Haitang has followed him for so many years and seen so many expressions, but he has never seen such an angry and murderous expression, even during the windy night!

Although she is scared to death in her heart, she is still stubborn! "The palace master denies that there is a wrong judgment! Compared with the lives of so many of us, the poor life of that fox … If you give it another chance, you will choose the latter! "
Cyclone couldn’t help but come and persuade "the palace Lord, don’t blame the boss. She is all with us …"
The night is like a stranger without saying anything. The most important thing is to save Zhuge Yue!
-dividing line-
The windy night Xuan didn’t take Zhuge Yue back to his lair, but took her to a ruined temple.
Because he knows in his heart that if he goes back to his lair at night, he will find him immediately, so he can’t take any risks, not at all!
Can you beat the night like a stranger? He needs to get the death ring at one stroke. Not only is the night like a stranger, but the whole six realms are his!
He threw her on the table and looked at her forehead. Zhuge Yue stared at him. "Your name is Feng Yexuan, right?"
She doesn’t know if he understands animal language. When she wants to delay …
The windy night Xuan looked at her as if she understood and didn’t understand. Her eyes were so tangled that she died!
Feng Ye Xuan hit the nail on the head with his hands around his chest. "When do you want to delay?"
Zhuge Yue "…"
Should this crop continue?
She took a deep breath. "I know you can understand animal language, so do you remember the woman who shot you when you fought the night?"
On hearing this, Feng Yexuan’s face really changed, and his hand tightly grabbed her thin arm. "Do you know that bitch?"
Zhuge Yue watched it work and continued to be persuasive. "Do you remember the woman who was seriously injured by the night when you were fighting with Nan Qianye and caused all the disasters?"
"Know that the two are the same woman! Do you know her? Tell me quickly! "
Zhuge Yue smiled, "Of course I know! You know, I’m a practicing fox for thousands of years, or something as powerful as the death ring can attach to me! Otherwise, how could I possibly know so many things! "
I hate these three words fox. I have to borrow one!
Seeing the wind and the night touching the bar seems to ponder Zhuge Yue and know that the fish is finally going to hook!
However, the windy night is far more refined than she thought, looking at her. "If I want to kill you, you naturally hate it!" What’s in it for you to tell your seat? "
Zhuge Yue looked at him for a few quick laughs for just a few seconds. I don’t know how many turns in my head. "Of course it’s good! Because I have a deep hatred with that woman, I know that I can’t escape from your palm this time anyway. Of course I don’t want to die unsatisfied. "
"Sounds like something." The windy night Xuan has always been rain or shine. Listening to his words, Zhuge Yue didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, but he felt relieved for a long time.
"Just … I’ll believe you once, but if you dare to cheat me …" On a windy night, Xuan stumbled close to the faint fragrance floating around Zhuge Yue, which made her feel dizzy. "I’ll let you feel skinning cramps and then chop you into pieces …"
(Zhuge Yue will meet the third beam on a windy night. Everyone applauds and welcomes 4. Chapter 4 would rather kill 10,000 by mistake.
Listen to the windy night Xuan depicting Zhuge Yue’s body hair standing on end!
She smiled stiffly, but fortunately, she was a fox, and she couldn’t see the clue in the windy night. "I dare not … I absolutely dare not!"
-dividing line-
Zhuge Yue took Feng Yexuan to the busiest street in Fierce City, and Feng Yexuan put her hand on her and smiled darkly. "Don’t play any tricks or I will never let you go!"
Zhuge Yue shook his head like a rattle "never …"
On a windy night, Xuan changed his silver-haired eyes into black-haired eyes, but this change still keeps him low-key because he is so handsome. These ordinary people dressed in ordinary clothes are like kings and superstars coming, especially …
He still holds a small fox in his hand, which adds a passion to many girls’ ignorant and longing hearts. He seems to be a very caring man!
Zhuge Yue is searching for an object from these people. Feng Yexuan is already impatient. "Are you sure she is here?"
Accepting the baptism of those people’s eyes, he was so impatient that he couldn’t help but say coldly, "I really want to kill these people!"
ZhuGeYue mind immediately emerged a river of blood scene but also can’t literally find a koo people as a shield!
Just thinking about it, when a wind/slut greeted me, the sound really made people feel goose bumps all over the floor-
This person is … Her half-sister Zhuge Jie.
Before she was married, she smelled a unique smell of excellent men as soon as she saw the windy night, just like a bee rushing to see the flowers. "We seem to have seen this man somewhere!"
She carefully tucked her hair behind her ears and smelled shy!
This is the worst white field … and the oldest to befriend!
But seeing this acquaintance coming … Zhuge Yue is relieved. Think about how many unforgivable things Zhuge Jie has done to this original body. She quickly pointed at Zhuge Jie, "That’s her!"
On a windy night, Xuan’s deep eyes fell on Zhuge Jie’s face and body. Zhuge Jie also felt more and more glad that he was interested in himself.
On a windy night, Zhuge Yue’s ear rings, "This woman is different from what she has seen twice before. You’d better not fool around!"
His cold and heavy voice makes people feel oppressed!