Repeatedly denying your heart is counterproductive. The more you avoid some problems, the more you swing in front of them!

He may really like Zhuge Yue.
Zhuge Yue retired as soon as he heard that he was ill.
In modern times, there are so many psychopaths cutting people. She must protect herself!
Nan Haochen returned it to her because he almost seized her once!
Ape arm extension directly imprisons him in his arms! "I hold you and I don’t move."
She is ill today, and he will never give birth to anything.
Think about it. I just came to the room to read by candlelight, but I didn’t read a word. After all, I want to see her!
But Zhuge Yue seems that Nan Haochen’s sentence is just like a man’s not a secret lie!
"I’m going in and I’m not moving!"
She didn’t grow up eating white rabbits, but at least she came from modern encyclopedia!
She threw a pillow between them! Just push his restless arm back!
"This is the third line! Do not cross the thunder pool! "
"Three lines? What a fresh statement! " He is full of interest.
Zhuge Yue ignored him and pretended to sleep!
He’s so energetic, she has to sleep!
The original chaotic thoughts were suddenly awakened by his words and blown out of my mind!
"When you get well, the king will straighten you up!"
Zhuge Yue, a carp stood up and sat up. "What is righting?"
She has decided that if she escapes from this palace, she won’t stay upright!
Nan Haochen couldn’t help but laugh when she saw her. She was scared silly by this surprise. "It’s hard for you to be so happy."
She stared at him. How could he see that she was happy? Was she frightened?
"I know you are unhappy because there are too many women around me!" For the first time, a woman is not tall but a word "I", but she can’t say happy, and there is no loneliness at the top!
"When you are well, I will canonize your six princesses’ palace. Although his concubines can’t go away, because there are forces behind them who can do whatever they want, I promise I will touch them less!"
Touch less? This is his promise!
Zhuge Yue sneers at a scum man or a love rat dog, but he can’t change * * * *!
Think about what Qiu Ju said, and then think about the change of Nan Haochen. Isn’t it true that she was right? Nan Haochen has a crush on her?
But how long is the shelf life of a love rat’s love? It’s just a novelty!
Zhuge Yue had heard more sweet words and had long been on guard. She would never be trapped in her life by such sweet words. Chapter 39 How deep love is and how strong hate is.
Zhuge Yue had heard more sweet words and had long been on guard. She would never be trapped in her life by this sweet words!
So her mind has not changed!
Zhuge Yue was silent about Nan Haochen and she agreed!
Finger gently hook ZhuGeYue was a Machamp to roll in the past!
He possessed his lips and crushed her lips!
The heat immediately started a prairie fire …
I don’t know if he threw the pillow in the way …