The rain came and went quickly, and when it stopped, a gorgeous rainbow appeared. This solemn blessing added mystery and peace, and the pilgrims became more religious.

They didn’t see the auspicious clouds in Kyoto, but at this time, the colorful arch bridge in their eyes was the manifestation of the Buddha, and with the blessing of the Buddha, they had hope and expectation in their hearts.
On this day, rich merchants in Fujiangkou, big and small, donated a lot of incense money. On the second day, Master Miaoyuan invited Zhong Jingxuan and Qin Lanxin to his meditation room in Fuyun Temple.
Master Miao, the abbot of Fuyun Temple, is a younger brother of Miaoyuan Master. He requested Qin Lanxin, the master of Fuyun Temple, to donate incense money to the refugees in accordance with the meaning of Miaoyuan Master.
By the time Qin Lan’s heart had discussed with Miao abbot about the incense money, Zhong Jingxuan and Miao Yuan’s old friends had simply ended. After a short chat with Miao Yuan, Qin Lan felt that Zhong Jingxuan’s spirit was much better.
"Dear girl, go in. Master Miaoyuan wants to see you alone!" There are not many people who can let Master Miaoyuan see alone. Although Zhong Jingxuan was curious, he didn’t ask him much about his plan to visit the back of Fuyun Temple.
Qin Lan took a deep breath gently, then pushed the door and walked into the meditation room, saluted Master Miaoyuan, and then sat down on the futon on his meditation bed at his instruction.
"Do you know, patroness, that you mean’ doing good’ or’ accumulating virtue’?" Master Miao Yuan looked at her with a smile and asked.
Qin Lanxin didn’t know why Master Miao Yuan suddenly asked her this question, but she still thought about it for a while and then said seriously, "If you return to the master’s words, doing good is doing good, and good intentions will be rewarded. If you do good, you will naturally have a blessing!"
"The benefactor has done a good job in the past three years. I hope that the benefactor will live up to the goodness of the day and benefit the genius a lot!" Master Miao Yuan pointed and said.
"Master, you misunderstood!" Qin Lan felt embarrassed and ashamed to be seen through by Master Miao Yuan. "I actually don’t have the vast compassion of heaven. I am just the most ordinary person in the world. Although I am lucky to have the opportunity, I also have my own selfish ideas. Although all the good deeds I have done so far have the most basic conscience and goodwill, they are more of my guilt!"
Qin Lan feels that all the concealment, cover-up and excuses of Master Miao Yuan, a monk who can see through her strange soul, are ridiculous and weak. It is better to be honest with her and believe that the true compassionate master will understand the pain in her heart.
"Evil comes?" Master Miao Yuan is not a fortune teller, nor does he have the ability to understand the past and the future. He just saw something different from this world in Qin Lan’s mind and body.
"Master rings heart dare not hide! Dreadwind’s lonely star and six relatives died in a dream in previous lives because of me, so she was ashamed and blamed for two generations’ strong blessings in this life, good wishes and kindness to turn evil into evil’. What Lan Xin did was just guilt and regret. I hope to do good deeds and accumulate virtue, so that my family can increase some blessings and block some disasters’. In just a few words, Qin Lan’s two generations were sad and lucky. She cherished this hard-won "good fortune" and hoped to do more good deeds and overcome her family’s death and gain virtue for life.
Master Miao Yuan nodded. The chance of Qin Lan’s heart is really different from that of ordinary people. Although she is kind-hearted, she has benefited many people. This is also a kind of "holding the sky".
"past lives, the patroness, is a common person with worldly desires in the world of mortals. I hope you can’t be too obsessed with being kind, virtuous, benevolent and caring, so you can live through the sufferings of these two generations." Master Miao Yuan taught.
"Lan Xin remembers what the master said today!" Qin Lan’s heart is devoted to Master Miao Yuan. When she worships this world, it will be mysterious. She will appreciate it carefully.
After you come back from Fuyun Temple, asaps and others all feel that Zhong Jingxuan and Qin Lan have become somewhat different, and the whole person seems to be relaxed.
"Big girl, you can see the wonderful far master? What did he say to you? " Asaps Qin Lan heart to his room and asked.
"Mom, I met Master Miaoyuan. He taught his daughter to do more good deeds and not do bad things!" Qin Lan heart said with a smile
"You child!" Han also smiled. The first half of Qin Lan’s heart said that it was still like that. The last half of the sentence "Don’t do bad things" was definitely not spoken by a monk like Master Miao Yuan.
Master Miao Yuan stayed in Fuyun Temple for three days, and then set off for an altar to pray for blessings. Because pilgrims donated incense money in Fujiangkou, Miao abbot of Fuyun Temple set up porridge sheds for refugees in many places.
In addition, the monks in the temple also built many huts with local people and refugees, and the refugees stayed temporarily.
Qin Lan Xin Fu jiangkou county wrote a compromise to the emperor for the first time, saying that there are nearly 10,000 mu of wasteland in the northwest of Fujiangkou. She asked the emperor to allow Fujiangkou refugees to reclaim land here and the wasteland will be reduced by two-thirds compared with fertile land in the first three years of taxation.
After receiving Qin Lan’s heart-breaking, Jiyou called several officials of the Ministry into the palace to discuss this matter. There was a law in the Wei Dynasty that wasteland could not be cultivated casually.
"When the Emperor meets Zhou and other places, several fertile fields are still soaking in the water, and even if the flood recedes and the Xiajiang River has been diverted, many cultivated land can’t continue to be cultivated. I think that the Lord of Fuhui County should ask the emperor to promise the people to be grateful to the emperor and remember him for life." Yuan’s adult has made small achievements in studying foreign species in the past two years, and now he is also an "important person" in the Ministry.
"Huang Chen also thinks that what Yuan’s adult said is right. Nowadays, the people of the victims in Wuzhou are very upset. If the land is in hand again, it will even cause unrest. Therefore, I think that the Lord of Fuhui County can grant what he wants and this law can be followed in other places!"
Li Yanwen’s department is still in charge of taxes on land, and other departments have to be in charge of the destruction of farmland because of the breach of the river mouth. He is also worried. I didn’t expect Qin Lanxin to solve the problem by clearing up land at this time
"In this case, I intend to announce that refugees in Tianwuzhou can abandon their land and those who don’t want to return to their hometown can re-apply for specific matters negotiated by the Ministry of Education when they are in trouble," Qi Youlang said
"I am waiting for the order!"
After half a month, notices about the refugees’ wasteland were posted all over the streets and lanes, and as soon as this notice came out, there was a wave of refugees returning home. No matter how good it is outside, it is not as good as home for these poor people.
At the same time, there are many people who come to apply for citizenship in various prefectures and counties, and local officials dare not make it too difficult at this time. The people first register refugees and register them, and then send people to explore in detail the information and mix them with bad people.
The same is true of Fujiangkou. Because Sun Mingchun is still in prison, Qin Lanxin personally sits in the county government and asks Tang Bin and Liang Zhushu to register the refugees as soon as possible. After that, they draw two parts in the northwest of Fujiangkou, one is the residential area and the other is the barren land area.
Not only that, Qin Lanxin asked the craftsmen of Baiwei Inn to suspend the construction and help the refugees build houses together, and unified the management of the wasteland in the northwest, and distributed the cultivated land area according to the number of men in each family, which is also a regulation made by the Ministry.
"The Lord of Fuhui County is coming!" Early this morning, the refugees who were building houses on the edge of ten thousand mu of wasteland in northwest China came out to meet Qin Lan’s heart.
During this period, the people in Laifu River Estuary showed great kindness to these refugees. People often hang live fish on the dried fish rope outside Baiwei Manor, and the owner of Fuhui County will have them delivered.
Thanks to the blessing of jiangkou county Ya and Baiwei Manor, the food was sent to the disaster-stricken areas in Wuzhou. Later, Qin Lanxin asked people to buy a lot of food and soybeans from Macheng and other places, and then mixed them together and sent them to the people.
Not only that, she also asked people to help refugees dig wells and drink water at the edge of the wasteland and sent them a lot of farm tools.
Now all the refugees in Fujiangkou can’t express their gratitude and respect to Qin Lan. She came here in person today and everyone is excited.
"County Lord, thank you for your kindness. If you hadn’t taken in Wang, these people would have died." They are all family members. This time, they will die when they are in trouble, but every cloud has a silver lining also found a safe place in Fujiangkou.
"Yes, Lord, thank you!" Several people knelt down and kowtowed to Qin Lan.
Qin Lan’s heart can’t stand it. Let them all get up quickly, and then let the follow-up double-double and double-happiness hang a painting in front of everyone.
There are rows of beautiful farmhouses, which look like a big village surrounded by rows of green trees. There is a clear river after the village. In front of the village, there is a neat horizon. There are busy farmers, oxen and playful children in the fertile fields, which is really fascinating.
Some of the refugees closest to Qin Lanxin first read the painting clearly and then whispered to each other.
"This painting is really beautiful. Where has it never been seen before?"
"Those houses and courtyards are beautiful, too. If this generation can live in such a place, it would be a real death!"
"That’s right. Look at that green farmland. It must be a bumper harvest!"
Qin Lan waved her hand to keep everyone quiet and then smiled and said, "Do you think it’s beautiful to draw this place?"
Many people can’t help nodding. It’s really nice!
"In fact, this painting is either another place or this wasteland you are now!" Qin Lan speaks amazingly and says
"How is that possible! Isn’t the county owner always a wasteland here? " Many people look around and see weeds everywhere. It is not so easy to cultivate them.
"That’s right. It’s not the same after the wasteland!" Qin Lanxin pointed to the grass in the wasteland ahead and said, "Don’t throw it away at will. After drying it, you can use it as firewood or compost it. With fertilizer, crops will grow well."
Then Qin Lanxin told them that the painted house could not be built because there was not enough money now, but all the homesteads had been divided, and she would send someone here to help them build the painted house.
Instead of loosening the whole land with a hoe, she has already planned for the refugees. If she does as she says, the painting and fertile land will become a reality.
She also encouraged refugees to dig a river behind the village so that it would be more convenient to irrigate the fields in the future.
"After you have reclaimed the wasteland, I will plant it for you and teach you to choose all kinds of wheat and rice. In addition, I have foreign species there. I will give you the seeds and you will sell me the fruit in the future. I will never lose money. If you are interested, you can discuss it with my housekeeper now. Tell them all about sweet potatoes and potatoes!" Qin Lanxin came here this time to enable refugees to manage their wasteland in a unified way, so that they will not know about stupid farming and high grain output and income generation.
Qin Lanxin said that many refugees have been grateful and cried. With the help of Fuhui County Master, their days will definitely get better and better.
After returning from the refugees, Qin Lanxin asked Chongfei to go to Kyoto again and ask the saying, What’s the situation now? Is the emperor going to keep them in jail all the time?
Not long after Master Miao Yuan left Fujiangkou, Luo Zhen, Deng Wanru, Qi Pingbao, Xu Shuang and Zhang Yuqiao went back to Beijing together, and when they left, they took away several altars of Qin Lanxin to brew successful wild fruit wine.