Liu Feifei glared at Wuling’s son and said, "I know who he is, but it wasn’t your medicine that controlled his mind and caused him to die in the end. Although he died at your hands, I have always cared that you are my half-sister, and you have never hated you. Do you have to make us sisters eat each other?"

Wuling son suddenly stopped laughing and said, "You’re right. I won’t stop until Si Yakehitobe dies. This mausoleum is the best place for me to prepare for your family. I’m worthy of you. Today is your death."
LiuFeiFei know there is no point in talking to her more, so watch SiXiang fight with that weirdo.
At this time, Si Xiang is fighting with the weirdo as hard as he can. This weirdo looks silly, but I didn’t expect to start working. This person has changed a lot. Not only is his skill profound, but his martial arts strength looks higher than Wuling’s. If Si Xiang hadn’t eaten nine planets’s soul-turning Dan Li, he wouldn’t be his opponent.
Although barely tied with each other, Si Xiang’s heart was very anxious. After all, there was another one who was good at keeping poison Wuling’s son aside and Liu Feifei’s ankle was injured. Now this situation is very unfavorable for them.
In an instant, there are so many distractions in Si Xiang’s heart, but the other side and she are just the opposite. Like a Woodenhead, the attack is lax, and there is Si Xiang in front of her eyes. It seems that everything is not important. It is difficult for Si Xiang to be the first to fight with such a martial artist.
Sure enough, when it was less than half a column of incense, Si Xiang was accidentally slapped on the wrist by the other party, and the sword had not come to react. It had already flown out and almost stabbed to the side. Liu Feifei saw the other party occupying the wind. Si Xiang hurriedly took advantage of the other party’s palm to protect his chest shape with his left sword.
She means that if she defends the other side like this, she will avoid her own sword, and she can retreat safely. But she didn’t expect that it was the other side who rushed to meet the sword in front of her, and heard a light sound in her ear. The sword and sword had already cut out the chest full of dirt in that weirdo’s chest.
Si Xiang didn’t expect him to meet Jianfeng and rush to his side. When she wanted to deal with each other, the weirdo had quickly reached out and grabbed her throat, and a feeling of suffocation suddenly flooded my heart.
This flint Liu Feifei is a long way away, and where is she going to save her ankle injury? Seeing Si Xiang fall into each other’s hands, this is the only way to react. Pick up the sword and try your best to jump behind Si Xiang and hold the hilt with both hands and thrust forward.
Si Xiang was caught by the other person’s throat, and his mind turned white. When he was dying, he saw the other person’s face, but suddenly the pain twisted, and a little bright red blood flowed out of his mouth, and then he bowed his head and looked at the face.
At this moment, Si Xiang suddenly thought of a strange question. This person is really not a ghost. Seeing that his blood is so bright red, this idea passes in his mind. Si Xiang feels that the other person’s hand seems to be loose and regains consciousness. Si Xiang remembered to look down the other person’s eyes.
The sword that was originally beaten by the other side is directly inserted into the other side’s lower abdomen through his armpit. This is what’s going on. Before the other side can react, Si Xiang clasps the other side’s wrist acupuncture points and then lifts one foot to kick the other side out. As the weirdo flies back, a puff of blood gushes out, ignoring his face and blood. Si Xiang hurriedly turns around to hold Liu Feifei.
LiuFeiFei just tried her best not to consider her broken ankle. Seeing that Sixiang was fine, she felt the pain in her ankle. If it wasn’t for Sixiang’s pull, I’m afraid she would have fallen to the ground.
The weirdo’s sword in the abdomen was kicked out by Si Xiang again. It took a long time before he sat up with his hands on his belly and gasped.
Hold LiuFeiFei slowly sit SiXiang took the sword in the mother’s hand and walked slowly to the front of the fallen monster.
The sword pointed at the weirdo’s throat but looked at Wuling’s eyes and said, "What do you have to say?"
Wuling son looked at Si Xiang with an expression on his face and said, "Kill him."
Si Xiang paused. What did she mean by not understanding Wuling’s son? The conditioned response asked, "What did you say?"
Wuling son still said without expression, "I told you to kill him."
Si Xiang listened to Wuling’s words. Instead of stabbing the sword at the weirdo, she stepped back a little. She also wanted to kill the enemy. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will still be tough for him to slow down. Wuling asked her to kill this man, but she hesitated.
Wuling son said contemptuously, "what? Don’t you dare to kill people? "
Si Xiangyuan was still hesitant when Wuling said this, and immediately angered, "What’s not to dare you? Am I still the little girl you manipulated at the beginning?"
After the sword in Si Xiang’s cruel hand was withdrawn, he thrust it forward to the weirdo’s throat
Just as the tip of the sword was about to stab him in the throat, suddenly this weirdo said, "Yu Niang?"
Si Xiang saw that this weirdo suddenly spoke in front of her, so she quickly stopped stabbing and looked at each other with a sword. wait for a while stared at her mouth and called another person’s name and asked involuntarily, "What did you say?"
Wuling’s son was a little caught off guard when she heard the weirdo talk. She never imagined that there was a loophole in her plan again. In a hurry, she roared at Si Xiang, "Why don’t you do it if you dare to kill him?"
Si Xiang was hesitant when she heard Wuling’s words, but she heard Liu Feifei suddenly exclaim, "Xiang Er, stop it."
Chapter 44 Xiang Xiao Bai Di Mountain Dead Emperor Mausoleum (3)
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Si Xiang admitted the sword and turned his head to look at LiuFeiFei doubtfully.
At this moment LiuFeiFei brimming with foot injury slowly up SiXiang busy back to hold her.
LiuFeiFei holding SiXiang motioned for her to take herself to the front of the strange person and stare at the strange person’s eyes carefully. The strange person suddenly saw LiuFeiFei appear in front of his eyes and looked at Sixiang and LiuFeiFei’s eyes suddenly shed a string of tears.
Liu Feifei saw the other side shed tears as if she understood the truth and choked and asked, "Is it you?"
Si Xiang holds LiuFeiFei and feels strange when he sees that weirdo shed tears. Now he hears LiuFeiFei calling his father’s name to this weirdo just like Wuling’s son, which is even more vacant. He says to LiuFeiFei, "Mom, how can you call this weirdo like that bad woman?"
Liu Feifei didn’t seem to hear Si Xiang’s words. She broke free from Si Xiang’s hand and threw herself at the strange man’s shoulder. She asked, "Is it you or not?"
The weirdo closed his eyes and fought back tears in his eyes. He looked up with a long sigh and said, "Yu Niang didn’t expect to see you again in this life. This is really beyond my dreams."
LiuFeiFei just vaguely heard this weirdo named Yu Niang in the distance. I already felt something strange in my heart, and I wondered if my ears were wrong. Now I hear each other really calling their birth names. At this moment, my heart defense line finally collapsed, and my sad cry suddenly resounded through the whole mausoleum.
Seeing her mother fall in this freak’s arms and cry so bitterly, Si Xiang seems to realize that she can’t accept the fact that everything is happening in front of her eyes, and she doesn’t know if she should just watch at a loss.
LiuFeiFei cry for a while after this just remember behind SiXiang busy sleeves to wipe the tears in the twist a head to SiXiang said "sweet son come here"
SiXiang light oh a hesitation walked beside LiuFeiFei.
Liu Feifei looked silly at that Sixiang and knew that she accepted it all the time, so she said softly to her, "Xianger, do you know who he is?"
Although Si Xiang nodded his head, he still wondered and asked, "But …? Dad is not already … "
Actually LiuFeiFei heart also has a lot of questions, not only Si Xiang hard to believe, even she is like a dream.
It turns out that this weirdo is none other than Si Zhenting, who has been dead for many years, but now he appears here inexplicably, which is really puzzling.
Sizhenting looked at Liufeifei and Sixiang and didn’t know what was going on. His memory still stayed at Qixiufang to see Liufeifei for the last time.
Seeing that he is also a puzzled expression, Liu Feifei knows that all this must be done by Wuling’s son. Now she is too busy to pull Si Xiang and squat down and say, "Who do you think this is?"
Si Zhenting nodded with tears in his eyes and said, "I know whether it was Xianger when I first saw her or you. Our daughter is very similar to you. Even I admitted my mistake when you were young."
Si Xiang realized that it was the first time that her father called her mother’s birth name. No wonder her mother would stop her from doing it. If she didn’t wake up when she was a father, she almost committed a great crime of patricide.
Thinking of this, Si Xiang rubbed up and glared at Wuling son with double swords and said, "What did you do to my father, a bad woman, to make him look like this?"
Looking at LiuFeiFei holding the weirdo and crying, cutting Wuling son aside early, she was so angry that her teeth itched. She didn’t expect things to become like this, which completely disrupted her revenge plan, but now LiuFeiFei personally stabbed Sizhenting, which is also a good result.