Is he dead? What? Everyone is so sad.

There was a girl who cried very sadly.
She walked slowly over and felt that the girl was strangely familiar and familiar as if she were herself.
She tried to comfort her, but found her finger through her body.
Is this also a dream? Is she a lonely soul? Is it the law that touches them? And they can’t seem to see her?
She looked at everyone carefully and felt that there was a pair of eyes that were special. He seemed to look at her.
That man has long silver hair. She is sure that it is the first time she has met him. He is so beautiful. If she has seen him before, she can’t remember him, but she feels more familiar …
Wounded fire Ryutsuki looked at her without expression, but she felt that her body somehow trembled as if she had been seen through and wanted to escape.
But when she was about to run away, he turned his eyes. His expression never changed. She breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that she was worrying too much. He didn’t see her.
Ziyun proudly paid attention to the teenager surrounded by the crowd-
He is dazzling in red, but pale as snow …
It’s beautiful, but it gives people a feeling of lifelessness.
She stretched out her hand to test his breath-
She immediately withdrew her hand and felt palpitations.
He’s sad about so many people. He must be a very warm person …
What a beautiful cheek, even if the facial features are bloody, it is already breathtaking.
Even with your eyes closed, you can feel his noble and indifferent temperament, as if nothing would be assured by him, as delicate and indifferent as lotus flowers, but as inexplicable as poppy.
She seemed to be bewitched, and she leaned over and stroked his cheek consciously.
Something weird happened-
Her hand actually touched his cheek—
Touched it!
Suddenly a voice sounded from her ear, "Aoer, what are you doing? Take out Jiuzhuan Linglong Dan and feed him!"
What is ziyun ao’s nine-turn exquisite pill? She looked at the sound source is the silver-haired boy …
Wounded fire Ryutsuki quickly approached and took her hair pin, which was as bright as a shark’s bead. His palm turned into a pill.
"Hello-"Ziyun proudly called one in hindsight.
But the silver-haired boy has already fed the pearl to the dead boy-
When did she get this hairpin? How could she not know?
Is that man really dead?
A second miracle appeared, and the man’s hand actually moved consciously-
"Wake up!" The silver-haired boy passed by with a touch of surprise. He guessed it was right. The seemingly shark bead decoration on the surface of the kite is really a nine-turn exquisite Dan medicine! !
Jiu Zhuan Linglong Dan is refined by Broken Snow Game and heavy lotus Temple. Now they have been buried for a long time, but the only thing left is this hairpin!
There’s a destiny-
This time, Aoer will never take out her heart again …
This time she will be here well …
Wounded fire Ryutsuki suddenly ruthlessly held Ziyun proudly in her arms as if she had done her best. Remember her temperature at this moment! She won’t know how much pain she has caused others when she died, but this joy of being recovered makes him whiter. Even if she has something that won’t belong to him, he will be willing to protect this warmth!
Ziyun proudly got a fright and pushed him hard.
He was not angry at all, and his lips raised a smile. Although the parting hug was short, he would never forget it …
"Strange man" proudly frowned and took a step back.
At this time, the young boy who was lying on the ground miraculously woke up. Chapter 963 You come!
It worked! Huang Junyi looked at Ziyun proudly in surprise! They’ve been looking for the nine-turn exquisite Dan and it’s actually in the kite hairpin! The last gift left by the mother princess is more precious than anything else! ! Damn it, he ignored it for so long! !
She and his eyes blink as if something is changing-
Ziyun is proud to be surprised by the messy and broken plots in her mind, and the suffocating feeling is overwhelming, but the light has enveloped her …