"Let’s suppress it together and don’t give him a chance to read the mantra." Aole smiled coldly and chaotic light flowed around him. "I’m the ancestor dragon. I’ll see if you can resist me by means of your first divine fire and innate divine wind."

"Aole, it’s no wonder that you want to die yourself." Jade Duxiu has a cold light in his eyes, "Chaotic Armageddon"
Jade Duxiu feels that the overwhelming doom in his own black lotus is pouring into the violet in his hand. After the increase of violet, the power has been doubled more than that of the fuzzy ten lotus, which has gradually faded into emptiness.
Aole didn’t know that the depth of this blow was suppressed by the former means without fear of the chaotic and hazy scale rune circulation in the palm towards Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu flew out, but violet Daoguo broke into chaos in Aole’s palm.
"Bad" Aole’s face is not seen at all, and her face is full of anxiety and fear, "motherfucker! Chaos suppression! "
The overwhelming chaos is rushing towards Aole, constantly suppressing the fate of Aole.
"Ha, ha, ha, Aole, you also have today. Look, I swallowed you up today to achieve Zulongguo." Jinli laughed wildly at Aole.
Chapter 214 dismemberment, repression
See the horse Weili Aole body blow up all the grandfathers. The fiend turns pale with horror. Far away from the demon god, he quickly withdraws. On the contrary, his face is lit up with brocade scales. Suddenly, he reveals himself and overwhelms the huge dragon thousands of miles away in Fiona Fang. He growls and vibrates chaos. "Ha, ha, ha, you bitch also deserve me to compete for Zulong’s life? If you weren’t lucky enough to get Hongjun Jingxue and good luck, how could you have room for success? Today is the day when you die and swallow you, and I will break into the lock demon tower to achieve Zulong Avenue. "
As he spoke, Jin Li opened his mouth and swallowed Aole in one gulp, turning it into a humanoid dragon ball and continuously suppressing Aole in the abdomen, trying to absorb Aole for refining.
At this time, Aole won a single blow from Yudu Duxiu to suppress the strength of the body, so Jin Li opponent?
See the brocade scale really relentlessly to malicious hand AoLe eyes flashed a biting "die die! Everyone dies together! "
Aole didn’t suppress the fate of the body and the sky, but suddenly pushed it out.
"damn it! Bitch! " Brocade scales face crazy change for a moment, and pieces of great strength burst out and instantly smashed Brocade scales into blood fog, and Aole blood fog mixed together and could not tell each other.
"Hum ~"
The sky is full of blood and fog, and Aolejin scales are pale. Obviously, the previous blow will never feel good.
At this time, Yu Duxiu is also uncomfortable. Looking at the people in the field with a wry smile, "Lost! Lost! Strange how suddenly lost his mind incredibly so recklessly "
Yu Duxiu’s heart was in a state of indecision. "Is it because someone is plotting against me?"
"Hung-chun, don’t try to be brave. Let’s run! Otherwise, you call the old turtle to meet you. I trust these bastards are definitely not old turtle opponents. "Jade bodhi old zu shouted in the distance.
Looking at the jade bodhi old zu Yu Duxiu flashes in my mind and observing my whole body, ten thousand alpacas suddenly crossed my heart.
"Lie trough! Doom consumption is too big to suppress this fucking bad luck. I was influenced by this old thing’s bad luck. "Jade Duxiu suddenly had a pair of eyes scanning the field with chaotic violet in his hand.
"He can’t! After all, quasi-immortals are quasi-immortals and can’t become a big climate! Let’s make moves to kill the town. "Hubei God roared upwards and descended on Jade Duxiu again.
Terran ancestors watched the battle from a distance. Look at me. I think you are too easy. The ancestor played with the turtle shell in his hand and said, "Hongjun is a terrible force."
"It’s a pity that Hung-chun is so headstrong that he has to explain himself to so many strong people." Grandfather Tai Dou shook his head and sighed deeply. "Shall we do it?"
"Lock demon tower with demon clan dragon number is the bane of Hongjun. If you don’t give up the lock demon tower, the strong will not let him go. Let’s get burned. If you are at the critical moment, you will be miserable if you are found an excuse to knock on the door by the strong! Not worth the loss! " Tai Yi’s ancestor shook his head.
Listen to Tai Yi’s ancestor’s words, everyone smells words, you look at me, I see you are silent.
"Hung-chun! Hand over the lock demon tower of all the demon clan departments in the lock demon tower, and my demon clan will not be polluted at all, which will help you retreat from the strong enemy. Will you? " Fox God’s eyes stared at Jade Duxiu, full of longing and pleading.
"It’s better to die than live today." Jade Duxiu’s eyes scanned the field and the words were cold.
"Hung-chun! You don’t try to be brave "jade old man nai holding the head.
"You old bastard, stay away from me. It’s bad luck. I can’t stand your bad luck now," Yu Duxiu said.
As she spoke, the violet in Jade Duxiu’s hand circulated vertically and horizontally, and the Hubei God fought in a ball, rolling up the waves in vain and rolling in chaos.
"Everybody shoulder to shoulder" Wolf god shouted, twelve fiends jumped like gods and tigers, and Aolejin scales jumped instantly without rest at this time.
Demon clan, demon protoss, Aole and Jinlin respectively buckled a part of Jade Duxiu’s body, firmly fixed the true spirit of Jade Duxiu, and then everyone violently ripped Jade Duxiu apart instantly, and then everyone used their own means to suppress a part of Jade Duxiu’s body.
"Lock the demon tower?" Fox God holds Jade Duxiu’s head up to his front.
At Fox God, Jade Duxiu closed his eyes. "Want treasures? But no way! You’d better suppress me. "
"This fellow’s mouth shut. You’ll know it’s amazing if you suppress it for ten million years." Like a god, he came over and cast the forbidden method to seal Jade Duxiu’s head and arm.
The demon protoss seals the shoulders and abdomen of Jade Duxiu, and the wolf god looks at Jade Duxiu’s bust. "The crown will be so stubborn as to hand over the lock demon tower, but we don’t want to have a conflict with it. If you want to hand over the lock demon tower, we will let you go."
Yu Duxiu turned his belly into a big mouth and spat at the wolf god. "It depends on how long you can suppress the seat!"
Jinlin Aole turned away with one thigh and turned back to their respective territories.
Looking at SIRS the strong have left only jade bodhi old zu startled there "so suppressed? What tricks did Hung-chun play that he didn’t ask the bodhi old zu to help me? Is it strange that this fellow has a hobby of being abused? "
Talking, the jade bodhi old zu held his head and turned around. Jade Jingshan looked at the old tortoise and tugged at its beard. "You old Wang Hongjun have been suppressed, but you still don’t move to save Hongjun?"
"The Lord said that I would never be allowed to make a move without his command." The old tortoise slowly pushed the jade bodhi old zu’s eyes full of peace. "The Lord has always been far-sighted and may not have any plans this time."
"A way to fight? Hung-chun didn’t die now, and he didn’t see the truth. "Jade bodhi old zu balsam pear face way.
Just then, I saw Lingyu come running. "The bodhi old zu El Nino’s young master, your aunts and grandmothers are going crazy. I want to make a strong move to find you. I can’t stop the theory and ask the bodhi old zu to help me."
"Alas," the jade bodhi old zu sighed, "Hung-chun, this fellow is really not worrying."
With that, the jade bodhi old zu strode to the exit of Yujingshan, only to see that the infant grabbed the dust behind him with a fire tip, leaving the dust, and Wen Yingji’s face was full of anxiety and anger.
"live!" Jade bodhi old zu blocked the exit.
"The bodhi old zu, you came just in time for us to go to my father’s revenge." The baby saw that the jade bodhi old zu was full of grief and his face lit up.
Jade bodhi old zu sullenly nu scold a "nonsense, you wait for strength is not enough? The strong can blow your breath and you will be suppressed and you will be messed up? Or stay in this jade mountain and wait for your father to return. Your father has become immortal and immortal, and the one who can kill him. "
"The bodhi old zu! Are you going to stop me, too? " El Nino’s face is full of discontent.
"You have to die if you don’t stop you." Jade bodhi old zu shook his head.