The power of the Breaking Bad Curse and the Killing God Curse was completely suppressed by Zhenhai Linggui without even contaminating a hair of the red-haired Yuan God!

A few statues of the great power of the Wu clan suddenly changed their look!
Zhenhai Linggui not only suppressed their curse of killing gods, but also made a terrible wave of gods in generate to fight back!
Several statues of Wu’s great powers were reviled by the Yuan God, vomiting blood in succession, and they fell from the middle with a weak look.
Although these great powers of the Wu clan have saved their lives, Yuan Shen will not live for many years after being hit hard and hard to improve.
The whole process is slow, but it is a moment.
Wu scorpion stare big eyes reveal incredible color.
He initially expected that a scene did not happen.
Violet didn’t die, even the dragon didn’t die!
That violet’s face is a little dim, even if she is not dead, she is cursed by him. It’s never better!
But why isn’t there anything strange about that dragon?
So many curses of killing god and the desperate curse that he sacrificed his life just sank into the sea and disappeared?
"How is that possible?"
This is the last thought of the witch and scorpion leaving this world.
For a moment, his residual thoughts also dissipated, leaving a body falling from the middle to die!
At this time, the change suddenly rises!
The dragon looks like a leap.
Although he evaded the key, he was still one step behind and was stabbed in the back by a powerful machete from Luo Cha!
The bloody tip of the knife is dripping scarlet blood from the chest!
Although the curse of the witch and scorpion breaking bad and those curses of killing the gods failed to directly kill the dragon’s true body, the Yuan God’s struggle for an instant still affected the dragon’s true body spirit.
So he will be a statue of Luo Cha clan can close!
This knife will pierce the dragon’s true body and the blood will pass quickly!
Dragon really angry backhand will throw bronze Fang Ding according to the Luo Cha clan power severely hit in the past!
"Hey hey!"
The Luo Cha clan’s great ability has long since taken out the machete and flapped its wings to avoid Su Mo’s counterattack!
"I can’t stay here!"
Dragon, clutching his chest, flashed this idea.
The witch and scorpion are dead and must leave as soon as possible!
It’s a pity that there are six fierce families left. The strong have surrounded him and completely cut him off from the violet.
And there are some fierce families who killed violet!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and nineteen God burn!
"I see where you can escape!"
The sun has been cold for three days. "Today, there is no way for you to live in heaven and earth. You are a dragon doppelganger, so ruin it for me!"
At this time, the strong six fierce families have also seen that this red-haired alien is Su Mo’s two places at once!
The more so, the more they can’t let Su Mo leave!
Not only did six fierce families die today, too many people suffered heavy losses.
More because these fierce families in the heart of this wild martial way gentleman is more terrible than that ancient taboo!
For three days, the sun was blazing all over the sky, and the golden sun was burning. The third claw leaned out and grabbed it at the dragon’s real crown!
The sun clan is also called the three-legged sun clan.
The third of the three legs in the abdomen is the strongest, which can tear all animals and pierce everything!
Moreover, this third foot burning sun god fire is also the purest and the highest temperature condensing the essence of sun god fire!
The dragon really took a deep breath and let out a growl from the depths of his throat. His eyes were cold and he suddenly leaned out his right hand to meet the third foot of the Sun.
"Looking for death!"
The sun three days look a cold said
He believes that even if the dragon really moves its claws, it can’t carry his third foot war and flame.
Now the dragon really sticks out this palm and looks white. The palm of the new tender Terran is generally weak and it is a threat.
"I wonder how this dragon can be like this in one hand?"
The idea flashed in the sun’s mind for three days and it was not thought deeply.