Being discovered at a glance, Su Wei’s anger burned from the bottom of my heart more and more violently.

But even if she is angry less than necessary, she will not show her emotions.
This is a killer’s basic literacy
Pondering for half an hour, Su Wei smiled coldly and immediately picked up his fingers. His lips were slightly open and his breath was like blue. "Mr. Gu, I am afraid that you will love me."
Indeed, a woman with good looks and such a devil figure is a template woman for most men’s courtship.
Gu never frowned.
Will he love her?
She is not too confident.
Think about it, buckle Su Wei’s waist and hand, and add a few minutes of strength. The charming smile is pulled by him at the corner of his mouth. "What’s the difficulty in loving a little beauty? If I really want you, you can’t get it easily."
just stretch out your hand and you’ll get what you want
He seems overconfident.
Su Wei’s amorous feelings smile suddenly caught in a cold "Mr. Gu, don’t put the words too full to be humiliating in the future."
"If you don’t have 99% confidence, would you and I joke like this?" Gu Jue said quietly.
"I’m sorry, I may be your unexpected one percent" Su Wei sarcastically smiled.
"Really?" Gu Jue touched Ba’s eyes. "If Miss Su wants to search for information in person, I’m afraid it will take a lot of time and energy. How about this? If you come to Guggenheim Building, I will give you many clues and test them. First, do you love me first or should I love you first?"
"Is it Guggenheim? I, Mr. Gu, will invite me to Guzhai." Su Wei smiled lightly.
What is a mere commercial Guggenheim?
She is more interested in Gu Zhai.
"I, Miss Su, don’t like such a direct man." Gu Jue’s reaction was that she quickly outlined a meaningful smile on her lips. "When my lover Gu Zhai lets you visit."
"I’m really flattered." The look of disgust flashed past Su Weifei, who would soon hide it and sneer at it.
This word is really disgusting.
"Don’t be flattered. Just get used to it." Gu Jue smiled.
She doesn’t want to have anything else to do with this beast-faced man.
"You don’t have what I want. In my eyes, you are no different from a horse." Su Wei snorted.
If she didn’t want to know who the gunman was at the moment, she would never have stayed with a strange man for more than ten seconds.
"stallion" gu absolutely slightly messy.
It was the first time that he was called a stallion by a woman.
"How do you know I don’t have what you need?" Gu Jue asked with a smile. "I checked the zodiac before I went out, and I will have a big meeting with you."
"You bought the almanac as a thief, right? I checked the almanac when I went out. I don’t know anything about men." Su Wei didn’t believe his nonsense.
As the saying goes, a good man should believe what he says, and a sow can grow trees.
"That’s other men. I’m different," Gu said.
Su Weimer
What he said is that he is not an ordinary man.
"If you don’t want to explain the gun to me, then our topic can end here." Su Wei put her hand on the doorknob for final confirmation.
"The topic is over, but I still say that I’ll see you later." Gu Jue spit out a few short words and smiled like a peach blossom on his mouth.
He doesn’t know what attracts this woman, and he has caused him a long-lost palpitation.
He suddenly developed a strong predatory interest in her
Su Wei smiled sarcastically when she heard this. "Mr. Gu, I remember a great philosopher once said never to go to pick up hot chicks with hypocritical sweet words. This is the stupidest way."
Hearing this, Gu Jue gently raised his eyebrows. "Oh, which great philosopher ever said what is the smartest way?"
"Your heart to exchange" Su Wei smiled gently and poked his solid chest with a finger.
Despite the pupil metamorphoses, a contraction across a sneer at the bottom of my heart.
Heart-to-heart talk
Chapter 22 Suspicion
first-class cabin
"Vivian, why did your ya go for so long?" Mo Lan’s long hair was a scolding.
Moran waited in the first class for almost half an hour, and just ten minutes ago, Miss Zhou also snapped her teeth and came to visit and scolded her for being a dog.
As soon as she heard that Gu was gone, she immediately thought of Su Wei’s growing anxiety.