But Tang Yi has always turned a blind eye, and the reason is naturally to fill his heart with mr.zhou.

"I know what you’re trying to say. People can’t live in memories forever, but I really can’t get out."
With a sigh, Tang Yi forgot mr.zhou.
Every time I think of him after touching the scene, I regret it.
Maybe life is full of regrets, but this regret is caused by himself.
All the truth is that white people are the most difficult to comfort. If you ask Tang Yi who he loves now, the answer is still mr.zhou.
"Since ancient times, I have been affectionate and hated this hatred for you."
How strong a person is, on the other hand, how fragile he is.
People on the battlefield can laugh at life and death.
It seems that Tang Yi is full of lofty sentiments, but in detail, he is a fragile lover.
Mr.zhou’s sacrifice became a lifelong pain, knowing that he had fallen into a fruitless yearning, but he still drowned himself.
The king of soldiers is not a god. Tang Yi has his own measure of love. I’m afraid it will affect his life if Mr. Su can’t wave it away.
There was silence in the barracks again, and two people were breathing.
Method to encourage come lying there in my mind is haunted by li said.
Susu was Tang Yi’s favorite, but now she has become Tang Yi’s demon, so she has been really happy all her life.
Li, a psychologist, knows a lot about it, but because Tang Yi is strong, in some ways outsiders are the law to comfort him.
"Okay, go to sleep."
Just when they were silent for a while, Li stepped in.
This tent was arranged by the Dragon King alone, and there was nothing to say. Three people were lying there and fell asleep.
Now the war is beyond their control, and they have to wait for the next notice.
On the other side, the head of the eastern theater, who was still busy in the operation room, put a pen and looked at the dragon king who came in.
"I hope that this time you will complete the beheading with Tang Yi, not only because of the problem of our eastern war zone, but also because you can observe him closely, because you will meet on the battlefield soon."
However, the head of the Eastern Theater had to fight the Dragon Shadow and the Dragon Brigade.
Chapter 36 Thousands of miles around
In the evening, the curtain of the tent was lifted, and Tang Yi sat up while lying asleep in bed.
Full of energy, he changed from deep sleep to awakening, so that the well-informed Dragon King could not help but secretly pick Thumb.
First-class, first-class reaction, first-class speed and first-class quality are worthy of being the dragon shadow dragon head.
"Strategic shift, we are about to open a middle passage, and we expect to leave in half an hour. Your equipment has been left at the door and you have to eat food. I will wait for you on the tarmac when you have 29 minutes left."
Dragon king said and turned to walk until now come and Li Cai is really awake.
While they were sleeping, the red side and the blue side fought a white-hot battle.
According to the strategy, the blue army sent troops to forcibly rush into a middle passage to cooperate with the decapitation
Get up, Tang Yi stepped out of the tent, and the cookhouse squad specially made a small stove. Besides rich dishes, there was also a cup of tempting bread.
This is a strong wine before the execution of special forces
"Eat quickly and replenish your ammunition. It will be a sleepless night tonight."
Then came the most exciting and exciting battle.
A sword brigade cloth defense network is also waiting for the arrival of Tang Yi.
It is said that there is no certainty of fighting, but this time, who wins and who loses the law is sure.
Come and Li also quickly sat down to gulp down the food in front of them and then picked up the glass.
But I don’t want to be stopped by Tang Yi just when they are ready to drink it off.
"Zhuangxing wine respects comrades-in-arms and tells heaven and earth"
Tang Yi just took a sip of his glass and scattered the leftover wine on the floor.
"Respect comrades-in-arms and tell heaven and earth"
Learn to Tang Yi’s appearance. After spilling the wine on the ground, the two men also smashed the glass with one hand.
These wines are for the sacrifice of comrades-in-arms.
Deal with the three people here and come to the ammunition box.
The original captured weapons are now on the ground, and the Dragon King has added new weapons and ammunition.
Wear bulletproof vest and tactical vest
After the tactical helmet night vision system module was filled, three people were debugged to select weapons.
Come still grabbed the ninth five-year light machine gun and didn’t need to carry more tools. He carried five drums at a time.
One hundred rounds per drum plus three grenades and three smoke bombs. He’s full.
Li is petite and limited in physical strength. She still makes 30 rounds of 95-type automatic rifles and one magazine. She also collects five magazines into tactical vest, takes three grenades and a smoke bomb, and is equipped with 92-type military pistol.
The equipment of the two men is the same as before, but here Tang Yi did not continue to use the sniper rifle, but also chose a ninth-five automatic rifle.
Put ten magazines and more than ten grenades into the backpack.
"Is it too much?"
Looking at Tang Yi loading ammunition, both of them are one leng.
In order to be closer to actual combat, the weight of the magazine is the same as that of the real magazine.
With so much ammunition, is he going to storm?