"PiXuChang a listen to frighten color change method ray said," these two people since the trouble outside, don’t go out, I have an idea.

Guan Shikuan, your ear is coming, so you go out and borrow Shikuan and promise to come outside quickly to see that Thunder and Cat are cursing endlessly.
Guan Shikuan smiled and said, "Don’t scold the two great grandfathers yet." Lei Ming and Cat said, "You are quick to ask Pi to come out and see us.
"Guan Shikuan said," My husband is not at home. Don’t be angry, uncles. Let me get this straight.
"Lei Ming and Chen Liang said," What’s your last name? "Guan Shikuan said," My name is Uncle Chen, and we are all old streets. Don’t scold this matter. Don’t listen to a word. We didn’t ask people to go to the relatives just now. We also heard about it. This is because there are villains who confuse right and wrong and insist that we want to rob the relatives.
We need to find someone else. Who will come to your house for the bonus and bride price? If you don’t promise us, you can’t promise us.
This must have been a vendetta against the Chen family and the Pi family. Give us two ways to fight, and he will look lively.
"Two uncles, please go back first. We’re really not at home at this time. I heard that Mr. Chen didn’t come back in Danyang County. We asked someone to ask Mr. Chen to come back to see Mr. Chen. Ask him carefully who is doing this.
Two grandfathers, please go back and listen to it first. We will go there when we get back. "Chen Liang said when he heard this phrase." Second brother, he dare not admit you here. I can go back and see if my uncle will come back first.
"Lei Ming and Cat came home, and Cat went inside to see her aunt. The old lady saw Cat coming back and her heart was carefree.
On the evening of that day, there was no sedan chair to carry people, and Chen Guangtai didn’t come back. Chen Liangtong and Lei Ming rested in front and took precautions. They didn’t move.
The next morning, Chen Liang was about to send someone to Danyang County to inquire about it. Suddenly, Chen Liang and Lei Ming came out of the door and saw that there were two squad leaders in Danyang County, a surname Liu and a surname club, with a man in a car.
Chen Liang looked at each other and said, "What’s the matter, two bosses?" Liu Tou and Du Tou said, "You two are very good at home. You two have committed a crime and go to court with us."
We both know each other. It’s considered that we don’t know each other when we bring you guys at home.
Save some noodles for you two, you two cars. "Lei Ming and Chen Liang said blankly at this." What’s wrong?
"Liu said," You two still ask us if there is a fire in the paper? If you two have something to say, go to the yamen and say it.
"Lei Ming and Cat also don’t know what can’t be avoided. At that time, they called the housekeeper to deliver letters to the people inside. The two cars came to Danyang County yamen car together.
When Liu Tou and Du Tou came to the classroom, they said, "Please condescend." Talking, they shook the chain and locked Lei Ming and Chen Liang.
A man looked at two people and went in pleasantly. When he answered, he took Lei Ming and Chen Liang to the magistrate’s office. He served in Class 3 of Zhuang Zao Kuai, and the magistrate of a county ordered him to take an errand. He pulled the chain and took Lei Ming and Chen Liangtang.
The word "mighty" scared Tang Wei and said, "The seven-mile shop robbed and unloaded the officer and wounded three people. Two thieves, silver and thunder, and Chen Liang, sued!
"The two men were scared to death when they heard this. They went to court and knelt down. They signed up and said," Xiao Lei Ming Xiao Chen Liang kowtowed to the master.
"The magistrate of a county said with a clap of gavel," Lei Ming, Cat, you two robbed seven miles outside the west gate of my ground, robbed three people and robbed clothes, jewelry and silver. How many people are there in the same hand?
Speak! "Lei Ming and Cat knelt down and climbed half a step to knock Cat and said," Back to my master, I lived in Chen Jiabao’s original merchant’s house for years.
We are brothers, and we have just come back from the outside and have not done anything illegal.
Master, there is such a case on the ground. I don’t know anything about it. Please be extra kind to your master!
"When the magistrate of a county hears that" you two have come to the county court, do you still dare to deny it?
It’s too late to accept the confession when the county has pushed and tortured you and your flesh has suffered.
How many people are working together? Take this opportunity to tell the truth! "Lei Ming and Cat said," The villain really wronged me and asked my master to hold the mirror high.
"The magistrate of a county flew into a rage and said," You two are habitual thieves. How dare you show such cunning in front of the county?
Probably copy your hand and ask questions, but you won’t come and pull it. Give me 40 boards each and ask again! "Cat said," Master, take a break, be furious and slow down.
"The county magistrate, Ma Kuai and Su Chang all know Cat, and know that Cat is an outlaw who has lived in the ground for several generations, and know that Cat has no case in the ground.
Now, when the master signed the ticket, he quickly arrested Lei Ming and Chen Liang, who were on the side. "The two of you tell the truth and save master torture."
"Cat said;" Master Jian villain and others have lived here in Chenjiabao, Danyang County for generations. My uncle has heard about it in the local white cloth shop.
Lei Ming, he’s a fog man from Longquan, and I’m a young man, and I’m sworn to him. Now I’m a escort, and I didn’t come back until yesterday. Today, my master sent an officer to bring me two people.
The master said that we were fighting in Qili, and I really didn’t know that the master was going to torture me and handcuff me, but the master told me to recognize the rebellion and the rebellion, and I also had to recognize it
Credentials? Where is the textual research? Master, this generation of officials is important. "When the magistrate of a county heard about it," you two also said that the county had wronged you.
If you don’t give you a witness, you’ll have to show your cunning. "Mark the prison card immediately."
Cat opened his eyes and saw a chill, and he knew that the lawsuit could not escape. I don’t know who the witness was and look back at the decomposition.
Back to the two hundred and thirteenth, the former enemy thief bit the hero of Lei Chen’s trial and was punished by the official.
Words thunder, cat see call people brought to cat see tingling chills will know that this lawsuit is doomed.
The thief took a bite to the bone. Cat knew this thief named Song Xian. At the beginning, Lei Ming, Cat, and Yang Feng Jigong dusted the teacher to send a letter to Majiahu. Cat squatted in go to the lavatory. Song Xian pretended to be a saint. Cat robbed people and Cat caught him.
According to the thunder and cat, Wei Fangyang was going to kill his town at that time, but he was a sincere and kind man. He not only advised cat not to kill him, but also asked him to switch to small business.
I didn’t think this little bad habit wouldn’t change. I laid a fire in the ground seven miles, robbed and killed the servants, robbed clothes, jewelry and silver.
There were five or six people who robbed with the same hand, and others all left after sharing the stolen goods. This little man didn’t leave and committed a crime, and he was captured by Danyang County Horse Kuai.
As soon as he got to the yamen, Song Xian called the magistrate of a county and asked him how many people were working with him. Song Xian said, "There are Tongtian monk Farei Xiao Sang Men Xie Guangsai Yunlong Huang Qing and several others are surprisingly passers-by.
The officer who robbed and discharged from duty in Qilipu killed three people, and the stolen goods were shared equally. They were all gone, and I didn’t know where they were.
I got dozens of taels of silver and even spent money on whoring and gambling. "The magistrate of a county put him in jail first.
Song Xian didn’t intend to pull thunder, cat because of thunder, cat blocked PiXuChang door first scold tongtian monk method Lei Guang called Guan Shikuan out to comfort the thunder, cat away.
Farley said, "These two people outside Mr. Pi are not easy to mess with, so these two people are trying their best to get in outside."
You have made enemies with his family, and these two people can’t let it go, "said Pi Xuchang." What’s your brilliant idea, dear brother?
"Farley said," It doesn’t matter. I have a brilliant idea. I have to put them both to death. Give him a cruel punishment, two poisons and three unique measures.
If you don’t die, he will never spare you, but it’s not much. You can kill him for spending hundreds of silver.
"Pi Xuchang said," How about a few hundred pieces of silver? "Farley said," Now there is a Song Xian in Danyang county prison, but it is seven miles away to spread fire and kill three people.