Jiang Jiang was feeling tired and suddenly did not dare to move.

According to what he just talked about, he got a standard military posture like a teacher.
Twenty minutes is as long as a century.
It’s ten o’clock, Yan Han, and the whistle from his pocket is loud and clear, which liberates everyone.
Other instructors happen to coincide to organize the team.
Jiang Jiang gave him a surprised look and couldn’t help but whisper-
This grim Yamaraja is the leader of their third company?
"You four into the column" Yan Han said with a whistle.
Four people relieved and turned back to the team.
"Everyone is at ease!"
Yan Han-ding raised his eyes in front of Jiang Jiang and looked around for a week. His right hand gave orders with a gesture, "Pay attention to Jiang Jiang’s prospective direction-Qi!"
Girls will be tired and hungry, and they will be very fast.
Yan Han lowered his eyes slightly and looked at the motionless Jiang Jiang. "After I said that you are accurate, remember to answer that at the same time, the left hand clenched the fist and held the big arm up, and the shoulder was slightly flat. Did the forearm lift the fist vertically to the right and white?"
"Report" Jiang Jiang crisp way
"Please demonstrate it again"
"poof!" Some girls couldn’t help laughing again.
Yan looked at her with a cold face, raised his left hand and made a standard moving head. "Is it white?"
Yan Han put his arm away.
The whole team went to the front of the column.
"Pay attention to the right-turn!"
After two hours of training, forty girls turned around in unison.
"at ease!"
"Look to the right-Qi!"
The whole team again. He looks barely satisfied
Look up and sweep a quiet playground.
The instructor at the end saluted him, and Hong Liangyin said, "Please report to the company commander that the company has finished closing before breakfast."
Yan Han’s posture is as straight as a gun, and he gave him a gift of "dissolution"
"Yes," a platoon leader dismissed the team.
"Mom, company commander!"
"How handsome!"
"This salute is really handsome!"
The whole row of girls suddenly shocked and tired and forgot to whisper like anthomaniac.
Soon the other nine platoon departments were dissolved.
Yan Han turned around with a black face and said slowly, "It seems that you still don’t feel hungry?"
The girls were wailing in their hearts.
I can’t even praise you for being handsome!
"The body has another ten minutes" Yan Han’s expression
Girls "!"
No one dared to speak anymore, and the whole team was in utter silence.
Ten minutes passed by.
Yan Han took a look at his side, and several instructors waited for him to reorganize the team again.
Two words are like sounds of nature.
It is very complicated for girls to see him stride away with anger, resentment, love and hate.