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Par17 almost hurt someone [two watches]
"Eldest brother, please see clearly that I am not your baby!" When Lin Zixiao tried to push her, another man actually held her wrist tightly with his hands.
Men are also drunk and less conscious, knowing that they are holding it hard.
There is a kind of bone that will be crushed. The pain spreads from the wrist and straightens every nerve in the body.
Does Lin Zixiao really feel that he is very sad and has no place to relax?
"Baby, I want you!" Handsome man still mumbles, sticks out his tongue and licks her white neck. Lin Zixiao feels a creepy and disgusting feeling at the neck.
Oh, my god
Her reputation will be ruined here forever, right? Two men, if she is not toxic at ordinary times, don’t say two or four, and she doesn’t care. Now she has the strength and unique skills, but she can’t make it out. This feeling is really unprecedented. Can she wait for death?
"You! If you want me now, I will hate your generation! " Lin Zixiao choked and said that there were tears in her eyes. She remembered that men would feel distressed when they saw that they liked women crying! If you say hate, you will feel even more distressed!
She wants to gamble!
"Baby, do you hate me?" The man smirked a few times and said, "That’s all right! Say you have me in your heart! It’s better than not having me in my heart. Hate it! "
Said and put his rough crazy hand Lin Zixiao chest gently stroked for two.
Instantly Lin Zixiao felt what it meant to be wronged and what it meant to resist Bei Bei’s biting his lips hard, so tears were squeezed out, but now they turned into true feelings.
She actually cried …
How can she be so indifferent when she goes like this? She is likely to lose her virginity!
She doesn’t want this deep mountain forest to be disturbed by this man!
"Baby, don’t cry, I love you ~" The man gently kissed away the tears on her face and stroked her hair with one hand. "Baby has not only improved her figure, skin and hair ~"
Lin Zixiao cried quietly and complained in her heart that it was of course. The root was not a person. Of course everything changed! Silly!
"Dear ~" still forgets me and whispers softly.
"Get out of here!" What should Lin Zixiao do if she is annoyed? If only someone could come and save her at this time!
"Baby!" The man said that he would pull her jeans.
Good jeans are tight. He tried them many times and was indifferent ~
Until two tall figures shuttle freely in the dark, a sudden figure throws a handsome man, and then one fist after another falls on his handsome face.
Anshun glared and said, "You two bastards, I want to root out the bad guys!" Said and will be the man holding Lin Zixiao hand a feet chuai fly!
And Lin Shengyan was a little distressed and pitied. Looking at Lin Zixiao covering her short-sleeved coat, Lin Zixiao could still see her face with clear tears at close range, and her neck was as dense as cherry with hickeys and fluffy hair …
Par18, they mean it
Lin Zixiao received Lin Sheng’s eyes, wiped her face with tears on the back of her hand, looked down at herself and suddenly froze …
It turns out that she has been so flustered by these two drunkards. She is not easy to sit up with her hands on the ground. Shaw killed her eyes and gently swept one. These two drunkards were beaten by Anshun Day. A casual color made two men feel the cold breath from the ice in the snow.
"I’m sorry we mistook one for another!" The handsome man bent over to apologize and knelt down. He was probably beaten awake before he saw that he had just been holding up a woman and was a strange woman.
"Get out of here!" Anshun tianyi roars
Two men rolled and crawled away from this wet street, then turned around and looked at Lin Zixiao in horror and said, "Oh, I didn’t expect you to have a good figure!" "
Joking at Lin Zixiao’s pondering evoked his lip angle.
Lin Zixiao bit his lip and felt his cheeks burning. Lin Sheng stared at him with bitterness along his coat.
"Hey, don’t look at me like that. You know, I beat the bad guys away!" See Lin Zixiao bitterness eyes Anshun day is the so-called smile.
Then he took out his mobile phone in his pocket and waved it for two and said, "Su Moxiao said that he would just pick us up along the car."
Hearing the words Su Moxiao, Lin Zixiao’s eyes returned to the original cold sneer. "Who will pick him up!"
Then I tried to get up from the ground in anger, but I couldn’t find the balance. When I almost fell, I was firmly held by Lin Shengyan …
"Don’t be reluctant to get up if the toxicity is sent!" Lin Shengyan kindly woke up and said goodbye.
"I seem to be dead and have nothing to do with you!" Lin Zixiao sneered and smiled.