"
"I am the keeper of this plane. What do you say I don’t know?" Samby laughed like a wolf taking the wrong medicine.
Huang Xuan couldn’t say a word.
The living area seems to have been cleaned, tables, chairs and benches, especially there are many decorations. It is very strange to see Huang Xuan. It is reasonable to say that normal bases will try to expose as little as possible, and most of them need energy to apply.
Huang Xuan didn’t speak quietly. Now, it’s better to say less and see more. Is he safe or not? Is this Samby warrior almost a Jing Ke or has he succeeded in living in Jing Ke?
Samby didn’t stop in the living area, but stopped when he walked all the way.
Huang Xuan darling Samby dare not say a word behind him.
Samby smiled and said, "Who are the seven executive members of the Administration?"
"That … I don’t know." Huang Xuan replied in a silly way
"What about my daughter? I mean, A Ning state?" Samby said as he sat down.
"Pretty bad, much worse than me …" Huang Xuangang said half a sentence and saw four beautiful girls come in with something like a basin of towels. She almost fell to her finger and quickly took it back.
"You don’t mind that they are the indigenous people of this plane, do you?" Samby laughed.
Huang Xuan’s mouth was wide open and he said with a smile, "How dare I? How could I mind?"
At present, the four little girls are all watery and lovely. Huang Xuan looked at them and moved her eyes.
"You have the highest limit of P1. Supposedly, P1 aborigines belong to you." Samby smiled and took the towel and wiped her face. "But when I came, you didn’t know where it was, so I was embarrassed to go first."
"Where?" Huang Xuan said with a black line on his face. "Do you still know the highest limit?"
"I am the P1 watcher" Samby’s face is as usual, but his tone is as cold as water. "It is necessary to kill that beast. After all, he is an executive member of the Administration, so I exiled myself here."
Huang Xuan asked with a face of worship, "What’s going to be here? This is a closed plane. How do you get in? "
Samby smiled faintly. "If I didn’t close the plane, I wouldn’t be exiled here, but I died. There’s a little secret about how I got in here."
Xiao Huang’s classmates fluttered about.
"Many years ago, I got P1, but I didn’t get its management limit. I was a soldier, not a traveler. It was too difficult for me to get the management limit. Later, something happened. I decided to become a supervisor of the whole P1. I achieved my goal and came to exile myself in secret …"
Samby smiled kindly and said, "I think you also know that the P-plane is the most suitable historical plane in the era of big planes. It’s an interesting coincidence."
"Yes, it’s interesting coincidence" Huang Xuan smiled wryly.
Samby didn’t continue this topic. He shook his head and motioned for a maid to bring Huang Xuan a towel and washbasin. "You know what’s inside, right?"
"Of course," who can’t Huang Xuan washbasin and towel, but I didn’t expect Mr. Comas to know it sometime.
Samby looked at Huang Xuan skillfully wiping his face and covering his face with a light smile and said, "The whole post-plane era is in the late stage of shock, and the plane foundations have developed in various ways, but if you want to find something in common with them, you will eventually find the P-plane body."
"So powerful?" Huang Xuan’s eyes cramped and jumped.
Samby nodded and said, "It’s a pity that I can’t get out any more. P1′ s last base has been ruined … that is, the highest limit can come here."
Huang Xuan didn’t quite understand his expression and asked cautiously, "So what, did Chu also go back when I got here?"
"I’m a little selfish," Samby thought with a smile on his face. "I’ll let her see his two eras. It may be nothing now, but one day when she remembers it, it may save her life. Do you mind?"
"How can I?" Huang Xuan "Hui Hui" smiled and felt that he had to be a gray grandson when he saw any supervisor.
Samby threw the towel into the washbasin, and Huang Xuan quickly put it in. Four maids went backwards.
Huang Xuan waited for a long time and saw Samby’s quiet path. "Why don’t you take me back first?"
"You don’t want the P1 management limit?" Samby Gherardini way
Huang Xuan didn’t dare to say "yes" or "no" for a moment.
Samby said with a smile, "The real management limit is to satisfy the supervisor. If the supervisor is a wise brain, that’s all. It has its own sequence. I’m a person, but I’ll make up a sequence for you except those that must meet the sequence requirements-but I don’t seem to have anything in particular."
Huang Xuan glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw two pretty girls outside the door. I thought you were a youngest son and lived in three palaces and six hospitals. Of course, there was nothing to need.
He was thinking about Samby coughing. "I’ll tell you what. Although I can’t get out, P1′ s life is still a little interesting. I don’t even have a network. If you can get P1′ s management, you can call it at will. I want to have free communication."
"That’s natural" Huang Xuan nodding.
"You have to make sure that generally speaking, an altruistic executive member of the Authority is afraid to speak."
Huang Xuan was in a hurry. How many years later is it possible? He immediately said, "Mr. Samby, it is said that if I pass the trial plane, I can get the P1 management limit."
"It’s said," Samby said kindly. "I told you, I’m no ordinary supervisor. Since you don’t want to be an executive member of the Authority, there is no guarantee for my safety …"
Huang Xuan said with a bitter face, "How many years ago did this happen? Do you have to worry?"
"I’m most worried about my life," Samby said to himself, but his expression became stiff. "Besides, Chu Yi Ning is my daughter after all. I didn’t protect her mother and didn’t want her to have an accident again …"
I’m afraid the last sentence is Samby’s main purpose. Huang Xuan explained that "she is a member of the Authority, and she is just one step away from the Executive Committee."
He can’t afford to offend Chu Yi Ning.