There is no doubt that Ji Dong’s four ingredients are the most common when making cocktails. According to his distribution ratio, these bartenders in the bartenders’ guild know even the lowest-ranking bartenders.

The night sorrow is a little contemptuous and pouts. "Isn’t it just a cup of the sun falling?"
At this time, there are not more and more onlookers around, and there are also many low-level bartenders coming out of the bartenders’ association. How can they not know that high-level bartenders appear in front of the door together? It’s the first time that someone comes to challenge bartending in Zhongyuan City Branch.
Until now, Ji Dong still never forced to adjust the lid of the hip flask one by one, but he disdained this ordinary cocktail. However, the face of senior bartenders, Vice President Chen Xiaoshou, became more and more dignified. They all knew that the better the bartender, the more common the ingredients, and the better the bartenders showed their superb skills … The same materials, the different bartenders, the different flavors, and Ji Dong’s choice to modulate the sun’s fall must be unique.
Cover all the jugs. Ji Dong stopped to quietly stare at the nine-tone jug outside. Everything has been completely isolated at this moment. In his eyes and consciousness, the breathing rhythm of the nine-tone jug has reached its peak with the adjustment of his vitality.
Perhaps it was Ji Dong’s infection, and the people around him were quiet and wide-eyed to see what happened to the teenager who dared to openly challenge in front of the bartenders’ association.
Take a deep breath a little and everyone around you will pay attention to Ji Dong. At last, with a flash of his right hand, he has grasped the first-tone hip flask. The hip flask is shaken by flying, followed by the second and third … until the ninth. Although there are nine hip flasks in total, Ji Dong’s speed is as fast as flashing, but it doesn’t give people an abrupt feeling. When the last hip flask is thrown into the middle, the first-tone hip flask just falls down.
Ji Dong stepped back half a step and left his hand a circle. The hip flask that took the lead in dropping the tune has soared again and spun rapidly. His arms are fully extended to catch the hip flask one by one and then swing it …
Seeing his feet firmly on the ground and motionless, but shaking like a lotus leaf in the wind, his waist, back, shoulders, arms, palms and fingers all moved, and the nine-tone hip flask miraculously danced around his body and did his best.
I can still see clearly for a while, left and right for a while, but soon all this will become illusory brilliance, and I can’t see clearly the clouds shining orange in his hands and arms, and the flagons are constantly dancing and changing.
Amazing sounds come and go. For the people, what Ji Dong shows at this time is a miracle. It’s a nine-tone hip flask! Even if he makes some minor mistakes, it will immediately lead to a collapse, but the nine-tone hip flask will eventually revolve around his body, back and forth, left and right, just like Youlong, and it will rapidly rotate like an orange disc.
Ji Dong is like a vortex of power, constantly absorbing these flagons and manipulating them like an armband. His eyes are finally calm as water, and he doesn’t go to see these flagons. Every flagon appears in his control, but it is flying rapidly and stirring. The orange light is getting stronger and stronger. The crystal flagon shines and reflects dazzling brilliance.
Suddenly, Ji Dong drank lightly, and even Chen Xiao, a senior bartender like him, could see him again. He felt that Ji Dong’s whole bust actually brought up several ghosting images.
In the loud exclamation of the people, the nine-tone hip flask formed a parabolic arc as if it had stagnated in the middle, and the high school paused as if it were spinning rapidly, like nine suns shining on Ji Dong’s head at the same time.
Of course, the nine-tone hip flask can’t stop. All this is created by Ji Dong’s miraculous technique.
Boom-the palm of your hand rang like thunder, and even when you found that people suddenly gathered here and quickly came to the Yugoslav capital army, you couldn’t help cheering with excitement. No one wanted to ruin this miracle, and the bartenders’ guild members were already dumbfounded.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
Ji started shaking slightly for a few times before he gradually stabilized. At this time, his eyes were calm and calm, which had become an unparalleled fanaticism.
Success is that he succeeded. For the first time in this reborn world, he produced some of the most complicated bartending techniques in his previous life. Once upon a time, it was with this technique that he surprised a generation of Dionysian pride in one fell swoop. After living for four years, he finally completed it for the first time in the world. At this moment, Ji Dong’s body blood is boiling, and he is very hot and sweaty, but it is all worth it.
Ji Dong can complete this challenge to the bartenders’ guild with a slightly simpler bartending technique, but he didn’t do it. He wanted the limit to be comparable to the limit. When he wrote on white cloth, he had already decided in his heart that this skill would restore himself to the peak level of bartending. Even when he was not sure at all, he still made such a choice. This is the pride of Dionysus and the pride of Ji Dong! And it turns out that he succeeded.
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Cheers did not stop because of the end of Ji Dong’s bartending, but became more enthusiastic. All the people, even the Yugoslav capital army, clapped their hands, and even their palms were flushed.
It’s wonderful. The previous scene can be a miracle for them. Although it is next to the street and there are no more dazzling arrangements, Ji Dong’s rumbi technique has won their hearts
In a slight gasp, the excitement in Ji Dong’s eyes gradually faded, and he looked down at his trembling hands due to excessive exertion and rapid operation, and there was an extreme pride in his heart. Even when he was willing to combine with the two kings, he never had pride. What happened briefly in front of him was what he pursued in his past life for more than 30 years. This was his own hard work.
Chen Xiao has no mouth, and his face is as dead as ashes, not to mention creating the stagnation of the nine suns. Even making the nine-tone hip flask at the same time is extremely difficult for him. Now he can’t speak at all and he doesn’t know what to say. The bartenders behind him have fallen into silence at this time, but their eyes are always watching the nine-tone hip flask for a moment.
Although they know that Zhongyuan City Branch lost today and it was a terrible loss, a bartender witnessed such a magical scene, and they all have an eager taste. What is the taste of wine brewed in this magical way again and again?
Night wounds looked at Ji Dong’s eyes have completely changed. There is no more contempt in his eyes. It is not resentment but fanaticism in his eyes, which is no less than the look that Ji Dong showed when he finished mixing wine.
Ji Dong’s breath gradually stabilized. The source of Yin and Yang’s magical circulation stimulated his arms to gradually stabilize and stop shaking. Frankly speaking, without dragon blood immersion, Ji Dong would never rashly try this top-level bartending technique, because he is not yet fifteen years old after all, and his body is difficult to compare with the peak of his previous life. You should know that these top-level bartending techniques have never been broken in Ji Dong’s previous life, especially in yoga, and there is no opportunity to practice this top-level bartending technique.
One by one, the lid of the hip flask was adjusted. Until now, the liquor of the hip flask was still rotating, which shows how fierce the previous bartending technique in Ji Dong was.
Carefully pour the liquor from Jiudiao hip flask into Jiuhaibo cup respectively. When he finished all this, there was an exclamation around him, and this time the exclamation included the senior bartenders of Zhongyuan City Branch.
Nine sea cups and nine cocktails made of the same material have different colors at this time. From the first cup of light yellow to the last cup of orange, the color of the nine cups of sun drops gradually, and each cup is a little darker than the previous one.
The nine gradient colors arranged in a horizontal line are as fascinating as a colored light band, which is already a beautiful visual enjoyment for the eyes to see, and it is even more difficult to guess what they will taste.
At present, this spectacle is unimaginable for these bartenders. At this moment, they fully realize that Ji Dong’s mysterious and magical bartending technique is not so beautiful and simple, but it also contains a special method of tempering.
They watched Ji Dong pour in nine cocktail ingredients, especially when it was brewed at the same time. What can they say?
Looking up, Ji Dong looked faintly at Chen Xiao and made a gesture, "Please taste."
Chen Xiao looked up at Ji Dong and pursed his lips tightly, but he didn’t do it. The facts were already in front of him, and even if he didn’t want to admit it again, there was no reason not to admit it.
The words "We lost if we didn’t taste" came from Chen Xiao’s mouth, but he had to say it. In his heart, he admired and hated the young man in front of him. He hated the young man, which made the Central Plains Branch of the Bartenders’ Association lose face, but he admired his amazing bartending technique.
At this moment, he has completely understood everything that Ji Dong said before, without exaggerating. His pride comes from strength. He still clearly remembers Ji Dong’s sentence that you have strength, but so do you! If I had such strength, I wouldn’t be so simple as a vice president. Maybe it’s really Du Sikang who can compete with this teenager.
Ji Dong smiled indifferently. "Now that you admit that you lost, this is the end of the day. I’ll give you these nine cocktails, Carl and Pisu. Let’s go."
This life has once again perfected the nine-day shooting technique. He is not in the mood to pursue the night wounds. He does not need to let the night wounds bow down to him or pick up the logo of the Bartender’s Association. These nine cups of the sun have set here, which has proved everything.
After saying this, Ji’s animal bracelet put away nine crystal flagons and nine cocktails, but left them there and turned to walk outside the crowd.
"Wait a minute. Can you tell me what you did just now?" Chen Xiao was eager to ask him what he called Ji Dong. It was the strength to win respect first.
Ji Dong also don’t back to the way "this technique is called shooting nine days, if you bartenders guild that Dionysus Du Sikang ask yourself if you can do it, let him come to Tiangan College to find me".
Leave this sentence. Ji Dong, Carl and Bi Su squeezed out the crowd and cheered and went away in the distance
What does Chen Xiao mean by "shooting for nine days and shooting for nine days" silently? Tiangan College? "
Before leaving silently at night, I fell to my knees in front of Chen Xiao. "Master Chen Xiao was humiliated by me today, and I am willing to accept punishment."
Chen Xiao’s eyes were complicated and saw his one eye, but he still helped him up. "You made the guild lose all its face, but it also showed us this method. Imagine that the president will come back and say Chapter 39 is full of surprises."
Night wounds in the direction of Ji Dong three people leave eyes flashed a light said to himself, "Tiangan college? Ji Dong, we will definitely meet again. "
Chen Xiaozhen made a heavy order to "carry this table back to the guild without spilling a drop of wine."