Although they are surnamed Yan, they are actually not Yan family members, and the life gap between Yan Shaoqing and Yan Shaoqing is even different.

Of course he is white.
Even if master Yan treats them well, they shouldn’t be so arrogant that they can’t see their weight clearly.
But my sister grew up with Yan Shaoqing when she was a child. At the beginning of the year, Yan Shaoqing even plunged into her eyes after returning home. It seems that she is stunned. What does she want to do? Do you want to follow the example of Yun Ruolan’s forced marriage?
"That’s what you want," Yan Zhenzhen said bluntly. "Brother help me."
"Shaoqing is not uncle Pingyang" Yan Cheng gave her a cold face look.
Yan Pingyang, a middle-aged master, loved him very much. He grew up in a greenhouse with the wind, and when he pursued Gu Xiang, he did his best, but when Gu Xiang died, he was quite depressed for a while. Of course, he was easily exploited.
Yan Shaoqing is different.
After what happened that year, he was so depressed that he was aphasia, but he survived and studied medicine.
The mind is much more determined by his father.
How can you do something stupid after drinking a little wine?
What’s more, he has martial arts to protect himself.
Naturally inappropriate
Yan Cheng’s face is more serious than trying to stop his sister from doing stupid things.
Yanzhen bit his lip and looked at him hesitating for a long time and leaned in and said a word in his ear.
She has a hobby of collecting spices when studying Chinese medicine.
Have an excellent aphrodisiac fragrance in your hand.
Chapter 16 Prime Minister’s Arrival
YanCheng look one leng.
Gave her a look in disbelief and whispered, "Are you crazy? !”
"I’m not crazy," said Yan Zhenzhen, biting his lip. "I’m sober. Please help me. Today is a good opportunity. If you don’t grasp it, it will be the New Year. They have to be recognized by more people."
Yancheng can’t imagine what this sister is thinking. Hesitate for a long time and stuffy, "No! Have you thought about the consequences? "
Yan Zhenzhen was quiet for a moment. "What are the consequences?"
Yan Cheng "…"
Yeah, what are the consequences?
At most, Shao Qing didn’t want her to make a shame to leave Yan’s house.
There must be no one to talk about such a thing. She won’t lose anything if she fails.
But what if it works?
If she really had an affair with Shao Qing, would the master try his best to fix them up and marry Shao Qing?
And Jiang Jiang must be cut off.
Your sister will get what she wants?
Seeing his trance, Yan Zhen held his arm and shook two requests hard.
Yan Cheng looked at her eager eyes and sighed for a long time. "I will advise him to accompany the master to drink two cups. Don’t insist on whether he is drunk or not."
"Thank you, brother. I knew you loved me the most."
"Then I’ll go back to my room first."
Yan Zhenzhen smiled and turned back to her room.
Halfway there, I suddenly stopped and went to the glass greenhouse behind the main building first.
Cut some light-colored roses and bring them back to the house.