"I don’t want you to sleep more. Have you taken your temperature?" Xu Jin inkstone asked

Xia Lu nodded, "I’ve been measured since I got up. It’s a doctor’s consciousness. Your husband just won’t urge you to go home, will he?"
"He asked us what we wanted to eat, and he used to pack it up." Xu Jinyan told the truth
"God, Fu is so human. Can I order? I want to eat …"
Xia Lu said excitedly that she was stopped by Xu Jinyan. "I’ve ordered some for you. You can have vegetable porridge and I’ll have boiled meat slices."
"Xu Jinyan, shouldn’t you be in the same boat?"
"I shouldn’t want to eat boiled pork slices because I want to kill you."
"I hate you"
The two women pointed at each other and bickered.
When you are sick, people are in bad state, but girlfriends will turn all the bad things into good ones, just like now.
"I give up. I give up. I’m exhausted. Please help me see if I’m walking like this?" Xu Jinyan can’t argue with Xia Lu, but she can surrender. After all, she still needs help.
Xia Lu lifted her jaw. "Take two steps and I’ll see."
Xu Jinyan took a deep breath and trotted to the door of the bedroom and walked to the living room.
Step by step, it’s like military training.
Xia Lu really couldn’t help but cover her mouth. "I really didn’t want to laugh at you. Don’t tell me you’ve been practicing this all afternoon?"
Xu Jinyan pushed her. "What’s wrong?"
"Have you ever seen the white snake and the green snake walk in human form? Why are you just like them? Why don’t you just walk like you usually do?" Xia Lu was just talking. She didn’t expect to be so serious and eager to learn.
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Chapter five hundred and thirty-four Why should I deceive people?
"If you laugh too much, just say what’s wrong with me." It’s not easy for Xu Jinyan to hold her breath without laughing.
"You are wearing slippers now. When you wear high heels, you will go to my shoe cabinet to get a pair in different States. Fortunately, we are the same shoe size." Xia Lu pointed to her shoe cabinet
Xu Jinyan usually likes to wear flat shoes, even skirts, and flat shoes, unlike Xia Lu, who always wears high heels, which makes people very admire.
She said that’s what a woman should have.
Xu Jin inkstone instantly felt very manly in front of her.
"You don’t feel the same after changing shoes." Xia Lu looked at Xu Jinyan, who was still there and was very close to celebrities.
Encouraged by Xia Lu, Xu Jinyan stood up and walked up.
Xia Lu covers her mouth. "In principle, you should just wear high heels and walk as usual. Why do you look so strange?"
"Where do I know?" Xu stamped his stamp today and muttered something.
Xia Lu restrained himself from laughing. "Take your time, don’t worry. Chen Duo didn’t and won’t. Now look at her high heels. How natural it is to twist her ass. This is the price for you to become a president woman."
"What is he a president?" Xu Jinyan has a temper.
"Give up, or you will shrink into your tortoise shell and no one will force you." Xia Lu waved his hand. "Give up is just a simple word."
"Get out of here, don’t goad me into it." Xu Jinyan is the kind of person who doesn’t believe in evil and others say she can’t do it. She has to show it to others.
Xia Lu knows her too well.
"Then show it to me."
"I’m sure I can practice a few more times." Xu Jin turned and walked again.
Suddenly the doorbell rang and Xia Lu got up from the sofa. "When your man comes, show him around twice."
"I don’t want you to go to the door and change my shoes." Xu Jinyan didn’t want Fu Jingxiao to see his gaffes.
Xia Lu walked slowly through the door.
Xu Jinyan tried to walk over to the chair to change her shoes, but her foot became unstable. When her ankle twisted, she threw herself on the floor. Fortunately, it was carpeted, otherwise she would be miserable.
When Fu Jingxiao’s packing box appeared, he saw Xu Jinyan lying on the floor and stuffing things in his hand to Xia Lu. He ran to help her up from the ground. "What’s wrong with you?"
"She …" Xia Lu wanted to tell Fu Jingxiao that she was stopped by Xu Jinyan. "It’s nothing to walk carelessly."
Fu Jingxiao took her hand and looked at it. "Does it hurt?"
Xu Jinyan shrank back. "It doesn’t hurt to have a carpet."
"You go and get food. Xia Lu is a patient." Xu Jinyan pushed Fu Jingxiao past the dining table. She didn’t want him to see her embarrassment.
This is Xia Lu’s home. Fu Jingxiao glanced at Xia Lu.
Xia Lu is eating melon. Don’t overdo it immediately. "I’ll get the chopsticks."
Xu Jinyan quickly changed his slippers, ran to wash his hands and rubbed his knees. Can it not hurt just then? It’s estimated that they are all bruised. Fortunately, they are thick enough to wear jeans.
Fu Jingxiao asked Xia Lu, "What is she doing?"
"Well, do a great thing" Xia Lu told me very seriously with a calm face.
Fu Jingxiao looked at the direction of the kitchen. "Are you sure it’s not dangerous?"
"Ha-ha, the risk is not high. Don’t worry. The doctor is very good at this problem." Xia Lu puzzled himself
Before asking Xu Jinyan, she had scampered out of the kitchen to change her slippers. She was as light as a swallow and wore it to Fu Jingxiao and Xia Lu. "What are you talking about?"
"Nothing to eat" Fu Jingxiao looked at the past. Anyway, Xia Lu won’t tell her.
"Did you buy me boiled meat slices?" Xu Jinyan asked.
Fu Jingxiao nodded, "I’m afraid you won’t be able to sleep tonight if you want to eat."
"Thank you." She looked up at Fu Jingxiao.
Fu Jingxiao rubbed the back of her head "should"
"I really want to kick you out."
"Isn’t it particularly inhuman to buy you vegetable porridge and drive us out?" Xu Jin inkstone snorted.
"You two are so sweet." Xia Lu ate vegetable porridge and watched them eat boiled meat slices. She made herself suffer.
Xu Jinyan laughed. "Do you know when I order boiled pork slices?"
"Deliberately greedy me" Xia Lu pursed her mouth and disliked her heart, complaining that it was not delicious …
"Let you look at plums to quench your thirst, or will you swallow them?" Xu jinyan joked.
Xia Lu took a deep breath and felt the smell of red pepper in his breath. "I really thank you for eating and getting out."