Bai Jiaqi looked at Joe Cen in silence. There was a flash of malicious folded eyes.

After walking for a while, Qiao Cen stopped to give the clothes back to this man, but he saw him holding his hand. She shrank, but he put the clothes away. "It’s too ugly to wear it."
Qiao cen indifferently "thank you"
The man grinned. "One more time, this is our third meeting, but we know each other three times. Hello, my name is Fu Jiangli."
Fu Jiangli? The name sounds familiar. I seem to have heard it somewhere.
I can’t remember at the moment.
"Hello, Qiao Cen" Qiao Cen replied, but he kept turning and tried his best to search for the name "Fu Jiangli".
She must have heard of it somewhere! And it should be someone else’s family.
Fu Jiangli smiled unconsciously. "You’re not thinking about who I am, are you?"
Qiao Cen chuckled, "I’m thinking about how to get rid of you."
Fu Jiang left Nai. Is he so annoying?
She took a deep breath and looked around, but she saw the foreman talking anxiously.
Qiao Cen rang. Was it strange to be hit by her just now
They seem to be looking for something, and the foreman seems to have seen Qiao Cen looking at her, so he resumed his smile and went to her. "Hello, miss, can I help you?"
Qiao Cen shook his head "no thanks"
The foreman nodded.
Suddenly, a student was in a hurry. "Sister Li still didn’t find a horse, so how can someone disappear!" Raw samples are in a hurry.
The foreman frowned. "Go and find something nearby. You must find it for me!" The tone is very serious
Qiao Cen was not curious. "What are you looking for?"
The foreman looked back. "Oh, well, there is a special part of Miss Bai’s birthday party today. There is a gift that Mr. Bai wants to give to Miss Bai at the party. The gift is in the hand of one of our workers, but she suddenly disappeared."
Joe cen nodded his head.
"Then I’m sorry, miss. I’ll find someone first." The foreman was quite embarrassed
She is not a servant of the White House, but she has met many important people on such occasions, but it is rare for Qiao Cen to speak politely to her.
In my heart, I am naturally more kind to Joe Cen.
"Have you seen" Fu Jiang away from the eyes towards the foreman from the direction.
Qiao Cen didn’t speak. Fu Jiangli was a statement, not a question. Is he sure? She handed over an inquiring look.
But see Fu Jiang smiled holding the glass hand Yang Yang motioned for her to look down at her body.
Qiao Cennai chuckled.
The birthday party is about to enter the tail emcee, and the mellow and full sound echoes in the White House villa, but it is a mess.
"What about Li Jie? I still can’t find it."
"We’ve looked for the whole White House villa and there’s still no trace."
"Sister Li, do you think it would be that Xiaonan ran away with a gift?"
"Father loves like a mountain. Every father can give his children everything. Mr. Bai is also a father. Let me welcome this great father. He sent a message to his daughter."
Followed by Bai Zhiyuan station to speak.
Master of ceremonies came and was dragged into a room by Li Jie.
Sister Li generally explained to him that the master of ceremonies was also a little flustered. Today, most of them are business elites and some are political circles.
If anything goes wrong, it will not end well!
Section 52
"Did you watch the monitoring?" Master of ceremonies wakes up
"I’m watching."
"All right, let’s go out first. When Mr. White finishes, I’ll see if I can delay."
When they came out of the small room, Bai Zhiyuan had finished speaking at the MC and took over the microphone. "What touching words. I believe Miss Bai must be warm in her heart at this time …"
Not far away Bai Jiaqi cold hum a warm? Cold heart is true, right?
After a word from others, I tested dna and put myself in the hospital. Is this the so-called fatherly love?
On the surface, he doesn’t love others. He loves to have himself and his face forever.
The emcee delayed for a moment, as fine as Bai Zhiyuan. Naturally, he saw some eyebrows, but he didn’t know that the person was missing. He was a little impatient when he listened to the emcee on the stage.
He frowned slightly and motioned for the MC to hurry up.
Li Jie has been moving in Taiwan and Bai Zhiyuan. She naturally sees it in her eyes. It’s nothing urgent now. You have to find someone first!
"Li Jie Li Jie, you are quick to go and see." One with some panic sounds crashed into it. It should be news from peony.
She made a color at the emcee and quickly followed the student.
Taiwan Bai Jiaqi looked at her eyes and blinked slightly, which seemed to be some interesting things.
She put a red wine glass and walked beside Bai Zhiyuan.