It’s just that she doesn’t want to hide anything anymore, so it’s better to make a perfect ending

"I’m sorry" Gu Jue choked, felt guilty and suffered from madness.
"Well, do I accept your apology?" Su Wei said distantly. "It’s over."
Gu Jue was afraid that she would leave and quickly grabbed her wrist. "Without me, I removed the Presbyterian church and came to see you, but it was your body."
Su Wei moved her eyelids suddenly suddenly.
When things were calm, it was easy for the Presbyterian church to bully the United States. Naturally, they did not want to be led by those old things for a generation.
But at that time, the injustice was too great and it happened that anger rushed to calm down, which led to great disaster.
But the past is the past.
Now she doesn’t know what kind of gesture to face Gu Jue.
I love to see anger.
I don’t know. I want to escape more than face her
Just as she said that she needed a period of time to calm down, life was too ups and downs for her to afford.
"Vivian, it’s dangerous to come with me here." Gu Jue’s ear was pointed and a fight broke out.
I’m afraid they’re fighting terrorism. I’m afraid it won’t last long. If they don’t evacuate, they’ll all be in danger.
"You go and I’ll help them," Su Wei said without doubt.
Besides, Mo Lan is still in the house, and if she knows that Su Chenran is being pestered by anti-terrorists, she will never sit idly by.
Chapter 342 Tease the captain
"I asked them to delay for fifteen minutes as far as possible, and it would be fine." Gu Jue said, "You and Moran go first."
Su Wei hesitated a ink haze just walked out of the room.
"Mo Lan, you take Wei Wei to go first and chase the anti-terrorist people." Gu never saw Mo Lan and quickly pushed Su Wei into her arms.
Mo Lan froze and helped Su Wei’s consciousness and asked, "What about you?"
"Don’t worry about me" said Gu Absolute Moran, but her eyes looked at Su Wei "Su Chenran and Su Jin will meet me outside"
"Why did Su Chenran come here? Wait a minute. Su Jin was there." Mo Lan was a little stunned, but soon returned to normal, and the bottom of her eyes was in a panic.
Su Wei shook Mo Lan’s hand and said, "They all know."
"It’s Moran’s running out of time. You should go quickly." Gu Jue urged.
Ink haze complex looking at gu.
Knowing the truth, he didn’t take Vivian by force.
According to his violent and overbearing attitude, he wants something, so why should others say no?
However, she turned to Gu Jue and really changed a lot in these years.
At the very least, I am a little more patient and a little less authoritarian in treating Vivian.
"Good" Moran compromise should be
Although she would like to try her best to help, she can’t lose Vivian.
She’s carrying not only Vivian but also her baby.
"No, Xiaojin will be in danger." Su Wei agreed to stop Mo Lan at once, but before her words were finished, she was split by Mo Lan with one hand.
"This room has a tunnel leading to the opposite Ma Lukou. You try to delay for about ten minutes." Mo Lan shouldered Su Wei and walked towards the back room.
"Ink haze" gu unique suddenly cried