Duanfei has been peeking at Dongfang Zetian’s reaction to see him smiling at Yunqiaoqiao, and a rage rushed uncontrollably.

"After the maid-in-waiting is sun branches scattered leaves in children and grandchildren is the more the better …"
Before she finished, Jojo asked coolly, "Have you hatched an egg for so many years?"
"…" Duanfei received ten thousand critical strikes! The whole popularity to crazy "this is …"
Is it her problem? Didn’t the emperor cooperate with her to be born?
Jojo asked aggressively, "What is it?"
Duanfei wanted to tear her heart out and squeezed the word "Huang" through her teeth.
Jojo smiled. "You want to say it’s the emperor’s fault?"
Dongfang Zetian turned black and looked coldly.
Duanfei shivered. "No, no, that’s not what I meant?"
Jojo smiled coolly. "Then what do you mean?"
Duan Fei’s head is buzzing and she is utterly confused. She knows that she has offended the emperor and let others see the joke.
But is it really her fault?
It’s not Yunqiaoqiao’s fault!
Her fault is that she should not seduce the emperor and let him have a heart for her.
She’s the one who’s responsible for the women in the palace staying alone in the boudoir.
Duanfei more think more hate more and more desperate to miss conan the destroyer.
If Yunqiaoqiao is alive, they will never get the favor of the emperor!
"The emperor didn’t call on us."
Since she can’t get it, no one can get it.
There was a commotion at the bottom, and everyone looked strange and shocked.
Sun’s adult’s heart is sinking into the depths, and he can’t see the depths.
Why are you so impatient and thoughtless?
Oriental ze day look a cold just want to say what jojo beat "that is your problem for six years, for six years so many days and nights you didn’t interest the emperor? It can be said that you are too bad. You can’t do it when you are the most tender. You are old and have no chance. You have found a place to shelter from the wind and rain and promised to eat you. How dare you harbor resentment? "
In just a few words, she turned the tables and put the blame on Duan Fei and them.
Dongfang Zetian became Renjun, and she was the most unfortunate person.
Come on, Koo Huang won’t call Princess Xing. What’s the matter with her who is far away?
Everyone has to say that the county owner is absolutely right.
You can’t blame the county master or the king. You can blame these concubines for being fine.
If you can’t, change people!
They are eager to see that there must always be heirs in a huge empire.
"…" This time Duanfei suffered a devastating blow, and her words ruined all her hopes.
Her body is shaky and she is going to faint. Her face is white and scary.
Oriental Zetian finally got the golden mouth "Jojo"
Jojo smiled sweetly. "What does the emperor want to say?"
Oriental Zetian was very generous and "left some noodles for the Sun family"
Jojo chuckled in her heart. It’s better not to say it. It’s so loving to fall into a well.
She nodded very cleverly. "Okay, I’ve said everything."
Look at the attitude. It makes people vomit blood.
Suddenly a long arrow came at the king.
"There is an assassin"
Everyone changed their faces, and they were surprised and angry. "The emperor is careful."
When I was in a panic, I saw Jojo unhurriedly picked up the crossbow and aimed it at the long arrow. The two arrows met in the middle and fell to the ground.
This skill is beautiful!
Her heroic spirit is compelling, her eyebrows are awe-inspiring, and she is extraordinarily beautiful.
"Jojo" Oriental Zetian is full of surprises.
There was a commotion in the crowd, and several assassins started screaming out of nowhere.
The well-trained palace guards stopped the two sides from fighting.
Duanfei hastily came and stretched out his hand to pull the Oriental Zetian "The emperor quickly hid his male and female servants to protect you from"