After Zhan Jun was born, his aunt finally couldn’t stand secretly contacting Mu Yunze’s father, and finally gave the foreigner a sum of money, and finally divorced his aunt before returning home with her children.

Everyone is happy, but I didn’t expect Zhan Jun, a teenager, to leave his father a bastard with a ten-by-ten struggle since childhood. The door of the exam is red, but his aunt is especially fond of this little boy and can’t scold him. He has become a bully.
When I grow up, I don’t give people the worry. When I was in college, I chased a girl. If I didn’t agree to put medicine directly, I got people into bed. I was so angry that I almost shot this little one with a gun. Mu Shiya (Aunt Mu Yunze) knelt in front of my master and begged for three whole days. My master didn’t give in.
Finally, I don’t know what’s going on. The girl suddenly agreed to settle the matter and spent a sum of money to suppress it. After that, the master looked at Zhan Jun more and more, and Mu Shiya was afraid that the master would really crash this little accident that day and spend some money to send him abroad.
I haven’t sung for years-I really didn’t recognize it
Mu Yunze pulled his lip corner. "Compared with what he took from Senrui, eating them quickly will be cold."
Sing a song and stop thinking about those things and concentrate on enjoying the beautiful time of having dinner with the president.
Zhan Jun came out of Shunyuan Restaurant, and he was followed by a girl with heavy makeup. "Is that Mr. Sen Ruimu who is Zhan Shao?"
Show handsome hum a patted her face "? Read it? "
The girl smiled and snuggled up in his arms and whispered, "How can people with that status look at me just because they are curious?"
"That kind of what?" Zhan Jun’s eyes are cloudy. "Are you saying that my identity is worthy of your kind?"
He pushed the woman in his arms with a gloomy face and walked towards the silver Porsche on the side of the road.
The girl’s face flashed for a second, and then she quickly chased after Zhan Jun’s waist and whispered, "I didn’t mean that. Don’t be angry. I’ll wait on you at my place later?"
Her tail sound is a little funny. Zhan Jun’s eyes are getting dark. This woman has no need to say that she is not as good as Mu Yunze in bed. The elders say that even if it is not someone else’s turn to open this mouth.
"Bitch, spare you for a while!" He pinched the woman’s face, which was a little heavy, and the other person’s face immediately turned red, but he still kept smiling.
After waiting for the bus, she asked, "Did the woman sitting next to Manager Mu just sing?"
Zhan Jun twisted his eyebrows. "Who is Gao Song and you are a natural girl?"
"How is it possible that people are big stars?"
The woman smiled a charming smile. "The real person looks more beautiful than the sight. That skin is really good."
Zhan Jun frowned and said, "You mean the woman with my cousin is an actress in the entertainment circle?"
Chapter 224 didn’t coquetry.
Chapter 224
Zhan Jun frowned and said, "You mean the woman with my cousin is an actress in the entertainment circle?"
This time the woman was surprised.
"Don’t you even watch the show? This singer Gao is very popular this year. In a couple of days, her new film will be shown. The hero is Zhou Jinheng."
"I just got back to China. Who will look at that thing?"
Zhan Jun started the car and said, "It’s not easy for you to tell me about this woman and get my cousin."
I had a very satisfying meal. When I left, the president didn’t forget to open the bottle and seal it. Lafite went with me.
Singing and wondering, "Why do you take this if you don’t like drinking?"
The president glanced at her lightly and said, "occasionally add a little interest to husband and wife."
Sing …
Couple interest …
Well, she chose to shut up
Mu Yunze took her to the hospital early the next day.
As I have made an appointment before, a doctor will arrange for a B-ultrasound examination soon after I arrive, and I will arrange for it to be taken out immediately after the examination.