Coupled with the blood crow palace, the main means of the palace are fierce and powerful, and many scattered practitioners have bowed to their knees.

The Blood Crow Palace is now superior to the five main doors!
Lingyun, the patriarch of dimly discernible peak, leaps up and looks dignified.
Blood crow palace army, dense for ten thousand monks.
There are more than 100 Yuan Ying Zhen Jun alone, and many of them are well-known and scattered demons in the field of repairing truth in Zhou Dynasty.
Then reality is more than one thousand!
I’m a monk named Tsukiji, and I’m not a spiritual practitioner.
This kind of power collided with the practitioners, and almost any flying sword and spiritual skill killed the aftermath of generate, which was enough to kill the practitioners.
At the forefront of the blood crow palace army is a middle-aged man in a blood robe with dark green eyes and indifference. It is the Lord of the blood crow palace.
With a wave of his hand, the Lord of the Blood Crow Palace said, "Kill the chickens and dogs for me!"
At the same time, Ling Yun, the patriarch of the dimly discernible peak, raised his arms and shouted, "Zongmen is in danger. Our monks should try their best to protect the last pure land of Zongmen!"
Dimly discernible peak all know that they have no way out.
Boom Boom Boom
Shimen in the back mountain was hit by Juli, emitting dozens of horrible smells.
In the dimly discernible peak, Yuan Ying Zhen Jun also appeared in succession.
Patriarch Ling robbed and led hundreds of Yuan Ying Zhen Jun and nearly a thousand Jin Dan Mahitobe out.
The number of blood crow palace is not strong, and the heritage is revealed!
However, due to the strict collection of disciples at Dimly discernible Peak, there are not many monks but more than 2,000 people.
Once the war breaks out, the battlefield will inevitably fall into the wind.
Of course, the final direction of this war does not depend on the battlefield at the Tsukiji level, nor does it depend on the battlefield at the then and Yuan Ying levels.
But to see the final confrontation between the strong and the virtual!
Ga ga!
Exhausted blood crows gave out a series of shrill cries and rushed to kill the monk army in the dimly discernible peak, like locusts crossing the border, which made people’s scalp explode!
With a resounding sound from heaven and earth, there is a strong breath in generate!
A figure broke out with red hair and was full of terror. There was a need for coercion and wanton eyes, but she was a beautiful woman.
"Crane predecessors!"
"The crane elder is out!"
Dimly discernible peak to burst into alarm, and everyone was delighted.
The old crane looked up at the flood of blood crows, and the eyes were bright and the eyebrows exuded a mysterious fluctuation. Suddenly, Zhang Tankou spewed a hot and red flame!
This flame spread like wildfire, and the fever became red for half a day.
Counting blood crows turned to ashes without saying a word.
The Lord of the Blood Crow Palace hummed and rose up. There was already a bloody bone stick in the palm of his hand, and a skull was embedded at the top, emitting a strange and gloomy atmosphere.
"Blood tattoo curse!"
The Lord of the Blood Crow Palace waved the bloody bone staff in his hand, saying something in his mouth, and the obscure scale bytes came out, and the terrorist forces fluctuated in the virtual!
The black hole in the skull eye socket suddenly produced two lotus flowers in generate.
The skull head is alive, and it usually opens its mouth to spit out a green awn.
Lotus flower, green mans fusion condensed a drop of blood!
Blood came to the head of the old crane and suddenly burst and spread. The strange ripples slowly fell and bound the old crane in.
Hey, hey!
The blood-tattooed spell forms a bloody aperture, and when it touches the old crane, it immediately arouses a series of blue smoke.
Directly corrode the clothes of the old crane, and the snow-white skin inside will also show scorch marks.