A new house has been built, and two old couples are dressed in good clothes. It was just a few days ago that they bought them from a distant city.

"What about the little doll? How come I haven’t seen you all day? "asked the neighbor’s aunt very carefully.
"Who knows? Just ask her to come back and cook dinner!" The old man casually replied that he was supervising the coolie building.
"Aren’t you husband and wife afraid that her master will come back to find you?" The aunt lived next door because she couldn’t bear it, but she had heard about it several times in a few days.
The old man leaned over and whispered, "I secretly looked at him that day and went to the mountains!" Do you think you can come back? "
Aunt suddenly turned pale and dared not say anything more, so she hastily packed her hands and went into the house.
It was when I entered the room that I saw the little doll sitting at the table looking at her.
"Oh, why are you here!" Aunt was a little flustered and quickly closed the door to her neighbors. The couple became rich overnight and could not afford to offend!
"Can I sleep with you at night?" The little doll asked with a pathetic face.
Aunt poured her a cup of tea and whispered, "Why don’t you run away from the dolls without you?"
"I will wait for Master to come back," the little doll replied.
"Your master can’t come back." Aunt doesn’t hide it.
"He can come back. He asked me to wait for me. I will go to him if he doesn’t come back in three months." The little doll looked stubborn
"You silly child, three months is not short. Can you stand it?" Aunt asked with a face of concern
"If they bully me again, I’ll kill them and live alone!" Little doll’s eyes flashed a malicious unique.
However, this surprised the aunt and quickly got up and retreated several steps.
"I …" The little doll was rude now. How did that happen? Especially these days, there will always be an impulse to kill, and she can’t even control herself. In hindsight, she doesn’t want to do this, and she can’t even hide from being bullied by those two old guys.
What’s this? !
The first time my aunt saw this kind little doll, she should have bloodthirsty eyes to see her approaching, but the whole person retreated to the wall and dared not move.
"Aunt, don’t be afraid … I didn’t mean to … I …" The little doll didn’t know that stamping her feet in such a hurry was to go out. She knew she could never come again.
Change one’s mind
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The winding narrow mountain road has a rugged cliff on one side and a cliff on the other. It is really difficult for a carriage to travel.
The driver is a face of calm, like walking on the avenue.
Sitting on one side, Mammy Gui also looked cautious for fear of falling off a cliff with a slight bump.
I’m afraid it’s a skeleton to go to such a high cliff.
It’s so difficult to walk, however, the woman in the car said, "I’m sleepy and want to sleep", so she refused her bitter advice.
And the man has always been so used to her words, even if the road ahead has to find a way out not to disturb her rest.
Ling Si Night and Tang Meng are really squinting and taking a nap, and they are not worried about what will happen on this cliff. Anyway, they are going to have an accident when they come.
Suddenly, the carriage seemed to be tripped by a stone and shook for a while, scaring the driver to stop at once, with a pale face and fear.
Sister Gui couldn’t stand it any longer. She turned around and asked in a low voice, "The road in front of the temple is too narrow for our car to pass, right?"
No one answered for a long time.
"Temple?" Sister Gui called another one.
However, it was Tang Meng who lifted the car curtain.
"Is the temple asleep?" Mother Gui asked in a low voice.
"Well," Tang Meng nodded his head and his voice was still very low.
"I really can’t get through the front of the empress. Let’s wait for the temple to wake up and walk," advised Mammy Gui.
Tang Mengchao cast a glance ahead and said, "Keep walking."
"The Empress really can’t leave!" Mammy Gui looked anxious, but the driver continued.
Tang Meng had changed his face, a face of malicious.
Sister Gui finally found out that something was wrong and shouted "Temple!"
Trying to lift the car curtain was stopped by Tang Meng.
"What do you want to do, Empress Ling Fei?" Sister Gui is lucky to break away from Nai Wu Yi, but she is not good at moving.
"I have endured it for so long, my Lord. This revenge should be reported!" Tang Meng said with a sneer
You!’ Mammy Gui went white. "What did you do to the temple? !”
"I didn’t do anything!" Tang Meng’s smile is indeed a sudden luck.
But after two or three sentences, Mammy Gui will have to call the guards in front in the future. The whole carriage is turned over towards the cliff. Tang Meng let Mammy Gui go early, but she fell straight with the carriage.
Several guards hurriedly followed, while Mammy Gui looked pale. It all seemed too sudden. How did this happen?
Tang Meng, she unexpectedly!
"Mammy, what shall we do?" There is also a confidant who is also scared.
"Ma told the world that I was waiting for them!" Mammy Gui frowned and made a decision.
"Mammy, why don’t I take you back to Baidi? This is also an opportunity. The emperor won’t doubt it." The man persuaded him low.
"The old slave must wait until the day when Shu Fei’s mausoleum opens!" Sister Gui, on the other hand, is stubborn. No matter what, she will play the role of this mother to the end.
The man was so invisible that he retreated.
Wan Zhang Gao ya
Is a group of guards dragged the carriage slowly down.
And straight down are a few black guards, who are the confidants of Mammy Gui.
Che Lingsi woke up early at night and squinted at Tang Meng.
"How long are you going to stay in the temple?" Tang Menghao asked
"Don’t go" Ling Si night is also low and still squints with a smile.
"What? !” Tang Meng suddenly frowned.