The two loaders filled the shells into the gun bore as quickly as possible and shouted "Loading finished!"

The observer pointed the muzzle at the target and waved "shoot!"
As the gunner pulled the gun rope, the gun suddenly shook and the thick smoke came to my face.
The scene was not born in an artillery position or a warship, but in the German army airship No.1231, a fortress-class airship, which was shooting 75 mm high-explosive grenades at an Austro-Hungarian warship at 3ooo meters.
"1o meters to the right!" The observer quickly reports the data; the gunner quickly adjusts the direction for the cannon; and the loader hits the bolt and fills a shell into the gun bore. The only difference between the airship and the cannon is that the muzzle for the cannon faces the loaded shell; so you must be very careful.
"Loading is complete!"
"shoot!" The second shell roared away, and this time it hit the target accurately. After the explosion on the back deck, the back of the warship was shrouded in thick black smoke.
"Okay, one more time!" The observer shouted excitedly
Two airship squadrons, consisting of 36 fortress-class airships, became the most outstanding German airship troops on this day, and also became the great nightmare of the Austro-Hungarian navy. After 54o 75mm high-explosive grenades were fired at the ejection part, 31 Austro-Hungarian ships were shot, and another ship was flooded due to the near miss.
Although the large warships hit by self-propelled grenades were not upset, the command tower, chimney and gun emplacement on the deck were all doomed. Among them, the three decks of battleships "Radtz", "Leonard" and "krems" were almost completely collapsed, and "Radtz" and "Leonard" were forced to stall due to serious chimney damage. krems’s deck weapons were not much better.
In addition, two destroyers and three transport ships were sunk by 75 mm shells of German fortress airship. Two Austro-Hungarian destroyers were sunk by a large amount of water, and the other was detonated after the shells penetrated the deck. The transport ships were fragile in the face of high-explosive grenades, and they could be overturned and sunk if they were lost near enough.
Only in this round of attack, the Austro-Hungarian fleet lost hundreds of people because of that fortress-class airship. This airship was originally designed to deal with 6 important targets, but it didn’t want to be great at sea first.
Compared with fort-class airships, more than 200 airships came to carry out bombing. Although the bombing accuracy was not high, they carried more powerful ground-based bombs. The battleship Franz Ferdinand was hit by an aerial bomb that fell from more than 300 meters to 500 kilograms, and collapsed in the boiler room, engine room and central turret of the sea. The crew lost nearly one-third in the explosion and subsequent fire.
In addition to the "Franz Ferdinand Grand Duke", there are two cruisers, one destroyer and two transport ships sunk by German airship bombs, and the number of damaged ships has reached 12.
In this way, nearly half of the ships will be damaged before the 6 German navies meet, which will not only reduce the morale by one third, but also be difficult to measure. Even if we shoot down 2 German airships and injure 7 Austro-Hungarian fleets, we will never be happy.
At lunch, the German airship formation sailed away, but there were more than 100 Austro-Hungarian ships scattered all over the sea. Many ships were still burning and smoking, and there were broken boards, pieces of wood, lifebuoys, canvas, wine bottles and human bodies floating in the cold water.
"Maybe we should drive away from the coast so that the Germans can’t see us so easily!" Anton put forward his own suggestion to the chief of staff. He knew that Anton would be worried about the fuel problem, and then added, "We can also let the transport supply ship pull coal out of the Pula military port. Although it is slower, our warships will not risk stopping at the dock to add coal!"
Anton house will look horribly black at this moment, as if he had just been severely slapped in the face. The staff suggested that the principle was feasible, but he looked up and narrowed his eyes and saw two black spots high.
"I think unless it is clouds or storms, they will always be there watching us! Report to the port of Pula and let the transport ship transport the fuel so that we will run out of fuel in two days! "
"Yes!" Before reaching the order, the chief of staff also raised his eyes, but he saw nothing because of the sunshine.
After lunch, the Austro-Hungarian fleet will be reunited. Anton will put the seriously injured ships into the new 7th column, which will affect the engine power of other ships.
At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the Second Fleet from taranto joined the Earth Fleet. As the battleships "United Power", "Saint Bolten", "Carl", "Apada" and "Murau" moved light cruisers and destroyers joined Anton House, their strength suddenly increased.
When the German air force attacked for the second time a day, Baron Condra of 6 places did not hesitate. He delivered the news to the Austro-Hungarian fleet on the sea at the first time.
This time, Anton House asked his warships to be added to the highest flight early, and before the German air force flew over their heads, seven columns had dispersed.
Unfortunately, this time, it was not the airship troops with slow speed and low bombing accuracy, but the German fleet with a larger number!
A total of 45o attack planes, bombers and torpedoes flew in three steps, and each step was divided into 3o 5-plane formations, one 5-plane formation against a small ship, two to three 5-plane formations against a medium-sized ship and three to five 5-plane formations against a battleship.
This is not the first time in the history of mankind that large formations of warships have met. In Pascal Flo and at the mouth of the Thames, Air China troops have won absolute victory.
As 3ooo as the battle started, prinz eugen, the flagship of the Austro-Hungarian fleet, was stared at by more than 20 German fighter planes. Two five-plane formations roared past prinz eugen, causing a fierce exchange of fire between prinz eugen and several destroyers nearby. However, their shotguns and machine guns were always a little short of those German planes. Just as the sailors were attracted to the square, a row of five German torpedo planes quietly flew from the starboard side of prinz eugen to the starboard side of prinz eugen.
"Fire! Quick fire! " The commander of the "prinz eugen" defense is almost crazy. If he doesn’t hurry up, the German torpedo will cut several big holes in this 20,000-ton battleship.
The roar of guns and smoke rising on starboard side eased the extremely nervous commander’s mood a little. Some shot-out shotgun and machine guns caused several splashes and water columns on the sea not far away, but the five German torpedo planes were still flying this way.
"Keep shooting! Quick! "
Fifteen seconds later, the German torpedo planes advanced to a distance of 25oo yards. At this time, they suddenly pulled up the nose and climbed.
The artillery fire of "prinz eugen" didn’t stop, and soon she heard someone shouting.
"Torpedo! Torpedo! Torpedo on starboard! "
Sure enough, several white water marks on the sea surface are looming.