They are like bees, whose tails carry toxins, but they don’t sting easily, because once they sting, they will die, and they will never provoke others easily unless someone threatens their lives.

The flame spirit, like a bee, will not attack easily unless it feels that its territory has been violated, and it will try its best to defend its territory before it dies.
The beating flame will not cause any substantial harm to Ziyun Ao, but the scene of expelling her from the country in such a large number of suicide ways is indeed somewhat inexplicable and suffocating.
How can we let them know that she just passed through here, leading to the second staircase?
But the other side of the ladder passes through this fire world, and I don’t know how many flame spirits will be destroyed.
Soon, the flame spirits seemed to find that their suicide play could not stop the invaders, so they gathered together and a large number of flame spirits joined forces to attack Ziyun Ao.
Ziyun’s proud eyes flashed a touch of ice cold.
"Xuan Bing frozen-"
Xuanbing Sword emits ice mountain, which makes the flame fall as fast as the stars, and soon disappears, and the ground disappears.
However, his fire spirit is more powerful than a man’s, so he is surrounded by others.
Such a large area of fire is obviously not so easy to deal with. Together, they form a huge barrier, as if a wall of fire blocked Ziyun’s way.
Unless she penetrates this wall of fire, she will enter a staircase in the same way.
Xuanbingjian, even if it has freezing force, can’t freeze such a large area of flame at one time.
This wall of fire is unstoppable, and the momentum is growing rapidly, and it will soon surround Ziyun proudly.
Xuanbing Sword seems to feel this hot blade tremble.
There are fine beads of sweat sliding from Ziyun’s forehead.
what’s to be done
Even xuanbing sword seems to be able to split this fire wall for a while!
The flame came towards ziyun ao.
Xuanbingjian shot down the flame with one stroke.
"I mean to hurt you, but I just want to pass through here. I want you to make me promise not to hurt Koo."
"I want to pass from us and say that it will not hurt us. This is our territory and no one is allowed to invade!" A flame spirit big drink a way
"That’s right. This is our world. No one is allowed to invade you. Get out of here quickly or we will make you turn to dust!"
Ziyun proudly said, "You have already learned the Xuanbing Sword in my hand. No matter how many flame spirits are, they are suicidal!"
"We won’t give in easily. If you try to break in again, we will narrow down the scope and burn you alive."
"I want to spare your lives, but I don’t want you to die."
"Good arrogant tone brothers and sisters hurry up and surround her. Never let her step out from here. Chapter 631 Flame spirit.
The flame spirit surrounded Ziyun proudly in a large area, and then the flame circle became smaller and smaller.
It’s hot, hot and strong, and the ground is blackened as if overwhelmed.
So many flame spirits gathered in one place may bring devastating high temperature.
The burning pain makes Xuanbing Sword very uncomfortable, and the ice light emitted by the blade is getting more and more prosperous.
Knock the flame out.
But they don’t retreat and soon cluster together.
"She can’t stand it any more. Let’s get rid of her!"