He Jingchen’s face was cold and hard. Fang Huai saw his one eye and stepped outside to call Yun Shu.

Yun Shu has finished washing the bed. Seeing him coming, he probably knows what’s going on. He got through to "hello".
Fang Huai smiled faintly. "I won’t be back late. You go to sleep first."
"Well," said Yun Shuyin.
Fang Huai listened to the words, and she breathed gently and wanted to think, and called out "Yun Shu"
"I love you" Fang Huai suddenly said.
YunShu mercilessly leng a heartbeat as if all of a sudden slow lip "what’s the matter? Suddenly say this? "
"is this your response?" Fang Huai had no heart.
Yunshu didn’t speak.
Fang Huai asked her gently, "What about you?"
"I don’t feel anything for me. I don’t believe it."
"Yes," said Yun Shu quietly, "I have a feeling that this feeling is limited."
"I am white" Fang Huai breathed a sigh of relief "It won’t be long"
Yunshu nodded and hung up the phone.
Section 39
Fang Huai listened to the busy tone in the mobile phone, and his mood was still complicated. He installed the mobile phone for a long time and returned to the intensive care room.
He Jingyan and He Jingchen were talking and saw him come in and stop talking.
He Jingyan gave him a weak smile.
He Jingchen glanced at him and said, "Yan Yan said I was hungry. I’ll go out and see if there is anything to eat. You can accompany her to talk."
"Know" Fang Huai nodded.
He Jingchen stepped out.
Fang Huai took a stool and sat by the bed with him.
He Jingyan looked at him with infatuation. "I’m sorry, my brother. You know he’s angry, too. It’s all my fault."
"Or how do you say he is your brother?" Fang Huai shrugged and smiled. "You shouldn’t do such a stupid thing just because he is so kind to you."
"I’m so sad" He Jingyan’s eyes are stained with pain "especially when I think of you all the time …"
Chapter 15 Test One [Second Watch]
Fang Huai looked at her muttering and felt guilty.
It’s too long to change many things and many people.
But that silly girl who suffered the most in those years is still stubborn, even though she looks confident and proud, even though she has been generous and familiar with things, she is not as young as she was in those years.
She is still weak and wronged when she treats him.
"Jingyan …"
Fang Huai looked at her gently in a low voice.
He Jingyan pursed her lips and looked at him. "Please come back?"
"It’s over," Fang Huaishu looked at her with a sigh of relief as if she were determined. "It’s been too long. Even though I still have feelings for you, I’m already in love. I can’t lie to myself, let alone your eyes. Even though I’m barely with you, I believe it’s painful to wait for us. Just take a step back and broaden the sky. You must be so smart and white, right?"
"No" He Jingyan shook her head "I’m not white"
"But I already like women." Fang Huai sipped her lips and suddenly said.
He didn’t show his feelings for Yun Shu before. He Jingyan still holds the fantasy, but at the moment, the other party Huai has a serious look. She hesitated for a second and her white lips trembled.
She really … accepted it.