Su Jin ‘er Jing noodles, a good defecation medicine.

Su Jiner covering her belly can also be pushed around at the moment.
Soon Su Jiner’s face was completely washed with blood and sludge. Su Jiner is still Su Jiner’s face. She has a painful look at the moment.
Xiao Wang and Liang looked at each other and their eyes showed surprise.
This is definitely Su Jiner’s suspicion.
After all the twists and turns, I finally got Su Jiner as I hoped.
Su Jiner’s forehead was sweating because of pain and discomfort.
Su Jiner seems to have some difficulty breathing. Her breathing is heavy.
She said to Xiao Wang, "Now you can arrest me, right? ! Say that finish hurriedly hurriedly give me a doctor … "
"But I tried to catch you. I didn’t want you to blackmail Lin Yi and Su Qinghou. I didn’t want your life. If I …" Xiao Wang stared at Su Jiner and finally said, "Game-writing protocol blue! I want’ game-writing protocol blue’ and I will spare you and your fetus … "
Su Jiner listened to the in the mind zheng.
Blue blood? !
Su Jiner suddenly groaned in pain while clutching her belly, and her body trembled even more with pain.
Xiao saw this situation and said, "You’re so angry today. Speak quickly. If you’re late, your mother will be hopeless."
At this time, there was a sudden knock on the door.
Xiao Wang eyebrows a wrinkly he outward way "? !”
There was a sound outside the door. "Our coffin shop heard that many people came here to do business tonight. We are a century-old shop. Every coffin is tailored to ensure that the size is not deviated. Let me measure your size. Hey hey, especially Xiao Ye, your size is not good. You have changed too much …"
This banter made Xiao Wang not feel ridiculous.
Xiao Wang’s face changed
He was amazed that there were several hands of his own in the courtyard, but this man could talk nonsense outside the door, but these hands didn’t make a sound and didn’t hear the fight. His hands were all in trouble
It is said that outsiders have extremely high martial arts.
Xiao wangchao Liang and another hand made an expression of eyes.
Come in with Xiao Wang on the side of the flash door of han dao, who looks ferocious.
Liang Jiang will cross Su Jin’s neck with his sword.
This Xiao Wang is much more secure in his heart
With Su Jiner’s amulet, even if Su Qinghou is outside the door, Lin Yi, the boat can endure him.
Xiao Wang calmed down for a while and then he said to the outside, "Your business is really thoughtful. Then come in. I won’t personally visit you."
Xiao Wang’s voice just fell and the door bolt was shocked, and he also "squeaked".
Two men appeared at the door. One was an ordinary-looking middle-aged Han Han, wearing an oilcloth, a shampoo white shirt and a dirty wine gourd hanging from his waist. He looked very down and out.
The other is a student
He leaned against the doorframe and gnawed his claws, which seemed very leisurely.
Down and out, it’s easy for Lin Yi.
Of course, life is Zuo Chaoyang.
And that a few people in the courtyard are now lying on the ground.
The rain washed also responded.
Lin Yi leg lifts came in.
Just as Lin Yi came in and hid from the door, a sharp knife of the famous master split at Lin Yi.
Lin Yi kept walking. Suddenly, he stretched out his fingers to clamp the steel cleaver, and the finger force rushed to the blade. Then, as the blade invaded the other arm, the master gave a pain and told his arm bone to be shattered by the force of the knife.
He wanted to give up, but his hand was hard to get rid of by Lin Yili’s firm grip on the handle
Then Lin Yi, like a tidal force, spread over his arm and continued to rush toward him.
Wherever Lin Yili passed, his bones were broken, his flesh was destroyed and his bones were broken.
The guy’s body was shaking like a blow. His mouth was wide open. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t scream. He spit out big blood, and then his nose, ears and eyes sprayed blood out.
Seven orifices spurted blood before his hand got rid of the handle, and then he leaned back and fell to the ground.
Just fell beside the old woman.
The old woman who came to sit on the ground was frightened and fainted at the sight of such a terrible sight.