"Then can the master ask the princess one more thing?"

The housekeeper knows that this matter is very important and there is probably a huge conspiracy hidden.
"Do you want me to take the message out for you?" Ink reporting soft light asked
"Yes, I want to ask the princess to send the news that my young master is trapped to Huaijun’s house."
Now the housekeeper has no choice but to ask for help. Chapter 3 The trapped Jiao Ren clan [6]
He was so badly injured that he gasped several times before he spoke completely.
It turned out that he wanted to personally send the news even if he was desperate, but I’m afraid he was caught by the eyeliner of the two kings before he left the big palace.
Besides, I’m afraid he will die soon after he appears seriously injured. It doesn’t matter if he dies, but he is afraid that if he can’t send the news out when he can’t, it will bring trouble to the young master’s life and alarm him.
He can’t take the risk!
The ink is soft and clear about the interests. After all, your family is also their Jiao Ren family. They can’t afford to offend their second brother. Doing so is different from bringing disaster to themselves.
But also bring trouble to the Jiao Ren family, and he will become a sinner of the Jiao Ren family through the ages, and she will be an accomplice if she doesn’t report it.
So she agreed to the housekeeper’s request with a little hesitation.
"How can I make them believe me?"
Mo Mo Rou suddenly thought of.
Butler obviously also thought of this problem.
See he reached into his arms to pay out and pulled out a bloody token.
Cherishing a carved pattern, he handed the token to Mo Mo’s soft hand.
"This is the waist tag of your family, which is a status symbol. If you see someone, they will believe you. Please ask the princess for everything."
After that, I coughed heavily again, and my angry face became paler at the moment.
Knowing the importance of the token, Mo Mo Rou solemnly took it over, put it in the ring, and took out a healing pill from it to let the housekeeper
"Princess, don’t bother." The housekeeper refused her kindness and gasped. "It’s too badly hurt. Dan medicine is a powerful remedy. Princess, please keep it for emergency."
"It’s not safe here, princess. Let’s leave quickly. Please, princess, thank you first."
"Sir, you don’t have to say that. It’s just to help your second brother atone. I hope he won’t make a big mistake."
After hearing her say this, the housekeeper no longer said anything about weakness, and waved her hand to indicate that Mo Mo Rou would leave quickly.
With tears in his eyes, he bid farewell to the housekeeper, Mo Mo Rou, and quietly slipped back to his bedroom through the back door in four people.
There was no one in the bedroom. She wanted to take a nap before she went to the Grand Palace. Don’t disturb everyone. Now it’s not time for dinner, so no one found her out.
She is very sad and confused now, and she feels guilty at the thought of worrying about her master’s safety and housekeeper until she dies because she failed to save him.
I also think that the whole Jiao Ren people feel depressed in the future.
She is confused and can’t believe that people don’t know if someone around her will be the second brother’s eyeliner.
Sending the news out is so important that no one can believe it, so she can do it herself
But she doesn’t know what kind of excuse to say that the second brother let her leave the family in such a severe situation.