What’s going on here? !

Besides, Yan Shaoqing didn’t hurt him so much
The more I think about it, the more I feel wronged. She pinched Yan Zhongning’s palm with a flat mouth and said, "I don’t love you after a heartless little thing."
"Ha ha ha ha"
Yan Zhongning gave a series of irritating smiles.
Jiang Jiang frowned and his nose was almost out of breath.
I don’t want to talk to her instantly. She looked sideways at the little cat who was curled up and sleeping. Seeing that her eyebrows were still narrowed into a line, I didn’t intend to open them. Suddenly, I felt so pity that I put my hand on her small forehead and gently rubbed it for two times.
Such a thin child always feels a little sad when he sees her.
"Kitten, grow up quickly."
Looking at her, I muttered something.
Yan Shaoqing came out of the shower and saw a scene that made him feel warm.
Wipe your hair with a dry towel and approach him to press the bass judo. "Don’t worry, didn’t the doctor say? Just keep it well. "
Jiang Shao didn’t smile back and said, "I just feel a little ugly and my skin is a little red. Look at Zhongning’s face. It’s as white and tender as tofu."
"…" Yan Shaoqing one leng "I don’t think ugly, but I still think she is beautiful and tight."
"Hum, you are too eccentric."
Jiang Jiang remembered his completely different attitude towards the two children and snorted grumpily. "I think you have a daughter and even forgot your daughter-in-law, don’t you think?"
Yan Shaoqing seriously retorted.
"There is! You … "
Jiang Jiang spoke with a jerk and turned his head in the past. His voice came to an abrupt end and he was born again.
She sat with Yan Shaoqing, especially … He ran out of the shower wearing a pair of smooth boxers.
She turned her head and was caught face to face with the place.
Jiang Jiang turned his head and whispered, "Why didn’t you even wear pants?"
"Why aren’t you wearing it?"
Yan Shaoqing looked at her blushing and felt funny. "Didn’t you just see it?" I’m wearing such a pair of pants. "
Jiang Jiang shouted, "Wearing it is the same as not wearing it."
Yan Shaoqing sat beside her with a low smile and didn’t hold her hand with a towel. She looked at her eyes and asked with a smile, "How many times have you seen this?" Still shy? "
"Brother Yan!"
"Call husband"
Yan Shaoqing fingered her lips and suddenly asked.
Well, they have been married for three years, but this girl’s name is Yan’s brother, and she seems to have never changed her mouth.
Call your husband a few times.
Frown thought for two YanShaoQing looked at her eyes is more deep.
Jiang Jiang was flushed by his provocation, raised his hand and pushed his lips in his lean and tight chest. "The children are awake."
"So what?"
Yan Shaoqing lowered his eyes and looked at Yan Zhongning with his eyes wide open. Otherwise, "How old is he?" Know what? Even if you grow up, can you stop your parents from loving each other? "
"My brother Yan has changed a lot."
"Husband, huh?"
Yan Shaoqing bowed his head and bit her earlobe.
Jiang Jiang’s half is soft and hurriedly replied, "OK, OK, my name is not enough?" Husband husband "
Yanshaoqing held her in her arms with a low smile.
Jiang Jiang’s soft fingertips drew circles on his chest and asked, "You haven’t answered the question just now. Do you love kittens or me?"
"What kind of question is this?"
Yan Shaoqing felt funny.
"Serious question." He didn’t answer Jiang Jiang’s question, and he felt bad. "Come on, do you love kittens or me more?"
"Do you really want to know?"
"Yeah, yeah" Jiang Jiang nodded like a chicken pecking rice.
Yan Shaoqing’s pale color and thin lips gathered to her ear and whispered, "Both cats love each other."
Jiang Jiang "…"
For a long time, she still felt unwilling to pie her mouth and said, "Deal with it."
YanShaoQing also don’t know where to throw the towel, bent over to his whole person is still low "silly than this? Do you know that loving a kitten is the crystallization and witness of our love? Don’t you want me to love her? "
"Well," Jiang Jiang was a little dizzy when he kissed him. "So was Zhongning."
Yan Shaoqing looked at the side of his eyes and fell to the sky. Yan Zhongning didn’t answer.
Kissing ginger is fierce for two points.
Jiang Jiang is also a little emotional, but he is afraid that the child will have to kiss him back and beg for mercy until late …
Yan Shaoqing is not without restraint. After a while, he let her turn over and took her to his arms, but conveniently took off her inner clothes.
Jiang Jiang spoke for a while.
Yan Shaoqing has a serious face. "It’s bad for your health to sleep with that, and you have to feed the children later."
Jiang Jiang didn’t want to discuss this issue with him more, so he wouldn’t be entangled. He carefully took Yan Zhongning to his arms.