Zhang Yang, a human being, and Zhang Yang, a zombie, are both in the feeling.

Epiphany for every monk is not an epiphany, which may be a leap in strength and quality. When looking at Zhang Yang’s state, the beasts have placed great expectations.
With a wave of his paw, the insect swarm annihilated
Three-headed beasts will release their respective fields around Zhang Yang to overlay the virtual blockade chain worms, etc., and they can’t shuttle over and bump into the fields head-on.
Every moment, there are several zergs, and at the same time, there are more insects rushing like moths to a flame.
This level of attack is not a huge worm or claw cutting or launching a light attack … when the beast also needs to consume mana to maintain a solid territory.
This kind of consumption is somewhat similar to the strength of a beast … but water droplets can also wear away stones.
Once there is a level gap in the battle of the strong, the result is a crushing spike. The strong need an idea to make the low-ranking monks perish.
However, the battle between high-ranking monks of the same order often spans a long time. For example, it is normal for such a strong animal to fight with monks of the same order for thousands of years or even longer.
Fighting the Zerg is even more exhausting by consumption.
Five Wen Guo and Zerg can fight for thousands of years. What’s worse, when the beast is such a strong man?
Time goes by slowly
A hundred years, a thousand years, a hundred years, a million years, a million years …
The fighting has been going on for such a long time, which is enough for a literary cycle to evolve, but it is only in the blink of an eye for the strong people such as Shi beast. They are really nothing when they sleep for tens of millions of years, and they will not be bored or bored … The only problem is mana consumption.
Zerg attack crazily and rely on the abnormal evolution speed to continue with time, the attack from the beast has gradually adapted, and even the intimidation in the terrorist field has produced certain resistance.
The number of pesticides can be greatly reduced compared with the previous one by swinging a claw and pulling out a tail.
And the zerg has swept through the whole dimension and the whole dimension resource limit. The tide of exploding soldiers and insects is exhausted and dense, and almost all of them will be covered with virtual animals.
"Nothing has happened … it’s been more than 60 million years. It’s really rare for him to fall into a deep sleep for more than 60 million years."
When the beasts are looking at Zhang Yang.
Zhang Yang is still suspended there cross legs and sitting breath is not obvious as if it were a meteorite continent in the virtual.
"The longer the epiphany is rare, the greater the harvest. If Zhang Yang can break through this time, maybe the realm will directly surpass us and add his blood that can be on a par with us … hahaha Zerg is scum in front of him!"
"well! He has a chance to compete with us! We wandered in the sea of the universe and forged a good relationship. I didn’t expect it to develop to this point today and it might be our savior … rare! "
"Ha, ha, ha, what’s so rare about this? We wander all the way and don’t know how many good relationships we have. If we want to see talented people with potential, we will give them opportunities at will … The roots are countless. Don’t say that we are waiting for us. Even we have helped those with potential for hundreds of millions of opportunities. It’s not unexpected that someone finally breaks through and meets our expectations, is it?"
Three-headed beasts are very happy because Zhang Yang has the opportunity to break through and reach their present state.
The realm of the three-headed beast is not low, but after all, they are two places at once, and they were transformed by an idea in those days, and their potentials in blood and understanding can not be compared with those of Zhang Yang.
"It’s these bugs that are getting more and more difficult. From fighting to now, there is no blink of an eye to let us continue fighting and fighting! Replenishing mana roots is like not consuming. Now I have consumed 50% of my mana and should find a place to supplement it. "
"I consumed 60%"
"I consumed more than 70%"
When the head is grumpy, the beast rushes and kills the most.
"Now the two of us are here to guard you to replenish your mana and come back immediately when you get back to your peak."
It’s an idea. When it’s three heads, the beast has finished communicating.