"… do you understand this degree?"

"How is she now?"
Russell asked.
This sentence suddenly changed the atmosphere when it was spoken.
Small coloured glaze smell speech looked up.
She leaned her head back slightly and her tone suddenly became cold. "Why do you ask that?"
Strange sharp accent-just like a baby man’s voice, superimposed small glass sounds emerge together.
"You also want to control me?
"Just like manipulating a puppet?
"I … [hero]? !”
Her anger is like a lament.
Now it sounds like a wailing bird.
Chapter 52 Old dreams are illusory
"I didn’t mean it-"
Russell immediately without hesitation high call way
But it seems a little late.
Small glazed eyes are no longer clear, such as glazed eyes are completely dim, like turbid water in rainy days.
And the surrounding group of cyan is like flipping the Rubik’s cube, which changes rapidly and reverses the crimson in an instant.
a moment
Small glass body-
-sudden crack
Like a tattered doll cut along the dotted line; It’s like a glass doll breaking into pieces again.
Her body suddenly fell apart.
Eyes become dim and broken.
The cat’s ear was torn off.
The tail has a small section left at the root.
The skin is messy and cracked, but it doesn’t overflow with blood. Instead, it is like being torn up by a child’s puppet.
After the split, her whole person was "a big circle" because of it.
And the gap is filled by the cyan flame.
That’s the original "body" part of her body.
The large number of small glass bodies is not just for beautification or convenience.
But to cover up the traces of "sewing"
The operation she underwent was not to beautify the situation of "keeping her original body as intact as possible"
Instead, it will make one person patched together and patched up into a completely different … Another person is forbidden to operate.
Scissors cut off the feather-like kinship features and cut off the excess body to reduce the body size.
Cut the skin, cover it with new skin, and directly remove the bone replaced by the method to replace it with prosthesis.
The new generation of medical technology can save the dead with one breath left.
And "blue songbird" was indeed "the last breath of the dead"
But his girlfriend had a normal operation-what he accepted was better called "reform"
It’s not as good as replacing the head and body directly.
However, this is impossible.
Because it is an important index to show the degree of semantic body according to percentage, the highest degree of semantic body of artists can not exceed 4%, while some more dangerous workers require less than 5%
In order to reduce the transformation ratio, we should mend the foundation and try our best to keep a considerable part of the original body.
Re-defining the body to "make up the gap"
It’s like a torn puppet being stitched again. If the stitching marks are hidden, it will be a nightmare.
No wonder …
It’s normal to wake up after such an operation.
Looking at this scene with some absences, Russell suddenly felt an imbalance.
His center of gravity suddenly fell to the right-Russell couldn’t help reaching over his left shoulder.
He felt that his prosthetic body "sunflower lily" had almost melted away and disappeared, leaving a few pieces of virtual shell to emerge.
Burning with pure white flame, it is so slender as to emerge from the left arm prosthesis like a baby or a bone.
It was a weak left arm that let Russell invade the prosthetic limb. At the moment, it is more like some kind of old-fashioned arm armor.
Russell immediately realized the present situation.