The gate ship shouted and killed and shook everywhere.

The patrol Tianmen ship is a large-scale ship with a length of about 50 feet. It has a military fort, a wide platform and even a large array of walls, which is comparable to the flagship Qibao building ship.
Xuanwu Banner Hunting Flying Liu Shun is dressed in a four-spirit armor standing on the flag, holding his sword in his right hand and staring at the front indifferently.
Next to the commander of the flag, Long Jing Jin Yu flew out like a rain waterfall.
The surrounding yellow sand rolled in the sky and turned into blood.
Large and small patrol Tianbao boats are flashing, and Yin Hui is like a star flying in the blood clouds. A huge bloody dragon and phoenix array in front of it is completely annihilated in the Lei Guang.
I don’t know how many evil things they destroyed along the way, but now they have attacked the central area where Xianbo is buried.
It’s getting weirder and weirder here, and it’s so rich that it’s almost real. Blood and rain fall from it and form a huge bloody lake, which is bred in a horrible murder.
Liu Shun and several flag generals are on guard.
Although they killed many evil spirits along the way, they didn’t encounter anything difficult to deal with.
How many people have been fighting for years to destroy the demon nest and ghost cave? If you say that this place can’t breed terrorists, no one will believe you.
And fix the snake deck Wang Xuan still didn’t speak.
From entering the burial fairy park to today, he is satisfied.
Battlefield strategy is the general direction, but it is a real effort to fight against the enemy.
It’s a test for soldiers to arrange troops, shuttle freely, and change the morale of killing on the spot … whether it’s a slow and steady move or a surge of momentum, not only the generals, but also the soldiers.
Now it seems that he probably Anjun Yong has completely adapted.
The power of the patrol army with the new tactics has been highlighted, and the strength is not too far apart, even in the face of more enemies, it can cope with it.
Of course, the real test is talent
Wang Xuan operation Candle dragon eyes glittering.
Looking at the front of the sun, it has become an independent and faintly formed a bloody giant egg.
While the Yin-eyed soul-watcher saw a cross-legged sitting with a huge shadow of blood, three heads and six arms, and a huge round of blood behind the ferocious fangs floating like a statue in a temple.
Wang Xuan eyebrows slightly wrinkled some hesitation.
He didn’t expect that an evil god was born here.
Ordinary evil spirits are mostly produced by worshipping Taoism, and they are bred by incense fire, and when the incense is cut off, they become roots and duckweed gradually wither away.
There is a possibility that the rules of heaven and earth gave birth to the first gods.
These pre-gods are Taoist rhymes.
Just like the sun, Xuan Nv, and the congenital Taiyin Sun Daojun, the nine secluded places have changed into a ghost wall for nine days, holding the flying beasts of the wild islands …
Of course, the first gods are not all powerful.
Just like Long Mai in Middle-earth was crucified to the ground by Tiandu Mountain before it soared, just like the original owner was robbed by the old dragon.
It is not surprising that the burial of Xianbo has been self-contained and accumulated for thousands of years, and several grievances have gathered to form this thing.
But the cracking method is not without.
Before he could speak, Liu dropped in and said that the Earth Division had detected something strange in the blood lake, and it was suspected that there was a demon of the earth, but it was difficult to suppress the request to move the chessboard array with the Four Spirits Array.
Wang Xuan corners of the mouth smile "accurate!"
The falling star chessboard array is the magic fairy array of the top ten towns in heaven, and even the double-headed gluttony that has been transformed into monty can be suppressed.
Some time ago, in Kanyuan Mountain, the five-obsidian star stone was excavated to patrol the Tianbao boat, and the fairy array could be temporarily arranged. Although the effect was much worse, it was more than enough to suppress this unformed evil spirit.