Lotus Yan Jing listened thoughtfully and said, "You mean this Yingying girl’s face is not the same?"

"Of course not." Dong Yuling seems to find something interesting. "Can you give the world an example? What Hou Fu was copied in the imperial examination fraud case two months ago? Didn’t all his relatives go into exile? Are exiles always so obedient? "
Exile is to go to a remote and bitter cold place, where it is not easy to live in a harsh environment. Is it not easy for Emperor Gao to die and shell casually this day?
The jurisdiction of Kuang Shenglian Dynasty is far beyond Dong Yongling’s previous life. Can the country find a place to live if it wants to?
It is said that Dong Yuling has always been not afraid of provoking the emperor, and it is a big deal for the generation to fly away. As in previous lives, the information is highly developed and can be hidden. Is there no network and human flesh to search ancient times?
Therefore, Dong Yuling believes that exile is a very light punishment.
Lian Yan-jing couldn’t help laughing when she thought that Dong Yong-ling had just said that she was more familiar with herself once. "You said she was Cao Liying, the first daughter of Pingyang Houfu?"
No wonder she despised the name. It sounded exactly the same.
Not only that, she escaped from exile, but she dared to return to Shengjing so openly? And it’s two months later. At the beginning, everyone has not forgotten the fraud case. I really don’t know if this girl is stupid or clever. Or does she believe that the most dangerous place is the safest place?
Just because no one expected that she would come back in such an identity and her face changed, it was difficult for anyone to find out?
But just because no one has found it for the time being doesn’t mean that no one will ever find it. Even if the face has changed for less than two months, how much can the whole person change? Over time, there will naturally be flaws.
I met someone I didn’t expect, but it’s even worse if I care about it.
In addition, Lian Yan Jing realized that Cao Liying was afraid of coming back this time. Maybe someone was behind it or wanted to achieve something.
"A good aristocratic men are willing to degenerate? Can’t understand "Dong Yuling thought of how proud and noble he was when he first met Cao Liying at Guosi? Charm is very different from today’s charm. If she doesn’t look at people in a different way, it’s hard to tell even familiar people apart.
"If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t come back or someone needed such an identity." Lotus Yan Jiing thought of Yunpiaofang, which is definitely a problem. After all these years, there has been no evidence to doubt and speculate behind the scenes.
"Oh!" Dong Yuling realized that this had already involved a conspiracy. Isn’t it that she ruined others’ plans by saying so?
Sheng Jingcheng plays a conspiracy, but you can ignore Lian Yan Jiing’s caution and fear, or go to the one facing him.
It’s not easy for a famous brothel leader to get in touch with people. Sometimes he can control a game of chess.
Cao Liying incarnates Yingying to compete for the top spot in Yunpiaofang, and she has entered the eyes of the people who care about winning or losing.
She came because everyone was born from a young age, bred naturally, and the aristocratic demeanor, coupled with the charm of prostitutes, was two extremes, and this kind of conflict was the most eye-catching. Some men loved this tone.
It is conceivable that Cao Liying is likely to become an instant hit and enter the stratum society.
However, Dong Yuling is more interested in Cao Liying’s face now, which seems to be more beautiful than the original one, and it doesn’t look like she is wearing any skin mask or is it easy to get past the one road left?
I didn’t know that there was a special technology in this era. It seems to be not bad.
"Look at that dance, Cao Liying should have a bottom, but he should have been severely trained recently," Dong Yuling commented.
I should have learned dance more formally before, but now I have learned some methods of prostitutes, which are generally atmospheric, but mixed with a lot of slightly crude temptations. It is this violation that will make men more forbidden and desirous.
I don’t know if the people behind Cao Liying really have a vision to find her bright spot? It’s really interesting to teach women …
Cao Liying is now a perfect "production"
"How can I get it without training?" Lian Yan Jing, otherwise, just as the second waiter came in, he smiled, "Never mind what the number one card is, let’s fill our stomachs well!"
"That’s" Dong Yuling immediately put things out of the window and walked to the table to sit down.
Float dancing ying ying looked at the flavor building through the cuff gap, although it didn’t really look at Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jiing’s elegance, but it was with some expectation in dim eyes.
Although she is not as good as before now, what man doesn’t cheat? Maybe if she changed her identity, she would be closer to the one in her mind. Even if she didn’t have the chance to be with him, she would have the possibility to walk into his heart.
Ying Ying’s heart is still longing for a beautiful encounter with him in the early heart.
If it weren’t for the main complaint, she really didn’t know that this flavor building turned out to be Qin Ruwang’s industry. I wonder if she could touch it …
It’s a pity that the float has gone a long way, and I haven’t seen anyone I want to see, so I can’t help but feel lost
At the moment, Lian Yan Jing and Dong Yuling together with a cat are feasting and having a good time. Where is the mind to compete for the top spot? It doesn’t matter at all. If this girl can care for herself, that’s life satisfaction.
On the evening of that day, Dong Yuling naturally stayed in the Wangfu, and at the same time, she gave Lian Yan Jing a few needles before going to bed to make him sleep better.
Early the next morning, Dong Yuling was strangely taken to the National Temple by Lian Yan Jing to meet Master Ling Yue, who had heard a lot about her medical skills and her illness for a whole day.
Lian Yan Jing also learned a lot from listening carefully for a day, although she couldn’t get in the mouth.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! 8! ! ! !
After getting along with Dong Yuling once, she felt that Master Ling Yue was a very funny old monk. Before that, she was not willing to contact such worldly experts, and she was afraid that there was something strange about the spleen. Chapter 156 came so suddenly.