The eye situation is extremely critical. You must never expect the white army to come. 1oooo cavalry should shift their main force to Bianhe East and Baigou South when they can think about the worst. This requires taking out their most elite troops to confront the white army.

Ma Yun’s face stood in awe and he said, "Shi Da listens to orders."
"The end will be there!" Shida across step fuels upon
"You led the 1oooo army to intercept the white army in the west of the city and cover our main force to retreat to the Bian River."
"Follow orders!"
"Li Ergou, you led the 1oooo Guards to protect our flank in Qingcheng Town, five miles south of the city."
"Will follow orders at the end"
Ma Yun added, "The rest of the troops immediately took action to transfer to the Bianhe River. By the way, they sent someone to inform Wang Bin to order him to command his handsome army to cross Baigou south and move closer to our main force."
"Follow orders!"
As Ma Yun’s military orders reached the whole Chu army camp, it became lively. The soldiers who had just slept were woken up and packed their bags to prepare for the eastward withdrawal. Even the humble people were awakened, and his heart was dissatisfied. What’s more, these Qiu Han were extremely hard and tired in recent days, and many people cried and swore. The old Chu army performed better because of strict discipline, but it was a bit difficult to control the newly expanded army in Songzhou. After Qian Qing heard about it, he took his axe and blacked his face and even cut down a few riot soldiers to temporarily suppress the soldiers.
But the news still reached Ma Yun’s ear. Zhao Pu said, "It’s a critical moment now. It’s naturally no problem for these newly joined soldiers to fight with the wind, but once the situation deteriorates, their loyalty and fighting capacity can’t be sure."
Ma Yun is also a great headache for this kind of problem. In this era, it is very hard to really be disciplined and forbidden. If it is a veteran of Chu Army, it is also convenient for them to manage Bai Chu Army’s discipline. If it is a recruit’s egg, there must be veterans to hold back. I dare say that they will not make any trouble. But the key point is that those who absorbed Zhou Bing, who recently surrendered in Songzhou, are all old soldiers of fortune and smooth hands. He doesn’t care about being tough. I’m afraid it will arouse them to rebel against Qian Qing. The return seems simple, but if there are not a large number of Chu
Ma Yun asked sullenly, "Zhao Aiqing, do you have any good ideas?"
Zhao Pu looked around the eyes and whispered, "It is better to let these people replace the guards to defend the white army in the south of the city and keep the guards around."
Ma Yun leng praetorian guard, if not the elite of the Chu army, is also the elite of the Chu army. Moreover, the soldiers inside are all rooted in Miaohong Jingxiangdi’s loyalty. Ma Yun transferred them to the front line, which is naturally reluctant, but flank security is also very important
The white army is a cavalry with strong mobility. It will never just attack from the front of the Chu army camp in the west of the city, but it may detour to the south of the city. If the white army plans to completely defeat the Chu army in Bianjing City, it is impossible to break through from the front of the city. It must be inserted into the Chu army from the flank and echo the white army in the west of the city. Only in this way can the retreating Chu army be completely disrupted and the Chu army be frightened. In other words, the flanking security is much heavier than the front security of the West Camp.
Ma Yun shook his head and said, "No, what we have to do is to consider the whole army. If these soldiers are changed to the front line, they are already tired and complaining. However, if the white army charges in case of brittle defeat, we will be completely finished. We still have to appease the Lord for them. Let’s go and see the situation." Ma Yun said that he was ready to go out and walk for two steps, and then he suddenly paused. "Somebody will bring Liu Yibin and their surrender generals to me and have something to say to them."
Behind Ma Yun, he was preparing to remonstrate with Ma Yun. After listening to Ma Yun’s words, Zhao Pu couldn’t help but take a deep look at Ma Yun’s back. The emperor is becoming more and more mature. When is it now? How can he venture lightly? Let’s recruit some of their fallen soldiers and detain them completely, so that there will be no prestige enough figures among the fallen soldiers. Those fallen soldiers will naturally control some fallen soldiers to rebel, and not many people may follow them, but if they are fallen soldiers to rebel, the incitement will be much greater.
Li Er dog with guards had just arrived in Qingcheng town when scouts reported that "a large number of cavalry appeared ten miles ahead of General Bing, and those cavalry were all Zhou Jun." Actually, Li Ergou could guess almost because of the silence in the middle of the night, and he could already tell from this horseshoe whether it was a few horses or even thousands. That messy horseshoe has shown that there are at least thousands of people.
Li Ergou shouted, "Prepare for battle in a circle." He climbed up to see what direction the attacking troops were attacking. Suddenly, his heart sank and his brain buzzed. What should he do?
He suddenly realized that there was a large flat land near this green town, and the enemy was cavalry. The enemy came in a circle and roared away. How could he pursue them? Besides, the emperor gave himself orders, but he had to make sure that his flank was safe. If the enemy just passed by and went straight to the camp in the south of the city, then he could not atone even if he was cut alive.
"Make the battalion units scattered in a circular array, and the distance between them can’t be an arrow. The archers try to shoot the archers when the enemy rushes over. Yes, the battalions set me up a trip rope to refuse antlers. Today, the general wants to let the white army know how the guards are fierce! When we win this battle, the emperor will reward us with a lot of money. It’s not a problem that you are a captain and a sergeant. Don’t you want to add a title of Guangzong Yaozu? Now is the opportunity! " Li Ergou said
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Chapter 7 A bloody battle
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Chapter 7o A bloody battle
"Dadada" horseshoe is getting closer and closer, and the figure of the white army has finally appeared when the Chu army lanterns and torches illuminate it? ? ? ? The overwhelming momentum filled the whole world with a cold atmosphere; More than 20 thousand cavalry rushed in fear as if the whole earth trembled slightly in front of them; The night breeze can’t cover the shooting; The flickering fire shines on the sword and halberd pike, reflecting the cold light; Silent night seems like a huge monster is taking this opportunity to devour the power of heaven and earth.
In the distance, like a white robe and a silver armor, like a broadsword and a pike; White is the pride of this army. The soldiers’ belief pillar is 5oo meters and 3oo meters. As the distance gets closer, the bow and arrow cuts through the night and directly screams, screams, screams and moans at each other. After the long arrow blaster, it keeps ringing, but no one, whether it is the Chu army or the white army, has retreated. The soldiers are holding swords and waiting for the arrival of hand-to-hand combat.
This time, the tactics of the white army are obviously very different from those in the past. It is never an option for cavalry to rush into the enemy camp and break the enemy formation. If the other side is well trained, if the other side has high morale, this charge breakthrough will often cause greater damage to the cavalry unless the other side is also a cavalry. The most common way for cavalry to shoot infantry is to swim, that is to say, to take an arc in front of the enemy from their own bow and arrow to expand their lethality. Then, before the enemy is attacked from both sides, causing the enemy to panic, it is really meaningful to charge after the enemy is completely flustered, so that it is good for the loss of cavalry. In other words, charging on the two wings of cavalry will cause great lethality for the long snake array, but for the cavalry in the round array, if charging, it will often lose a lot.
But this time, the white army was different, and they rushed straight at it as if it were not an enemy formation but a pile of weeds.
"Go!" Rushed in the front MuYanZhao big drink a way
All the "Chong" troops responded that at this time, the first few rows of cavalry suddenly changed their weapons, and took a long wooden stick from the hanging angle of the horse’s body. The wooden stick was about as thick as an ordinary steel pipe and about three or four meters long. The soldiers took the wooden stick in their hands and poked it to the Chujun formation. Of course, many people rushed directly to the Chujun gap.
"Ah!" When the white cavalry charged over, the long wooden stick was directly stabbed in the front. As soon as the wooden stick carried the horse’s charge force, the front sergeant was wearing heavy armor. The booth was scattered and gathered together, but there was still a small gap in the fire. This was specially drilled by the Chu army to deal with the cavalry formation. However, the opposite white army was obviously prepared. The simple and ordinary wooden stick knocked the front heavy armor of the Chu army and flew them away. Even the white army horses were not enough to follow.
After this initial panic, the Chu army unexpectedly recovered quickly. After all, the Guards were the elite soldiers of the Chu army. After seeing that the wooden stick of the white cavalry team hit people, they actually wanted to raise the wooden stick and continue to collide. Some strong Chu troops swooped up regardless of life and death. They either dragged the cavalry from the horse with a wooden stick or beat the cavalry with a wooden stick. Of course, some cavalry were more clever. Seeing that the Chu army came to grab the wooden stick, they directly abandoned the wooden stick and rushed out of the long knife to kill it. However, although the Chu army was fierce and fierce, the whole Chu army camp was completely exposed to the white army after being
The Chu army’s strategy to deal with the cavalry formation is to fully wield the infantry. The principle of multiple advantages is to let the cavalry in, then divide and surround them, and form a situation of more fighting and less fighting in some areas. The key to the formation lies in the fact that those heavily armored soldiers who play a role in diverting water are like flood diversion channels. With these heavily armored soldiers in the white army, the cavalry can be divided into dry stocks and rushed in, and there are not many troops to enter because of the narrow entrance, which facilitates the Chu army’s troops. But now these heavily armored soldiers have been hit, either by horses or flying out, or it seems that the white army rushed to the loose Chu army like a torrent in front of the white army sword.
The so-called "beating people and beating their legs" sergeant combination is more than enough to deal with one cavalry, but it becomes more difficult to deal with it when seven cavalry suddenly rushed at the moment.
Watching Li Ergou from a height is obviously aware of this problem. Although his army soldiers fought bravely and struggled hard, the difference between riding and infantry surprised the Chu army. He quickly made the soldiers in the back row move forward immediately to fight, which boosted morale. Li Ergou also rode on the mount with his broadsword and Qinbing, and fought hard with the white army in the array.
Striker Mu Yanzhao also rushed to the front line, but unfortunately, he rushed straight at the block of the Chu army. One reason why he dared to rush to the block instead of rushing to the camp of the Chu army was that this time the white army came very fast, and the Chu army could not prepare for the defense in a short time. The defense force of the Chu army must be in a hurry. I’m afraid there is nothing terrible compared with the belt, which is not terrible in Mu Yanzhao’s view. The second point is that the white army coming to the west again is definitely not just a simple matter of saving the bian city, but it is necessary to completely annihilate the Chu army in the bian city. In this way, it is necessary to play a blitzkrieg and defeat the Chu army in one fell swoop when the Chu army is exhausted and the morale is turbulent. This will be necessary. Once the Chu army crosses the bian river and relies on the river to stop it, it may be possible to gain a foothold in the east of the bian city. By then, the situation will be difficult. It is obviously less difficult to charge quickly.
"Hiss!" Hip horse whined, and the front legs seemed to suddenly lose strength. The whole horse suddenly went ahead and tripped over the rope!
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Chapter 71 One-on-one hit
Although the night is deep, the Chu army camp is lit with lanterns and torches. Some people are fighting for the life and death of the white army, while others are holding strong bows and hard crossbows and staring at the white army who intends to break through the gap in the army [text reading]
And Muyanzhao wore a white tassel and a bright silver helmet, and each of them had guards guarding this different armor. This different momentum had long been stared by the Chu army. When Muyanzhao lost his footing and was about to fall to the ground, the bow and arrow of the Chu army should "swish" and shoot at Muyanzhao.
"General, be careful" is surrounded by guards who wake up, but the situation of these guards is not much better. They tripped over the horse rope and rushed to avoid crashing into it.
In the face of such a critical situation, Mu Yanzhao drank a big knife and slashed his feet. The whole person jumped up in the horse’s body. Half a long knife was around him, and the flying arrows turned out to be a July 7th. After he landed, he pulled out the arrows in his left shoulder, tore a piece of cloth and tightened the wound. Then his big knife was no longer in charge. The horse with his own guard rushed at the Chujun camp crazily.
Chujun each camp gap is not very big Muyanzhao running all the way soon arrived in Chujun formation, brandishing a broadsword and fighting hard. Behind him, Qinbing guards and white soldiers saw that their vanguard officers were so brave, regardless of life and death and not afraid of sacrifice.