Long Ze hands on the bed, one leg slowly slipped to watch step by step back. Na Lanqing laughed at him. "I had a dream … a very real and very different dream … the dream was still this world or this person, but it happened that there was no Longbai, no this dude …"

What a messy dream?
Sure enough, he is out of his mind. He is not normal at ordinary times, and now he is even more abnormal.
"In my dream, I was stupid and silly, and I would giggle when I was hurt … I couldn’t wait to strangle that kind of stupidity, but there was a man like a ghost around him … to protect him and teach him how to solve the flood …"
Pointing at her forehead, the cold touch made her shudder.
"Just like you are teaching me how to solve the flood now, it is exactly the same story!"
NaLanQing slant head don’t like to frown "trouble temple get up!"
"You said … did we know each other in a previous life?" Long Ze faint asked while NaLanQing smiled.
"I’m afraid the temple is confused. How can this strange thing be in the past?"
She doesn’t believe in ghosts and gods, and naturally she doesn’t believe in past lives
Even now that she has crossed into this world, she still doesn’t believe in this strange thing.
Spoiler 14 years ago, Long Ze was not reborn. I believe some people still remember that all the emperors in China were violent. It was just a legacy in the blood. Long Ze’s reaction four years ago was normal.
Moonlight has a fever of more than 39 degrees. I took medicine last night and fell asleep. Yesterday, the daily small problem reward was not distributed. I’m sorry to send it again tonight.
Hey, I’m so tired …
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Zhe mo Xiao su
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Brief introduction This is a pk story of a Macey woman and a shemale fox with a belly black. When Meng Da Da hits the belly black, who eats who and who is firmly locked?
After a certain passion burning and sex, jane doe ignored a man and a man complained, "Mom, you just don’t want me after you get up your pants and don’t recognize people."
Jane doe replied, "What do you want to do after the fun?"
14 allergic to women
NaLanQing sloped a smile not to smile.
"Ha ha ha ha ….. temple you should not be that kind of small and medium-sized woman in love? I fantasize every day that past lives might be able to come back to a reincarnation. How romantic is it? "
Be NaLanQing so don’t ridicule Long Ze face sink to.
Na Lanqing evoked a gorgeous smile in the depths of her eyes, as if Long Ze’s words had pleased her. At this time, she laughed heartily.
"I didn’t expect the temple to be so pure!" Na Lanqing has a big heart. The longer Long Ze gets along, the more white he becomes. He is not as horrible as he feels.
Just don’t touch the bottom line
Stretching out his hand and gently hooking Long Ze’s neck, the dark eyes seemed to flash a mysterious smile, and the charm of the eyes was fading.
Slightly looked up malicious in Long Ze ear gently blowing gas belongs to her breath stroking Long Ze ear soft itch as if something quickly across.
Long Ze body slightly stiff uncontrollable excitement.
The first time I was touched by her …
Ears slightly hot … Long Ze looked at her and somehow felt that her body was sending out a deadly smell and she was out of control in an instant.
"Is the temple a virgin?" Na Lanqing’s eyes turned to reveal a bit of bad taste.
I felt that this man was horrible before I got along with him, but I realized that he was cute sometimes.
gap moe
When you are angry, you can arouse a piece of blood shed, but when you stay cute, you can clear people’s blood.
This is not a flirt with Long Ze by Nalanqing. He seems to think of something. His ears are red
I feel so cute when I see it in my eyes
"It’s not really a virgin, is it?" Na Lanqing’s eyes are wide open, and she’s ruined the little fresh meat.
I have lived for twenty years in my previous life.
"Well, teach me!" Long Ze ears reddish but serious staring at NaLanQing eyes one is not to refuse to strong.
Na Lanqing stretched out his hand and pushed him and clapped his hands. "If you are not interested in men, it is really the most comfortable to be a soft-bodied beauty!"
Long Ze conveniently wrapped her hands around her waist and smiled coldly. "Nalanqing, I want you!"
"Yes, yes, yes, yes … you’ve said it several times. Turn left when you go out and go straight. There’s always one you like in the three-mile martial arts museum!" Na Lanqing doesn’t care.
"If you don’t teach me about men, you may always be interested in you!" Long Ze’s eyes are dark and his eyes are covered with evil, but he is indifferent.
Finger gently NaLanQing chest slowly slide slowly …
"It’s all men. If you have something, I will still be interested in you?" Long Ze’s tone is getting stronger and stronger, and finally it’s imperative.
However, NaLanQing didn’t see that it was this Uber man’s eyes pondering.
On the surface, he secretly dug a pit step by step and waited for Nalanqing to accidentally fall into the pit.
It’s better to fall head-to-foot
Nalan can retreat. This dead man is really annoying!
Pushing the person in front of her, she got up. "Okay, I’ll teach you to come with me!"
She climbed up from the bed and picked up a coat and put it over her shoulder. She turned to Long Ze and motioned for him to follow.