Shen Qiqi was lost again at this moment.

She comes from modern times and has no so-called hierarchy and so many secular constraints.
She seems to be able to overcome difficulties if she really loves each other.
However, Shen and Hu Ji are cruel and realistic, and their ideas are severely overthrown. Maybe this world she doesn’t know is really not love, so everything can be seen.
She turned her attention to Shen and Hu Ji not far away.
Shen also tried to say that Hu Ji told her to give up the idea of saving him.
Of course, Hu Ji could not promise, but she was not angry at Shen’s accusation. Instead, she was patient and listened to her face without impatience.
She really loves it badly. Think about it.
Otherwise, according to Hu Ji’s popularity, where would he listen to Shen’s sermon with his eyes down like this?
Shen Qiqi just wanted to say something when she saw Shen looking in her direction with a face of apology and said to her, "Miss Shen, I, Hu Ji, apologize for what I did to you. Please don’t worry. I’ll let her send you back later."
Shen Qiqi looked at him in surprise, then at Hu Ji and said coldly, "That’s simple. What about my master’s antidote? I will believe your sincerity if you ask her to hand over the antidote. "
"What antidote is the antidote?" Shen looked at Hu Ji with a confused face.
"Why didn’t she tell you? She took me captive and poisoned her with a boatload of people. You have more than one life in your hand. "
"That’s enough. Shut up!" Hu Ji suddenly lost control and yelled at Shen Qiqi. Seeing Shen Yi’s face and looking at her heart with grief, it was not a big pain.
"Listen to me, Shen Lang …"
"Forget it, don’t say it." Hu Ji interrupted Shen before she finished. "Listen to me and send Miss Shen back and give her the antidote."
Say that finish closed his eyes and stopped looking at her.
Hu Ji looked at him and said with tears, "I’m sorry about Shen Lang" and knocked him out with a hand knife.
Shen suddenly opened his eyes wide and his eyes were full of sadness, and then he fell into an uncontrolled coma.
Shen Qiqi coldly looking at her with a cold hum "I knew you weren’t so kind"
Hu Jihong looked at her "Shen Qiqi I won’t let you go"
I know that she means that she just told Shen Qiqi about the poison and shrugged her shoulders. "Will you let me go if I don’t tell you?"
"Hum, naturally not."
Lay Shen Pingping on the stone stage and Hu Ji looked coldly at Shen Qiqi. "It’s your turn to pick it up."
Shen Qiqi looked at her with some crazy eyes and a thrill, and then found herself unable to move.
Hu Ji moved her to a place closer to Shen, regardless of her self-care. She went to Shen’s side and took out a dagger and bullet. He cut his wrist.
A foul blood flowed out.
Shen Qiqi noticed that Shen Xue was not bright red, but dark red, which looked a little lifeless.
Heart secretly lose it seems that he was badly eroded by Hu Ji gas.
And Hu Ji saw that bleeding from Shen’s body was also a red eye socket and almost shed tears.
"I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I hurt you." She held Shen’s other hand and muttered.
Shen blood flowed more and more, and soon his face became pale. Hu Ji stared at the bleeding for a moment and held it tightly in one hand. Chapter 15 suddenly became crazy
Shen Qiqi also stared at two people nervously. She knew that Shen was bleeding almost when she was bleeding.
Sure enough, when Shen’s face was almost white, Hu Ji stopped the bleeding and then came to Shen Qiqi’s side and gave her a hard cut on her left wrist.
Shen Qiqi’s painful cold sweat almost came out, but he clenched his teeth and said nothing.
Then I don’t know what spell Hu Ji read. She was bleeding, but it seemed as if she consciously merged into a straight line and went to Shen’s cut wound. When she touched the wound, she went in like a small snake.
Shen Qiqi was so dumbfounded that he forgot his hand pain.
It is almost impossible for her to change blood in such a strange way.
Don’t say it, but the blood type may not match. Aren’t you afraid of hemolysis?
But she glanced at Shen and found that he didn’t have any respiratory arrest or his condition.
And she also knew that Hu Ji’s spell could control the amount and speed of blood flow. She bled too much and Shen was too shocked to accept it.
Sure enough, the world refreshed her cognition again.
Her blood continued to flow into Shen’s body, and the excessive blood loss made her eyes a little distracted, but strangely, her consciousness remained awake.
Even Hu Ji went over to help Shen cover a cloak, and she felt it clearly.
She felt a force, and her body was about to get out of her control.
With more and more blood flow, Shen Qiqi finally felt a little dizzy and his eyelids became heavier and heavier.
There seems to be a fire burning in her chest, which makes her limbs scream for pain.
Hu Ji saw that she seemed to want to struggle to speed up the spell, and her blood suddenly flowed quickly to Shen blood vessels.
"ah!" Shen Qiqi suddenly roared out of Hu Ji’s control.