Wang Yue was shocked. "It’s a powerful sword. It hurts my eyes at a glance. This sword is much sharper than my gold fencing."

Fifteen years ago, Wang Yue couldn’t see through blade master’s repair and thought that he was unfathomable, but now he has seen through blade master’s repair and Wang Yue still feels unfathomable.
Now I can barely protect myself by fighting Wang Yue with blade master.
Both Wang Yue and blade master practice fencing, but blade master is good at fencing and practicing extreme fencing. Now blade master has deduced fencing to the 23rd sword.
Holy Spirit Swordsmanship Twenty-three swords are more overbearing and sharper than one sword, which is naturally not comparable to Wang Yuejin’s fencing.
The holy spirit swordsmanship is the pursuit of the limit of swordsmanship, and it is stronger than the famous heavenly sword. It can be said that blade master’s holy spirit swordsmanship is definitely the first in terms of attack power alone.
However, although the spirit swordsmanship is overbearing, the sword is too extreme and has great shortcomings.
However, blade master can make up for the weakness of fencing with the sharp sword of the Holy Spirit.
Wang Yue’s eyes were covered with khaki qi, which resisted blade master’s sword, meaning, soil and qi. It is the best to resist sharp attacks with the strongest defense.
Blade master came to Wang Yue and sat down and said, "Good, good. Old Wang Yue didn’t expect you to become a practitioner of Heaven at a young age. Your talent is stronger than your name."
At that time, blade master didn’t believe that Wang Yue was a practitioner of Heaven, but he didn’t believe Wang Yuexiu until Wang Yue could resist his sword.
Wang Yuexiang’s magical power to hide his breath is indeed very strong. Wang Yue’s breath of heavenly realm fighters is very strong. Even the heavenly realm fighters can hardly find out Wang Yue’s true practice without making a test after convergence.
Wang Yue smiled and said, "Elder blade master is flattering me. I wonder if what my elder came here this time is a compliment to my martial arts talent?"
Wang Yue watched blade master warily and worried that he would suddenly start work.
Blade master laughed. "Wang Yue, the old man said this time, I want you to be the deputy duke of Shuangcheng."
Blade master was a wise man who didn’t say anything about Du Guming.
If blade master directly lets Wang Yuecheng, the deputy duke of Wang Yue, accept it, even if he promises not to bother Du Guming any more, Wang Yue and Du Gujia will be relieved.
Wang Yue said, "The elder already knows what Du Guming does, right? He not only wants to kill me, but also wants to rob my wife. If it weren’t for my Wang Yue, there are still some things that even he would have died. The position of deputy duke in Du Guming’s hand is very tempting, but it’s nothing for the practitioners in Heaven. If I take refuge in the sky, Wang Yue will want a deputy Wang position, and I can also promise. "
Blade master eyebrows a wrinkly said "Wang Yue don’t you really want to and my twin enemies? Du Guming is a child. Can’t you be generous and forgive him once? "
Blade master was a little annoyed that he came to see Wang Yue in person, which was soft in disguise, but Wang Yue still didn’t give face to face and wanted to find Du Guming trouble.
Blade master’s children, Du Guming, are his only nephew’s care. If he can’t let Du Guming worry about his life.
"Is Du Guming a child?" Wang Yue laughed. "Du Guming is 2067 years old, isn’t it? It’s good that Du Guming’s predecessors will always be children in their eyes, but I, Wang Yue, are not much older than Du Guming. In that case, let blade master’s predecessors leave this matter alone and let us young players solve it ourselves."
"Wang Yue" blade master scolded, "Are you sure you won’t give me any face?"
A powerful sword broke out from blade master’s body, and thousands of swords in Wang Yuefu trembled slightly, as if a strange force had drawn them out.
Wang Yue’s eyes flashed cold and his sword was calm.
This is the first encounter between Wang Yue and blade master.
Wang Yue sneered, "blade master’s elder Du Guming is an adult. He knows that he should be responsible for what he does. Since he has done something wrong, he will pay the price."
Wang Yue will never let go of someone who wants to kill himself and occupy his wife, even if Du Guming is behind blade master.
The dignity of Wang Yueshen’s practitioners in Heaven and Heaven is inviolable.
Even if you don’t kill Du Guming this time, you have to pay the price.
Blade master stared at Wang Yue with a flashing sword in his eyes and said, "Wang Yue, do you mean there is no room for relaxation in this matter?"
If Wang Yue dares not to give in, blade master will attack.
Wang Yue laughed and said, "Is there room for relaxation? It’s not that I don’t want to waste my martial arts. I can let bygones be bygones, but I will also accept the position of the deputy duke of Shuangcheng and fight against the Heaven with the duke of Dugu."
Du Guming wastes his martial arts. This is Wang Yue’s bottom line. If blade master doesn’t even promise this, then Wang Yue doesn’t mind betraying the Twin Cities and blade master now. Anyway, Wang Yue has gone to heaven, where can’t the fighters live?
Blade master stared at Wang Yue and asked, "Is it true? If Du Guming’s martial arts are abolished, you can let bygones be bygones, and be loyal to Dugu’s family as before. "
Wang Yue said, "Shuangcheng is my Wang Yue’s home, so I naturally want to protect it."
Blade master nodded, "Wang Yue, remember what you said. I’m going to abolish Du Guming’s martial arts now."
Du Guming’s talent is so poor that it is already the limit for him to become a great master. It is impossible for him to become a practitioner of Heaven in this generation. Without martial arts, Du Guming can still enjoy wealth and prosperity. blade master decided to agree to Wang Yue’s conditions
Wang Yue’s martial arts and blade master are on the same level. He is qualified to bargain with blade master, and blade master has to compromise when he wins the Twin Cities.
Blade master a sword of light disappeared in the hall.
Wang Yue sneer at a way in the heart, "Dugu’s family is full of mud except blade master. Do you want me to be loyal to Dugu? What is your dugu family that deserves the loyalty of Wang Yue? I stayed in Shuangcheng to protect my family and have my Wang family as my base. It’s none of my business to have a war with your lonely family. "
Blade master returned to the duke’s mansion, and Du Guming got up. Du Guming quickly asked, "What about uncle? Did you kill Wang Yue?"
Blade master cold hum a finger a little a sword light flashed Du Guming felt a sharp pain in abdomen and rapid loss of physical strength.
"Uncle, you ruined my martial arts?" Du Guming’s eyes were horrified.
Dugu party is also a face of shock and asked, "eldest brother, what are you doing?" What is going to abolish Ming Er’s martial arts? "