Destroy some [individuals], [forces], [ethnic groups], [literature], [world] and [plane] at will …
So, no, don’t
The gain and loss of interests are extremely minor matters.
More, just for chatting.
[Greater Power] These actions are similar to an ant who intends to carry rice grains in his eyes
It’s not much fun to say.
But it’s ok to squat here and watch for a while.
But not long after.
Looking at it, it seems to be in the wind, but I don’t even know that the weapon in my hand is being sliver by my opponent [Khaled] [Ms. Pain] asks again.
"So you’re not going to help?"
She got an answer, but she asked a rhetorical question.
"What can I do for you?"
"I have given him not weak strength but also powerful enough weapons."
"Even a degraded [powerful divine power] and now [Greater Power] is just better than him in experience and some aspects."
"If this situation [Khaled] still loses, it can be said that he is really inferior to others and deserved to be killed, but the problem of being robbed is even more serious. I will not deliberately intervene."
Smell speech 】 【 pain lady eyes didn’t change is quietly criticized.
"What a cold guy."
But thanks to her calm attitude.
This so-called criticism, true, is of little power.
It’s okay to say it’s a joke or a whisper.
Or it’s really just a joke.
After all, it is very direct to make Olga laugh.
"Indifference …"
"That’s a good joke."
"Maybe in a few hundred trillion years, you will have some other ideas …"
[AO], [Ms. Pain] and [Order Double Snake] Although [God] transcends the bondage of [time]
But it’s not a long time for them to spend it in person.
Little Olga doesn’t think it’s long.
Although he looks mature, the other person in his eyes
Can handle things calmly.
Have their own understanding of everything.
But the quality is still not too baptized …
So many times
They will still retain some special’ childlike interest’
For example, Ms. Pain likes to build her little girl whose "Impression City" is similar to building a sand castle on the beach.
"Then we’ll talk about it then."
Face his words
No recognition, but no denial.
[Ms. Pain] gave a somewhat ambiguous answer.
And Ortega looked at it for a while, not far away, and then said casually out of chatting attitude.
"Now this [plane] is still very young. Maybe you can add a little other [factor]."
"What [factor]?"
"More [possibilities]"
[Ms. Pain] The eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. I don’t quite understand "[Possibility]?"
"Yes, it is [possibility]."
Olga explained
"I think your structure here is a bit monotonous after all."
"Even the configuration of each race is too rigid."
"[Humans] don’t necessarily need ordinary moderation."
"It is possible to be gifted."
"[Elves] don’t necessarily need to be beautiful and luxurious."
"It may be ugly and evil."
"[Dwarves] don’t have to like forging."
"May like painting"
Limited multi-time
There are many manifestations of the same address race.
Most of the time, they are likely to be linked except by the same name.
There doesn’t have to be any similarities.