Then Yunlan also defeated the master with one punch.

How can this be explained?
Can’t say it’s accidental, right?
There’s something wrong here!
The provinces always open the main one to react.
No wonder ling Tian doesn’t have a budo master at his hand.
Without hesitation, he promised to win or lose ten bets.
Busy for half a day, his hands are full of this kind of Uber-like fierce people.
Hu Tangzhu is a genius?
People like Zhang Zhaoyuan and Yun Lan are real geniuses.
In front of them, Lord Hutong even doesn’t deserve shoes.
Where did the young master of hades collect so many peerless geniuses?
Zhang Zhaoyuan and Yunlan’s debut immediately disrupted the provincial halls to make plans.
Who knows how many such geniuses Ling Tian has left?
Will there be any changes in the situation of winning in this way?
The provincial hall lords frowned and showed shock and anxiety.
While YunLan looked at slouches Hu Tangzhu indifference way
"Lord Hutang, you are in a slump."
"You are not ashamed to be defeated by one of our special security teams!"
Yunlan, this seemingly comforting sentence made Hutang Lord suddenly look up.
Looking at her look mournful, I felt a burning sensation in my face.
Just now, he told Yunlan not to be devastated if he lost.
There is no shame in being defeated by yourself.
But the voice is still around me, but I lost and lost.
Now Yunlan, in turn, gave her own words intact.
It’s like a big mouth slamming in your face.
How ironic!
"Hehe, losing is losing."
"There is nothing to say about being inferior to others."
Hu Tangzhu finished jumping into the ring.
However, when he was on stage, he was in high spirits and thunderous.
The crowd in the stands was silent and sighed.
"special warfare security team?"
The provincial leaders didn’t care about Hu Tangzhu.
Instead, they all heard a noun from Yunlan’s mouth and couldn’t help frowning.
According to Yunlan, Ling Tianshou has a special security team.
Listen, everyone in the special security team has the strength to defeat Lord Hutang?
Nima, is it true that Zhang Zhaoyuan and Yunlan are not the only perverts in Ling Tian’s hands?
But a whole team?
How can I fight if I lie in the trough? MoM
The news was so shocking that it interrupted their rhythm.
A provincial hall people are stupid.
At a time when YunLan is beautiful eyes with a hint of expectation to look at the ling day.
Then respectful mouth way
"Please advise me!"
Ling tianwen couldn’t help laughing.
Looks like Yunlan is very popular.
Just now, I saw myself nudging Zhang Zhaoyuan, which is unbearable.
Ling day, of course, not favoritism, said with a smile
"You have a lot of problems with this palm."
"I’ll show you how to understand it carefully!"
YunLan smell speech exultation quickly toward ling day fuels devoting.
"Thank you, young master!"
Say that finish YunLan stare big eyes nervous looking at ling day.
Afraid of missing the details, it’s called a thirst for learning!
The grandstand is always the same, and suddenly my heart jumps and a sense of foreboding rises.
This young master won’t want to teach on the spot again, will he?
Sure enough, a faint sound sounded soon.