On the night of burial, the true fairy nodded her head, holding the wind purple clothes that were still in a drunken state and gradually disappearing into the void.

Su Mo didn’t stay at the top of the mountain and went away.
In the middle of Longteng Mountain, a huge gap suddenly cracked, exposing the dark tunnel inside.
A figure paced out with one hand and looked calm behind him, showing a royal family bearing.
Those eyes are like deep gems in the deep sea.
Jin Wang Shi An Shi Wang!
Wang Shi of Jin came to Longteng Mountain and looked at the naked man’s body in the ruined battlefield.
"Yuanzuo Jingyue"
Wang Shi of Jin suddenly asked faintly, "Are you still alive?"
Wang Shiyin in Jin Dynasty is not big, but it can stretch all over Wan Li.
Running away, Yuanzuo County King and Jingyue Zhenxian both felt a quiver and heard Jin Shiyan in their minds!
Wan Li music!
Two people mind a quiver can’t hesitate hurriedly turn shape toward longteng mountains.
It wasn’t long before they reached the mountains.
At the same time, another tunnel was cracked in the other half, and the king of heaven came out with a cold and murderous look.
"Where are people?"
Heavenly punishment Wang Shen asked
"Where are people?"
You can’t see the joy and anger in the face of the king of Jin. Looking at the king of Yuanzuo County and the true fairy of Jingyue, they asked softly.
Yuan Zuo County King and Jingyue Zhenxian could not bear the pressure and plopped down on their knees.
"big brother, big brother, atone"
In front of the king of Yuanzuo County, I can throw my weight around, but I am honest like a child in front of Wang Shi of Jin Dynasty.
The king of Yuanzuo County knows best the means of his eldest brother!
"I have calculated that everything can definitely be crushed by the wind, but who knows that a Su Mo will come out …"
Yuanzuo County King was interrupted by Jin Wangshi before he finished explaining.
"Where are people?"
Jin Wangshi said two words, and the sound became softer and softer.
At this moment, the king of Yuanzuo County was scared and cold sweat dripped out!
Chapter two thousand and forty-one A wanted order
Yuan Zuo County Wang Yin trembled and sweated, and dared not look up to see Wang Shi of Jin.
"Very good"
Wang Shi of Jin looked at the king of Yuanzuo County slightly and asked again, "You should know who the wind is, right?"
Yuanzuo County King nodded his head.
"You should also know how the escape of the wind and the sky affects our country, right?" Jin Wang Shi asked in a calm tone and couldn’t recognize the anger.
Yuan Zuo county king swallowed saliva.
Pause a little Jin Wangshi’s eyes suddenly become sharp, like a sharp knife can pierce the chest of Yuanzuo County King!
"Since you know everything about it, why didn’t you inform me before?"
There is a horrible power in Jin Wang Shiyin.
"I, I, I …"
Yuan Zuo County King blanched and trembled, and looked up and tried to argue that "that windy day has been seriously injured. I was thinking about giving the suppression to the eldest brother …"
Wang Shi of Jin suddenly drank a wave of robe sleeves and stirred up a physical force, which slammed into the king of Yuanzuo County through the virtual body.
The king of Yuanzuo County was hit by this direct flying and fell more than ten feet away, spitting out a big mouthful of blood like a dead dog.
Wang Shi of Jin broke most of his bones!
He almost fainted on the spot in pain.
"Yuan Zuo, you are still talking nonsense in front of me."
Jin Wang Shi looked cold and cold. "You just want to win credit! Want to show yourself in front of my father! You want to crush me! "
What is Wang Shi in Jin Dynasty?
He was ranked seventh among many heirs.
However, it was only by means of biting, decisive, talented and detached that the summit was reached step by step.
Except that the first six brothers died violently for various reasons, and now King Anshi is in the world!
Everyone in the royal family knows that the six emperors must have died.
The king of Jin also opened his eyes and closed his eyes for this matter.
There are many heirs in the Jin Dynasty, and he is very happy to see this situation.
Only in this way can a truly vicious and powerful man stand out from many emperors and inherit his throne and his territory!
Wang Shi of Jin has experienced too much blood, and you can’t hide this idea from him!
"Eldest brother forgive eldest brother forgive …"