Eyebrow Wu just looked at his angry eyes and boldly said "yes"

Shen Mei Wu bravery is really fat, even if she dare not cross Chi Gong in front of Chi Muhan, such a person will not have a good result if he goes against him.
Another cold wind blew a few golden leaves in the secondary school and finally the dust fell to the ground.
Eyebrow Wu shuddered nervously for a moment, and the temperature of the man fell on her shoulder, fearing that the woman would throw his clothes when her temper came. This time, he put his hands on her shoulder "to fight back for you."
At the height of the tension, the man suddenly lowered his posture, and even he himself felt puzzled.
Xiao pity son see in the eye and envy in the eye. Is he duty or love for Shen Mei Wu?
At this moment, she unexpectedly parted.
He looked on coldly when she was cold, and he gave her all the warmth when Shen Mei was a little cold.
This scene was followed by eyebrow Wu, and Chi Zhongyao had a panoramic view. He took a drag with a cigarette at his fingertips and slowly spit out the blue and white smoke. He looked at the three looking for a marriage in the wishing tree and laughed at "Second brother, the outside world had heard that you are henpecked, and now it is true."
"What’s wrong with henpecked? Some people want to be henpecked and have no chance, right? "
He put his arm around his eyebrows and made no secret of her spoil.
Say hug eyebrow Wu into the bag.
Outside, Xiao pity son looked at Chi Zhongyao shivering in the cold wind.
"You are lucky to have pity on me, do you know?" Chi Zhongyao walked step by step towards Xiao Lian’s son, and his tall figure cast a shadow on her face, gently stroking Xiao Lian’s finger with a cigarette, and suddenly forced him to hold "but obviously you don’t cherish this luck."
"Zhong Yao, I did love you before I confessed, but after you left for three years, I felt the same way about you."
Section 149
In the woman’s face, her fingers tightened again. "So you want to tell me that you love Mu Han now?"
Xiao pity son frowned in pain and tried to break away from his hand, but he was too weak to break away from him.
"Zhong Yao, don’t be so emotional. You can’t force it."
The man stood proudly in the cold wind with heavy materials on his head, and the moonlight painted his face more clearly. As his eagle eye deepened, he pushed the woman against the rough trunk, and his breath became colder and colder.
"Feelings it really can’t be forced? If you really can’t, you would have chosen me over Mu Han? Poor son, you are just a woman who loves potential in easy virtue. "
Chi Zhongyao evokes the essence of the bottom light of the lip lens in a gloomy way, which makes Xiao Xier shudder. "Do you think Mu Han can still have you, a dirty woman like you?"
Another cold wind rustled the treetops and made her shudder.
She was annoyed and afraid of the slight agitation in her chest, but she raised her eyebrows and stared at Chi Zhongyao proudly. "Does he want me or not? That’s also a matter for him and me?"
"We had sex. Do you care whether I get it or not?"
Xiao pity son was suddenly burned red by his shock face, but she forced herself to calm down. "You stole in that night."
"It’s me? Why don’t you say that you love me more, the grand duke of pool with decent scenery, or that you are unwilling to be lonely? In my impression, my brother has never touched you, as if he had a problem in that respect, but now it seems that it is not his problem, but your pity for Xiao is not attractive enough for him. "
His harsh words made her feel ashamed when she recalled their past, and she was more angry after being poked.
She yearned for Chi Zhongyao’s money potential while lusting after Chi Mu Han’s temperature.
Greed, drunkenness and indulgence are all in the past.
Now Chi Muhan is the heir of Chi family, and that’s the man she wants.
"Zhong Yao, we are all adults. Any reason is good, but it’s just a one-night stand."
"One-night stand? Do you want to recall it again? "
Chi Zhongyao’s eyes were pressed, and he immediately tried to cheat her.
In the face of this, Chi Zhongyao Xiao pity son raised his hand and fanned his face with anger as soon as his teeth turned red, but Chi Zhongyao was agile and stopped her oncoming hand and grabbed her wrist severely.
"Poor son, I haven’t seen you for three years. This gesture is so high that I want to break it, you know!"
Chi Zhongyao’s cool and biting voice burst out of his throat.
In a second, the man kissed her lips like a tiger.
Xiao Lianer naturally doesn’t want to keep dodging grievances. Tears are in her eyes. "Chi Zhongyao, let me go!"
"Believe it or not, I’ll strip you naked here again and let my good second brother watch it again?"
Xiao pity son gave a painful tear from the bottom of my heart and burst its banks. She didn’t humiliate him, but she was bound by this man’s arm muscles and could not move a point.
"Chi Zhongyu, you bastard!"
"Xiao pity son, if you weren’t looked at by Chi Mu Han, how much can I respect you?"
Chi Zhongyao just pushed her against the trunk and severely violated Xiao pity’s son, but he blocked her by his hand.
He said maliciously, "How do you want to make headlines in this way after the air shadow?"
The woman wearing a thin skirt rubs her back against the rough trunk, and it hurts. Xiao pity is that she doesn’t want to be spoiled by Chi Zhongyao again, and even worse, her position has long been different.
Xiao pity son stared at him with tears in his eyes "whoops", saying that I won’t scream if I want you to let me go.
When he moved his hand, Xiao Lianer sneered with tears. "Chi Zhongyao and Xiao Lianer want men to be the best men. What are you now?"
"What do you think I came back this time?"
A man’s cold makes Xiao pity son feel a shock all over.
He smiled gracefully and dumped Xiao Lian’s son. "Xiao Lian’s son doesn’t say that I won’t give you a chance. After I get everything back from Chimuhan, I won’t look at you even if you lick my toes."