"I’ve never been so badly hurt."

"That river tiger is really terrible."
"But that man named Ling Tian is more powerful than I thought."
"Zhong Bo, I really underestimated the heroes of heaven before."
Zhong Bo is sitting on the bed with a face of love towards Luo Fengdao
"Master Luo, don’t think so much."
"Set your mind at rest."
"The family values you and your achievements are limitless."
Luo Feng nodded his head, eyes rising a little fighting spirit coagulation way
"When I’m healed, I’ll go back to my family … ugh!"
Luo Feng just then half Zhong Bo brazenly grabbed Luo Feng’s neck.
"Master Luo, rest assured that I will personally send your body back to the Luo family!"
Zhong Boshen murderous look boiling tone cold solemnity said
Luo Feng was seriously injured, and now he is being strangled by Zhong Bo. Where is he struggling?
Eyes staring at Zhong Bo with anger and incredible despair.
In less than a minute, the stiff body suddenly loosened and lost its breath.
Zhong Bo just let go and looked at Luo Feng’s body and sighed.
"Master Luo, rest in peace."
"Don’t blame me. Blame you for being dead is more valuable than being alive."
With that, Zhong Bo carried Luo Feng’s body on his back and rushed to the sea of clouds overnight.
Get up early the next morning and go to the back hill for morning exercise.
A sudden contraction of the pupil at the door.
See Sue home villa door impressively lay a person not far away.
Quickly take two steps to the near ling day looked down.
Luo Feng!’
Ling Tian was surprised when he saw the face clearly.
See Luo Feng was purple already have no breath.
I couldn’t help ling day tightly knit the brows.
Why would Luo Feng die at the door of Sue’s villa?
There’s something weird in it!
Ling day without morning exercise quickly called Xu Kun.
Soon Xu Kun sent someone to take Luo Feng’s body away.
Ling day also followed to the cloud heights.
"Young master, what the hell is going on?" Xu Kun asked in surprise.
Ling day shook his head with a puzzled face.
"I saw Luo Feng die at Sue’s door as soon as I went out early today."
"Luo Feng is Yang Ke’s helper."
"I suspect it’s with the Yang family."
"What is this Yang family doing?" Xu Kun frowned and puzzled.
Rao is a wily man and some don’t understand.
"Send someone to throw Luo Feng’s body at Yang’s door."
"Constant should change!"
"Yes!" Xu Kun quickly promised to arrange it.
Zhong Bo seems to have expected all this.
When I saw Luo Feng being thrown back to Yang’s door, my face suddenly showed a cold smile.
Go to the front of the body a face of grief lamented and sighed.
"The dragon and phoenix among Master Luo are unparalleled wizards."
"But I don’t want to be assassinated by Ling Tianshou."
"It’s really sad!"
Say that finish Zhong Bo ordered toward the Yang family.
"Come and master Luo to build a good coffin."
"I will personally help the coffin to send Master Luo home!"
Zhong Bo bid farewell to Yang Zhengxiong with a heavy heart. Luo Feng helped the coffin road.
At the same time, in a dilapidated village in the mountains of Miaojiang
A young man, dressed in rags and tired, broke in.
"Are you human?"
"Get out of here at once or you’ll be killed!"
Two barefoot men with gloomy appearance suddenly appeared and stopped the young man’s way.
The young man fell to his knees as soon as he saw the splash.
"Two big brothers, I am Zhang Jieer and my name is Zhang Hao!"
"I’m here to see my grandmother."
Barefoot man couldn’t help showing surprise when he heard it.
"Chea Chang?"
"So you are looking for Aunt Zhang?"
Zhang Hao one leng quickly said.
"Not Aunt Zhang, I’m looking for my grandmother."
"Your grandmother is aunt Zhang" barefoot man gloomy way.