"Wait a minute!"

Just then Tianyuan suddenly looked at Su Mo and said, "Just now, Shanhai Xianzong was forced to quit because of the situation. I have told Zongmen that the strong Zongmen will soon arrive at Shanhai Xianzong and are willing to attract you to join."
"I can also agree to attract Su Mo from the wind view."
The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture fairy also hurriedly come out.
Yang Rexu sneer at one
These two were forced to quit by Meng Yao, but now they come back to rob people, which is somewhat shameless.
It is these words that everyone knows that Yang Rexu is too lazy to pick it out.
Ultimately, it depends on Su Mo’s choice.
"Thank you for your kindness."
Su Mo hardly hesitated to bow to Tianyuan and Qingfeng Fairy before saying, "I would like to worship in Gankun Hospital!"
He was really inclined to Shanhai Xianzong.
Because of Long Yuanxing, he had a conflict with three true immortals: Feixianmen, Gankunyuan and Yufeng Temple.
However, it was only because of Yang Rexu’s persistence and persistence that he appeared when he fell in love with ink that he could save his life.
At this time, if he enters Shanhai Xianzong, won’t he become an ungrateful generation?
Tianyuan sighed with regret.
Yang Rexu look a little slow to Sue ink nodded "come behind me"
In the camp of Su Mo’s Qian Gan Kun Yuan in accordance with his words.
At this moment, he really felt a sureness.
After he rose to the world, he was in a cruel environment, and his situation was always full of crises, and he could disappear at any time.
Now he can practice aboveboard with his back to Gankun Court.
No matter how powerful the king of Yuanzuo County is and how powerful Jinxian Kingdom is, he dare not go to Kunyuan to arrest people!
After today, if anyone wants to fight against the cultivation of the realm, he should think about the dry Kunyuan behind him.
The ink-tipped fairy saw this place and didn’t say goodbye to everyone, so the ice butterfly turned around and left together and soon disappeared into the sky.
"We should go, too."
The carriage plain clothes female light way
"Won’t the princess continue to see which fairy Sect the king of Yunlei County joined?"
The girl said, "The princess of Chihong will be followed by the king of Yunlei County."
Plain clothes woman shook her head slightly and said casually, "I don’t know which fairy Sect he joined, but he certainly won’t go to Kunyuan."
The girl asked
Plain clothes woman didn’t explain that God moved to control the carriage and left here.
The second largest number of Panlong orders is Chihong Princess.
Princess Chihong’s talent is as terrible as her potential.
If there were no Su Mo, the monarch would be the first of the four immortals to attract people.
Of course, the four immortals know that the monarch of Chihong will probably worship the wind view.
"Feixianmen is interested"
Bai Hai Tian Xian Shen said
"Shan Hai Xian Zong is interested"
Tianyuan also said
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture fairy chuckled, "The two Taoist friends are fair. The speed of the red rainbow posture is her greatest advantage. If she can worship the wind view, she can bring this advantage to the extreme! Two don’t dispute the wind view is the most suitable … "