"Hoo …!"

Although this force is very strong, the public defense soon passed. When this force passed, Huangfu Zhantian and others suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
"Go!" Any suspection.i Zhantian dare not hesitate to directly lead the people to quickly jump into the stone gate. When they entered it, they found that there were a lot of bodies lying upside down. These bodies were obviously killed by the thunder explosion just now. It turns out that those deadly forces were cast by these guys just now. No wonder they are exhausted.
"Destroyed the hole behind them!" Huangfu Zhantian saw at a glance that there was a hole behind them, but there was a little bit of powerful death force pouring out of the hole. It was these death forces that supported these people’s endless death force. If they were not destroyed, I am afraid that these people would have his misfortune [
Hear any suspection.i war days all qi qi force mercilessly toward the hole boom to a few, then give these holes to bury the death force is no longer poured out.
"Go!" Huangfu Zhantian’s figure flashed straight toward the inside. This stone room is actually very big, but there is a very thick fog inside. These fog cover the whole stone room. These fog are isolated from everyone’s spiritual knowledge and perception. If it is not hand in hand, there is no way to perceive each other. This makes everyone a little nervous. Section 19: Cure evil
"There’s something wrong with Xiaotian. The fog here is a bit weird. Let’s all be careful!" Meng Hong shouted, but the dense fog alto is also very dull, but fortunately everyone can hear it.
"Don’t be far away from the defensive formation!" Go ahead suspection.i zhantian turned to the people.
With that, Huangfu Zhantian condensed his own Raytheon Qi into small thunderballs, and then spread them out, so that the dense fog in the place where the thunderballs passed all dissipated a lot. Well, things were too strong, and soon Huangfu Zhantian condensed all these thunderballs, and then each person distributed one for them to hold at will, so that the dense fog ten meters away around their center was dispersed by these thunderballs.
See their own method tube suspection.i zhantian also didn’t hesitate again quickly led the people toward the inside.
"Look out!" Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a bloody smell in the rush, followed by a disgusting fishy smell. This fishy smell made Huangfu Zhantian frown immediately, because the source of this fishy smell still exudes a strong breath [
Just as HuangFuZhanTian words just fell a powerful strong breeze blowing hard toward his head, but HuangFuZhanTian already ready, Raytheon hammer suddenly blocked the front.
"Boom …!" The unknown monster screamed and then quickly fled to the dense fog. The blow didn’t kill it, which surprised Huangfu Zhantian.
"Be careful, everyone. There are a lot of Warcraft in this dense fog. Although these Warcraft strengths are not very strong, a little injury in this place will cause bad results for us. At the same time, everyone must not be stingy with Dan medicine and ensure that their body energy is sufficient!" Any suspection.i Zhantian quickly told them again.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone’s spirit is refreshed, and then they constantly sweep their consciousness back and forth to find unknown dangers!
"Ow … Ow …!" I’m afraid there will be a lot of these calls when everyone is just ready.
"Snow …!" These beasts roar just behind any suspection.i Zhantian then a hammer will want to sneak attack their Warcraft to nullify.
This is a shiny Warcraft. This Warcraft is a bit like a leopard, but it is black without a hair. Moreover, two teeth in its mouth are very long and sharp, which makes people feel that it is about to be torn apart. Its eyes are as white as Qin Waner’s, and it is very uncomfortable.
"Booming …!" Just after Huangfu Zhantian just nullified this Warcraft, a messy and powerful pedal accompanied by the roar of the beast came closer and closer, and soon came to Huangfu Zhantian in front of them, but these Warcraft didn’t attack, but they just stared at them.
"These Warcraft are delaying us, and everyone will continue to rush forward, but if they stop Warcraft, they will all be killed!" Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately thought of this possibility after seeing these unusual samples of Warcraft. When any suspection.i Zhantian did not hesitate, he directly led the people to move forward in front.
When they just moved, the black eyes in the eyes of Warcraft suddenly burst into a black luster, and then these Warcraft quickly came towards them.
Soon they handed over to these Warcraft, but these Warcraft strengths are not very strong at most, that is, a god dzogchen’s realm, but they win a large number. Although these Warcraft are weak, their claws are highly toxic. If they are contaminated with people’s skin, they will do great harm to people. Huangfu Zhantian’s physical strength can feel this burning corrosion, not to mention others.
"If we can’t go like this, I’m afraid we haven’t gone out yet, and the evil robber has already advanced successfully!" Meng Hong them at this time while killing these exhausted Warcraft to suspection.i war heaven.
"In that case, there is a way!" Huangfu Zhantian took a deep breath and suddenly turned out the chaotic jade seal in his hand, and then filled it with Raytheon’s true qi. Then Huangfu Zhantian shouted loudly that the chaotic jade seal was getting bigger and bigger, and it was shrouded in wonder.
"Give me □□!" Any suspection.i Zhantian binge drinking chaotic jade seal in one hand suddenly threw it directly into this stone room.
"Boom …!"
As the chaotic jade seal fell, those Warcraft were severely crushed into virtual by this chaotic jade seal, and even the dense fog was bombarded by chaotic jade seal and disappeared directly. Look, everyone is one leng one leng.
"Well, don’t be stupefied and rush to that vertex!" Any suspection.i war days to see all the people froze when he hurriedly mouth wake up way
Hear suspection.i war day wake up all of a sudden wake up immediately when they will speed to the greatest extent crazy rushed towards the chambers of the vertex.
The speed of the crowd was not stopped by the thick fog. They were two breaths and came to the top [
"What should I do if Xiaotian picks it up?" Dance wind looked at this place and asked some questions.
"Hum, this evil robber has really been hiding us for so long, but he still hasn’t shown up!" Yuxiaoxian irate way
"Don’t worry, he can’t run away!" Any suspection.i zhantian self-confidence pointed to the tunnel
"land? Ok, I’ll fight this place! " Small deep and remote with that, don’t wait for everyone to talk. Weapons in their hands give a hard shot and directly bomb the ground.
"Whoosh …!"
Listen to an amazing call for a strong suction from the ground to directly pull them towards the ground. The strength of the people is not bound by this gravity for too long, and then there is a little discomfort, and then they will stabilize their bodies by relying on their own strong strength.
"Xiaotian, what shall we do now?" Henaan asked a little uneasy.
"Why don’t you just drop to that guy! Let’s go! " After hearing Henaan’s words, Huangfu Zhantian immediately chuckled and then his body flashed directly toward the face. Section 191: Cure evil two
HuangFuZhan day after they fall, they just saw a large group of people sitting cross-legged, thick dark energy lines pouring from them towards the central figure. After counting these people, they found that there were thirty-six men, thirty-six women and nine babies. The total number of these people was nine hundred and ninety-one, which exactly matched the number of nine hundred and ninety-nine.
And there are many people sitting cross-legged next to these people who are looking at the sky, such as Huangfu Zhantian and others, but when they react, they all come towards Huangfu Zhantian and others
"Be careful that these thirty people are the strong group of pseudo-gods!" After seeing these people, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly got a fright. When did there become so many pseudo-gods in this evil robbery? This is too fate. If these people really want to fight in the mainland, who else can stop them from striving for hegemony in the mainland?
After hearing that Huangfu Zhantian woke up, he had just landed, and the people’s face suddenly changed, and then they quickly formed a war, which just blocked the first wave of attacks on these people. These people were like crazy and reckless attacks on Huangfu Zhantian, which made Huangfu Zhantian suddenly struggling to cope.
"What should Xiaotian do now?" Qin Si slapped a fake god who was going to take a hand from her and flew out directly to Huangfu Zhantian and asked [
"Don’t worry. Although these guys are all pseudo-gods, their eyes think that they should be taken away from the soul puppet. If they are tough against the strong in the 30 pseudo-gods, there should be no problem with these 30 pseudo-gods puppets, right?" HuangFuZhanTian is a thor’s hammer to fly out a false god realm of the strong, and then the mouth but that was HuangFuZhanTian fly out the strong but can’t climb up anymore, because thor’s true qi has destroyed all the functions of his body, even the qualification to be a puppet is gone, because he can’t even get up.
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then they finally saw that there was no look in these people’s eyes, just like wooden stakes, and although their attacks were very powerful, they lacked flexibility. This was a false god realm, and the strong could never make mistakes.
Now that we know the shortcomings of the puppet of the false god realm, they directly formed a mixed yuan converging attack in a group of three people, and then three people fought against seven people, including Huangfu Zhantian Dance Wind Meng Hong and Yan Xi, and four of them fought against nine people.
In this situation, Huangfu Zhantian fully benefited their own characteristics, that is, individual attack is strong, defense is strong, and personal flexibility is stronger than these guys. Every team has come up with ingenious ways to restrict these guys’ actions, while Henaan and his team were the first to kill one of the seven puppets.
Henaan after they kill a suspection.i Zhantian, of course, they can’t be willing to lag behind and directly kill two puppets.
It’s good to take it. Everyone came up with a way to deal with these guys. It took a lot of effort to kill these 30 puppets, but there was no sense of accomplishment in everyone’s heart, because if these 30 puppets became people, I’m afraid it would be ten of them now.