But because of manager Luo, why should she be replaced?

Liu Zhuanghe stared at Lu Xiaomin for a while and said, "Do you want to come to my place?"
Xiao-min Lu looked up and asked in surprise, "Can Sister Zhuang?"
"Of course." Liu Zhuanghe rubbed her hair with a smile. "You can come to me after this activity."
"Okay," Xiao-min Lu laughed and got up and said, "Then I’ll go back first, Sister Zhuang. Remember to come and join me then. I’m leaving."
"Good bye"
Off the Xiao-min Lu Liuzhuang Lotus saw that it was almost time for work, so he packed up his things and walked towards the ladder with his bag.
While waiting for the ladder, there was a man next to him, Huo Sipeng.
Liuzhuang lotus consciousness took a step back and thought that he had just pinched his neck sample some dying.
"How afraid" HuoSiPeng sneer at a way.
"Who said I was afraid of you? Now it’s a society ruled by law, but you have to pay for killing people." Liu Zhuanghe said with a straight back and no weakness
HuoSiPeng sneer at a didn’t speak again.
Two people into the ladder after each corner.
The reflection of the ladder can make Liu Zhuanghe see Huo Sipeng’s expression clearly. He is indifferent and looks straight ahead as if she is not at all.
Liu Zhuanghe pinched his bag. If he dares to attack her again later, she will not hesitate to smash it on his head.
It was not until the ladder reached the first floor that Liuzhuang Lotus was relieved.
Liu Zhuanghe still chooses the back door. She doesn’t want those annoying reporters to catch her.
When Nianbo saw her, he immediately pulled the door and asked her to drive.
Liu Zhuanghe glanced at the car and found that Gu Siyang was also there. He said unpleasantly, "Why is the assistant Gu Zong here?"
"Gu always came to pick you up" Nianbo said with trepidation this afternoon, and I don’t know what happened. Gu always asked him to do this and that many things can be handed over to the secret, but he was asked to do it himself, even Li Kuigong asked him to do it together.
Just to catch my breath, General Manager Gu came with him to meet people in the morning sun.
Gu Boshang waited for a long time, but he didn’t see Liuzhuang’s car and car in front of her and said, "I told you today that grandma asked me to take you home for dinner."
"I won’t go to Gu’s post. If you really want to be with me, let’s talk about your family first." Liuzhuang Lotus took a taxi on the side of the road and took a family villa. She didn’t want to go again.
Gu Boshang sighed behind Liu Zhuanghe and said, "Well, I’ll let Nianbo send you back."
Just a taxi came over and took the door directly and sat in, leaving Liuzhuang Lotus with a wide eye and a small eye.
"Miss Liu, please take a car." Nianbo volunteered that although the back door is safer, it is hard to guarantee that no reporter will find it here.
Liuzhuanghe bent down to sit in the car and repose.
Today, Huo Sipeng’s behavior made her a little scared. She didn’t expect him to really dare to do it to her. The cold suffocation seems to still surround her now.
Liuzhuang lotus hand consciousness touched the neck.
In the car, I glanced at the rearview mirror at random. When I saw some redness and swelling in Liuzhuang Lotus’s neck, I asked, "Miss Liu, what happened to your neck?"
Gu always asked him to protect Miss Liu Anke, but her neck was pinched.
"I’m fine." Liu Zhuanghe didn’t explain that too many silk scarves were around his neck again.
Nianbo opened his mouth and finally said nothing.
Liuzhuanghe took a bath after returning home, and then carefully rubbed the medicine on the red and swollen place to cool the medicine, which made her neck less irritable and painful like just now.
Gu boss took a taxi back to the family villa.
Just entering the door, I saw three old people sitting on the sofa looking forward to it.
Gu Si smiled at the corner of his mouth. It seems that the three old people are very lonely at home and are looking forward to his return.
But he sat down on the sofa, and the three old people kept their potential cushions unchanged, staring straight at the door.
Gu Si was stunned. Isn’t he sitting here?
Can’t they see him as a big living person?
"Grandpa, Grandma, Dad" Gu Zilang feels good.
"Well" Gu Teng casually replied that Grandma and Dad didn’t really look at him at all.
This gu post some wonder seems not didn’t see him but waiting for someone.
"Grandma and Dad, who are you looking at?"
Zhong Shangyun looked back and asked, "Where is Liuzhuang Lotus?"
"She didn’t come" Gu Si was a little depressed.
The three old men all looked at him and asked "What didn’t come?"
"I told you to bring her to dinner, didn’t I?" Zhong Shangyun couldn’t help but add a sentence. If Liuzhuang Lotus was really the child that year, what she did before made her ashamed to see her.
"Well, she didn’t come to Zhuanghe." Gu Si carefully observed how the three old people looked and looked weird. They were not opposed to him being with Liuzhuang Lotus. Now what is the situation?
I feel that I don’t want him to go home for dinner today, but I want Liu Zhuanghe to go home for dinner.
"Oh, so that’s it." Zhong Shangyun glanced at it before looking at Gu Zilang and asked, "I read today’s newspaper. Can you tell us what’s going on?"
Gu took one look at the three old talents and said, "She was Huoshan’s lost daughter twenty-three years ago and now she’s back."
23 years ago
Zhong Shangyun took a complicated look at his eyes.
Gu Zhongchen also took a look at his mother, and the pain in his eyes could not be concealed.
Gu Teng stretched out his hand and took his wife’s shoulder and patted her.
Gu Boshang looked at the three old people in front of him and asked strangely, "Grandma, are you hiding something from me?"
"I haven’t got even with you yet. How can you make my granddaughter’s wife so busy?" Zhong Shangyun couldn’t help but be angry with Sun Bao when he got the answer he wanted.
""gu boss post has some received what grandma ok?
"What are you talking about? How do you take care of my granddaughter’s wife when she is tired?"
"Grandma, you don’t object to us." Gu Boshang still didn’t understand the current situation and asked with uncertainty.
"No objection," Zhong Shangyun waved his hand. "We three old guys were too pedantic before, but now it’s good to have your heart."
"True" Gu Boshang doesn’t believe looking at grandma.