Listening to her bossy words, Sun Jin couldn’t help sobbing and narrowed her eyes with displeasure. Although she knew she was wearing a little plain clothes, she didn’t look like a handmaiden, did she? What kind of eyes is this Miss Zhao? !

"Yaner is not polite!" See sun squinting Zhao Xu hurriedly out reprimand angrily to Zhao Dieyan way "have you so talk to the guests? Don’t apologize to Mrs. Sun quickly! "
"Guest? !” Zhao Dieyan stared at Sun Jin with a face of ghost expression and swept her plain clothes unabashedly. She couldn’t help but pout and muttered, "I’m still a new maid in the store because I’m dressed so shabby!"
Smell speech koo lying gun, Ms. Sun can’t help but hang up the black line behind her head! Maid … Does she really look so old when she wears women’s clothes? !
"Don’t shut up? !” Zhao Xu couldn’t help but pull the corner of his mouth and stop. Then he looked at Sun Jin with a look of apology. "My sister was spoiled by my father since she was a child, so please forgive me!"
Ms. Sun nodded her head to express her understanding that "it’s true that your sister didn’t say anything wrong, but Mrs. Zhao Dieyan is too shabby to wear." Although her mouth is a little direct, her heart is not bad, otherwise she wouldn’t be so worried about a little girl’s life.
For this kind of outspoken person, Sun Jin prefers something because she is less prepared for the other party to come to Yin. If she has any problems, she will be able to get along easily.
"Madam, can we send Yingge to yiguang before we talk?" Wholehearted in his wench Zhao Dieyan couldn’t help but small mouth press a way.
"Of course, Miss Zhao will lead the way!" Ms. Sun nodded and replied
So the people who came to eat turned a corner and accompanied Zhao Dieyan to send her girl to yiguang.
It was not until the doctor checked the little girl named Yingge that Zhao Dieyan was confirmed to have suffered a flesh wound that she gave a big sigh of relief and smiled at Sun Jin. "Thank you, Mrs. Sun, for saving my family’s Yingge. Let me invite my wife to dinner!"
Smell speech Zhao Xu debut in distress situation first "you this wench Mrs Sun is a brother to entertain guests you always have a first come, right? !”
Zhao Dieyan doesn’t pout and coquetry. "Anyway, Mrs. Sun is coming to visit Yecheng. If you have a chance to entertain her, Yaner will have a chance to go out once every half month … Why don’t you let your little sister?"
Zhao Xu ao however, she nodded and agreed, and then the line of sight fell behind her. The strange man asked, "Do you entertain Mrs. Sun this wench?" What about this gentleman? "
"Oh! I was worried that Yingge Yaner forgot to introduce Yaner’s savior to my eldest brother! " Zhao Dieyan suddenly remembered her expression and spat out her tongue embarrassedly. "Since you want to have a banquet, you can’t forget Yaner’s savior!"
The cloak man, who has been silent for a long time, replied in a hoarse voice, "It’s just a matter of lifting your hand. Miss Zhao doesn’t have to break it. Please leave before you have something to do!" Say that finish turned to go but was Zhao Dieyan a drag on the arm.
"That how line! Miss doesn’t like to owe people the most. Since you saved Miss and invited you to dinner to thank you, don’t refuse! " Zhao Dieyan seems to have a good impression on this strange man who saved himself. Zhao Xu couldn’t help but frown.
From the very beginning, he felt that there was something strange about this horse-scaring incident, and the person who rescued Zhao Dieyan was also very suspicious!
"Miss Zhao, men and women are not close to each other, please let go of Miss Zhao!" Has been covered by a hood. The strange man seems to be a little shy about her touch.
"Hum! Why didn’t you think of this when you just saved me? I’ve been hugged by you. What happened to your arm? !” Zhao butterfly swallow language surprisingly replied
"Yaner!" Hearing this, Zhao Xu’s face suddenly sank and he drank, "Since this righteous man doesn’t ask for anything in return, don’t force him to leave!"
"But …" Zhao Dieyan’s words were interrupted coldly by Zhao Xu. "You are going to run for office in Beijing in two days. Don’t rock the boat!"
Hearing this, Zhao Dieyan lost her color in her shy little face, grabbed the man’s arm and hand, and strode away without looking back. By the time she recovered, people had already disappeared!
"Eldest brother Yaner must run in Beijing? It is said that when you enter the palace, the door is as deep as the sea. How can you be so cruel? !” Zhao Dieyan looked mournfully at Zhao Xuzheng with a tearful look, but when she was about to say something, she was stopped by Zhao Xuleng. "Let’s talk about it when we go back! If you want to give a banquet to thank Mrs. Sun, go to Xiangxiang Building quickly. I asked someone to book Yingge there before, and I will ask Julia to send it back! "
The words turned out to be finished without giving Zhao Dieyan another chance.
Looking at Zhao Dieyan’s little appearance of being wronged greatly, Sun Jin couldn’t help but get out of relief. "Cough! I don’t think it’s necessary to go to so much trouble. Miss Zhao was so frightened today. Dagong Zhao might as well send her back to have a good surprise instead of eating. We can eat by ourselves! "
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Let her eat in front of such a bitter face will really affect her appetite! So she’d better pay for it herself!
"I’m really sorry about this, madam." Zhao Xu raised his eyebrows slightly, obviously satisfied with her proposal. He looked at her apologetically and said, "Zhao Xu will invite his wife to make amends to her again!"
"Zhao Dagong’s words are just a meal. How can you make amends so seriously?" Although I knew that he said it was kind, Sun Jin would not let go of this opportunity, so he said with a smile, "If Zhao Dagong really feels sorry, lend me Julia for two days and be a guide to show me around this city!"
"Since the lady’s mouth is Zhao Xu, will she not agree?" Zhao Xu nodded naturally and turned to one side. Julia ordered, "Julia, stay and entertain Mrs. Sun for me. You must let Mrs. Sun have a good time!" qR1
"Yes!" Julia respectfully should be about to walk towards Ms. Sun, but he heard a cold hum from Liu Cang and threw a disdainful look.
"What are you humming? Why is your wife jealous that she didn’t choose you as a guide? " Before Julia reacted, he saw Liu Canghang in the eye, and Ms. Sun was the first to speak bluntly, so that she couldn’t speak bluntly. Liu Cang’s face was red and blue, which was very embarrassing!
Chapter 173 The ghost.
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After seeing Zhao Xu and Zhao Dieyan’s brother and sister leave, Julia bowed to Sun Jin with gratitude and said, "Thank you, Madam, for clearing Julia."
Sun Jin stretched out his hand and gave a weak smile and replied, "It’s just a verbal thing. There’s nothing to thank. Let’s go and eat."
Julia didn’t say anything, but his heart was very clear. When he got back, he would definitely cross-examine Liu Cang. At that time, no matter if Liu Cang smeared him, he wouldn’t believe him.
In the secluded alley, wearing a cloak and hood, Lian Chengde looked at several people kneeling in front of him for a long time before sinking his mouth and said, "Get up!"
When I heard that I was kneeling on the ground, I felt uneasy. "What are the princes going to do next?" The surprise of Miss Zhao’s horse went well, but who would have thought that the former princess would go back and suddenly appear in this street with the gentleman Zhao, which made them fall short!
"Zhao Xu has been suspicious and don’t move for the time being …" To say who is the most depressed about the failure of this plan is naturally Hector even Chengde. Seeing him bite his teeth, he ordered coldly, "Keep an eye on Gong Sunjin and his party these days, and the king should always know their movements!"
Since the plan to capture Miss Zhao’s heart doesn’t work, he will temporarily change his plan. First, tie the damn woman Gong Sunjin back to Dajin and ban her to see how she can hook up with other men!
I can’t help feeling jealous at the thought of her having a good talk with Zhao Xu. If I hadn’t been afraid of being exposed at that time, I really wanted to rush forward and grab her neck and ask her how to be so shameless!
Running away with his son and hooking up with wild men everywhere is enough for her to hide for five or six years, right? !
"Report and I don’t know if you know …" A genus carefully glanced at his face small mouth way
"say it!" Hector even Chengde coldly interrupted his temptation.
"There is a boy around the princess who looks somewhat similar to the report. The child who was stolen should be a small world …" The name crustily skin of head continued.
"oh? Is he so much like Wang Zhen? " Hearing his remarks, Hector even Chengde didn’t seem so cold and hard.
It was the name who kept his head down for fear and couldn’t see his face. Listening to his uncertain voice, he was angry and quickly added, "It’s a bit but more like a princess!"
Smell speech Hector even chengde face black nose again let out a cold hum a way "hum! What’s so strange about his appearance? !” Last year, when he met Sun Yushu, he looked more like himself before he grew up!
But my own son refused to recognize himself. Is there a more cowardly father in this world than him? !
"It’s really a small world! ?” Hector even Chengde throw out this awesome message instantaneous fried pot in all.
The world knows that their owners have problems and can’t have children, but I didn’t expect them to be so old!
It was soon guessed that Hector even Chengde intended to ask in a low voice, "Your report is going to take the princess back to Dajin with Xiao Shi this time?"
"Well" Hector even chengde generously nodded and admitted.
"That one in the palace … What is your report going to do?" Thinking of the concubine princess in Gongxiao Wangfu now, everyone is very white. That woman is just a shield, but she still occupies the title of Gongxiao Princess after all!
It is said that one mountain can’t have two tigers and one palace. How can you get two hostesses? !
"She will always be the king’s favorite woman before the king reaches the top," Hector even Chengde squinted and pointed back.
"It’s white", but the name nodded, but the topic changed. "It’s stealing. It’s not just picking up the princess when she goes back with the little world. It’s much safer for them to stay in Yunguo than to go back to Dajin …"
Before he could finish talking about Lian Chengde, he interrupted impatiently, "Needless to say, Wang Xinyi has decided to take them back this time!" He doesn’t know that now is not the best time, but he is afraid! If we miss this chance, GongSunJin, a sly dead woman, will run away again!
See he said so firmly negotiable all have to be well-advised shut up.