He also left Xin Qiji to keep an eye on the grassland in the north. Some people should not have fantasies because of Su Yonglin’s expedition to the south and his long-term failure to win.

For the time being, Wang Gubu and Tata Er’s department can be believed that because of their increasingly close business ties with China, the Ministry has almost been infiltrated by Chinese spies.
However, there are a large number of grassland tribes in the northern grassland, and their actions are not restricted. It is hard to say whether they will have any special actions that are inevitable.
Leave Xin Qiji to sit in Zhongdu Su Yonglin to be at ease in the south.
On June 20, Su Yonglin officially reached a mobilization order for the war zone. The administrative officials in the war zone mobilized the local people to join the civilian workers in accordance with the mobilization law of the Great War. Before the war was launched, they completed the mobilization preparation order. Once the order was reached, they would go to war immediately.
On June 29th, Su Yonglin personally participated in the war mobilization orders in Zhongdu, Shandong and Huaibei areas, personally took charge of some mobilization orders and asked the Privy Council to conduct orientation inspection on military warehouses in various places.
On June 30th, Su Yonglin ordered the official department of the imperial court and the organization department of the Sino-German Renaissance Association to select excellent and capable officials at all levels and organize renaissance members. Once the occupation of Jiangnan is completed, the land reform in the south of the Yangtze River will be promoted immediately.
On the first day of July, Su Yonglin ordered the Third Division of Justice of China and Capital to prepare to set up a powerful joint judicial team to join him in the south occupation of Hangzhou and conduct a trial of the bureaucrats of Jiangnan countries.
On the second day of July, Su Yonglin ordered the general staff headquarters to dispatch excellent war staff teams to the participating troops to take the post of chief of staff and prepare enough tactical guidance for the troops.
On the third day of July, Su Yonglin put the imperial court and the headquarters of the Renaissance Association into wartime.
On the fourth day of July, Su Yonglin left Zhongdu City to join the army, changed the emperor’s uniform, assumed the post of commander-in-chief of the Southern Song Dynasty Campaign, fulfilled his post as commander-in-chief of the campaign, lived with soldiers, and personally supervised the training of the first division of the samurai.
On July 14, Su Yonglin presided over the grand meeting of the army headquarters, and on July 20, the enthusiasm of the army was adjusted to the highest morale.
On July 21, Su Yonglin was reported that the March route from Zhongdu to Huaibei was ready, so Su Yonglin called the swearing-in meeting on July 22.
He gave a speech at the swearing-in meeting, saying that this was a substantial war of reunification once again since the [pre-Tang Anshi messed around].
He claimed that the scope of the country had not been substantially unified since the rebellion in the security history.
After the collapse of the pre-Tang Dynasty, it was in a state of substantial division and Warring States from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms until now.
Before the death of the Tang Dynasty, our troops were everywhere, and there were grass heads everywhere. The central government decree of the Tang Dynasty failed to show the self-respect of our troops in Chang ‘an, and no one ignored the Chang ‘an court.
After the death of the Tang Dynasty, there was chaos in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, killing people everywhere, killing people everywhere.
Finally, Chai Rong and Zhao Kuangyin, two good military strongmen, seemed to see the dawn of reunification.
As a result, Zhao Guangyi, the successor of the two men, died one after another, but there was a trick that the donkey cart drifted, which can be called the manpower of the Song Dynasty to pacify the sky and make it fall apart
Yanyun, Liaodong Hexi Dali Nanyue Li Chaoyuan all belong to Huaxia Map, but Song people could not control these places.
The South and North Song Roots are not a unified government, but a separatist government. They don’t even have a unified department to unify the thirteen Chinese States. It’s a real collapse.
Does this dynasty also mean to call itself destiny?
What nonsense? There has never been a destiny. It’s just a group of shameless and conceited idiots. Huaxia Shenzhou has worked hard to make the people suffer, and the people have suffered, and the heroes have suffered.
Today, I, Su Yonglin, will put an end to all this.
Su Yonglin ordered the stage to shout out his ambition.
I want the thirteen Chinese States to be unified again, and I want the territory once owned by the former Tang Dynasty and the former Han Dynasty to be unified.
But we have to take everything back and tell those thieves that we have not forgotten that we are temporarily unable to make a move!
It is our mission to inherit the previous generation.
And revolutionaries, our greater mission is revolution, liberation and elimination of all inequalities!
Destroy all the people, get rid of all the oppressed and exploited people, and make them smile and really live like human beings!
They should have money to spend, food to eat, clothes to wear and knowledge to learn!
We should repair the historical regret and swear that our blood inheritors are excellent.
We also want to make historical sins clear and swear that we revolutionaries are firm!
Su Yonglin raised China’s national strategy to a new height in this speech, and made a brief summary and condensed it into a pithy slogan.
[Sweep down the thieves from all over the world, then unify China and China, sweep away the ghosts and monsters, and carry out the revolution to the end]
On that day, this slogan was shouted by 45,000 big soldiers, echoing the sky and the sky.
Chapter 1325 Shen should decide to go
Three days later, on July 25, Hong Wunian, Su Yonglin officially ordered the army to attack the south.
This time, the army will simply unify Jiangnan completely, end the north-south division, and return all the thirteen Chinese States to central political control.
And then start a new era of unification.
The goal of strengthening the Han Dynasty and prospering the Tang Dynasty is to include all territorial departments with economic and military value in the bag.
They will advance to the Huaihe River region as quickly as possible. After arriving at the scheduled attack position in the Huaihe River region, Zhang Yuejing’s First Corps and Zhao Yucheng’s Seventh Corps will launch a surface attack with Su Yonglin to crush and reduce the dimension of the decadent Jiangnan National Political Exhibition according to the scheduled general attack.
The war for the reunification of Jiangnan is not the end.
After the unification of the south of the Yangtze River, Dali Kingdom and South Vietnam’s Li Dynasty were also scheduled targets, which was Su Yonglin’s unified goal.
He won’t let go of any thieves from all over the world.
Of course, ghosts and gods won’t let his hand live.
He wants both country and class.
Su Yonglin, the Chinese military, led the exhibition, and Hangzhou has not yet received effective news.
The border news happened, and the Hangzhou court’s national conditions were close to all that they could know. Almost all of them wanted to let them know that they could receive effective information on their own initiative.
Since their court was infiltrated by the Skynet Army, even how many people they sent to Jiangbei and Jiangxi to try to search for intelligence information have been in the hands of the Skynet Army.
One-way penetration belongs to yes.
It’s the same this time.
The whole process of military mobilization in the military frontier has not been noticed by Jiangnan countries.
They acted quickly and quickly, and the troops tied at sunset and night quickly entered the predetermined tactical position, and all aspects of the exhibition were well arranged, which was beyond the imagination of local officials in Jiangnan country
Including Hangzhou, they have been trying to get more information from other countries, hoping to better judge when to go abroad, but they have been trying to get information from them all the time [China has no major military action]
This certainly makes Shen feel that he can arrange an escape plan when he has enough time, but he still feels that the country has not moved for several months, which is really worrying. I don’t know what they are holding back.
Thinking about it, I think this matter should be decided early, not too late, and I should leave early. The sooner I stay, the longer I stay, the more uneasy I am.
So Shen should decide to talk to Zhang Wei about this matter and determine it as soon as possible.
So he invited Zhang Wei to eat a meal.
He discussed the dinner table with Zhang Wei.
"Although there is no movement in China, I think the situation is already very tense. It is better to leave Hangzhou sooner rather than later. If you continue to go, there will probably be some unexpected things."
Shen should drink a glass of wine and give Zhang Yiman a smile and ask, "Jingfu, this is the last time. Are you really … not coming with me?"
Zhang Wei raised his glass and drank the wine in it.
"If you want to leave, you will leave long ago. If you don’t leave, you won’t leave naturally. Do you need to ask more questions?"
Shen should have a wry smile for a while.
"Will Kyo mock me as a coward?"
"People are naturally timid?"
"But I admire Li Ruoshui and Li Gong very much."
"Li Re water …"
Zhang Wei knows who Shen should say. He said that he was the only captured civilian minister who was martyred when the Northern Song Dynasty fell.