Wang Gan suddenly changed his face and felt a strange itch in the discolored part, which made him unbearable but could not move.

"There was once a monk who lied to me about this lingshi. I vowed to kill him and always carried it with me to wake myself up. Don’t forget the humiliation of the day, but I finally let him escape and die in this life." Wang Gan finally let go and gnashed his teeth for a long time.
Hua Shang Shi stared at Wang Gan’s eyes for half a ring, recalling that his eyes were exactly the same as they are now when he vowed to kill the father and the son. This just smiled, "I think so."
And she threw this waste lingshi away with a throw, but Wang Gan didn’t even move his eyes without changing his face.
Wang Gan is a wily old fox when it comes to acting and speculating on other people’s mentality, otherwise he wouldn’t have fooled Yang Qing at the beginning.
"wow! You’re so big. Which of these things is not someone else’s dream? It’s a pity that it’s all owned by the girl now. "Flower petticoats beat Wang Gankun’s bag at a glance, and then their eyes flashed in wonder."
Pushing a certain setting has been scolded badly by many new readers. It must be explained here-why should we set a gap? At first, it was to highlight the common sense of’ challenge that can’t be surpassed’, but the protagonist can often break this common sense because of the different cultivation routes. But later, it was found that this setting was too exaggerated to be restrained, and it was not wrong to skip the ten-fold increase of the body weight without strength. Because it involves another setting, it is boring to talk about it for the time being, and the strength setting is no problem, but some people compare it with Journey to the West … You monkeys have been suppressed for 500 years and are now cultivating immortality. It’s nothing to say that taking a nap is a thousand years’ work. It’s really nothing to say that taking a six-ton heavy stick and trying to fix the sea. The Wu Cheng’en setting is also very poisonous. It hasn’t been packed yet. (Laughter) Besides, this setting is not the same as ordinary people. It’s also because everyone is familiar with these words that the actual realm is still ordinary people = "Real people =" Fairy comes here to build a foundation and make an alchemy. Yuan Ying is a real person. It’s no different from practicing ten layers of gas. The upgrade speed will be very fast.
[ w w w ]
Chapter 12 All plundering then crumbling
Hua Shang Shi reached out and pulled out everything in Gan Kun’s bag, and everything was scattered all over the place.
"Are these two dry Kun bags the two younger brothers of Heaven and Earth Gate? Gee, really worthily, the disciples of heaven and earth add up to 100,000 pieces of spiritual stones and 10,000 pieces of supplementary Yuan Dan’s fortune is too rich … Huh? What instrument is this? " Hua Shang Shi paid attention to the heavenly seal. After looking through it for a long time, he found that it looked like an instrument, but it didn’t work, and it was also refined.
Where did she know that this multiplier was refined by chemical techniques? Wang Gan was the only one who could control it.
Suddenly, she remembered that Wei Tianbao had been sucked by this thing, and that he was easily killed by himself. He couldn’t help but gasp for air-conditioning, but then he showed surprise. It was unheard of that this kind of multiplier could be popular.
"Congenital multiplier! Gee, although it is just born soon, it can reach the degree of Chinese multiplier at most, but it will continue to be promoted over time. I didn’t expect you to have such a baby. "Hua Shang Shi unceremoniously collected the thunder and punishment pen."
"This is the one that can receive and send ink worms? I want to see what is written in it? " Then Hua Shangshi turned out the’ day’
Turning to the first page, Hua Shang Shi saw the line "You can die in the morning", but she didn’t mean much.
But then, when I looked at her, her expression gradually solidified. At first, she was puzzled, but gradually she was replaced by ecstasy, and she was so fascinated that she could not die.
Looking at the flower petticoats, Wang Gan showed such a sarcastic smile as if he had expected it.
All of a sudden, the flowers and petticoats fit together, and her eyes are filled with horror. When she looked down, she couldn’t help screaming sadly. But when she was only half a column of incense, her shawl grew to her waist, and her white hair was clearly visible. Life actually passed by less than half.
"How can this be …" Flower petticoats look very bad. Although she is cold-blooded in practice, women are most afraid of aging before they get old. How can this situation not scare her?
"Hey, this is blood bead? Is this the unique blood bead of Luotianmen? " Flower petticoats suddenly eyes a clot picked up a blood bead looked carefully hesitated for a moment and then swallowed.
"Good indeed as expected have come back to life wonders! It’s really hard for you to have so many blood beads! " Hua Shang Shi quickly swallowed hundreds of blood beads, and suddenly his white hair fell off and his vitality turned prosperous, restoring his youth.
I never dare to play this day after experiencing the breathtaking flowers, but I don’t want to throw them away, so I threw them into my dry bag at will.
Although she leafed through the sky, what was written in it? Looking back now, I feel that my memory is in chaos and I can’t remember the slightest.
The pregnant ghost Lei Fu blood bead refined the wind sword, and then got the materials, mud pills, pills, pills, pills, clothes and so on, which he plundered. All these things were unceremoniously’ accepted’ by Hua Shang Shi. Wang Gan looked at her unscrupulously plundering her own things, and there was a faint green light in her eyes, and her anger was constantly accumulating and waiting for the moment to break out.
"Shout … the harvest is too rich. I didn’t expect you to have so many adventures as a little monk who just practices gas. I’m not afraid that many things are plundered by you, right? It’s my turn to plunder you after pecking and drinking. "The harvest is very rich, and my eyes are bent with laughter."
"No one who dares to rob my baby will be killed by me in the end." Wang Gan said simply that the gloomy smell between his teeth made Hua Shangshi shudder.
"Hum!" Hua Shang Shi Wenwen’s face was suddenly cold and suddenly he reached out and pressed Wang Gan’s lower abdomen and corners of his mouth became warped. "What an annoying mouth! I wonder if you still have this chance when I waste your breath!"
Suddenly, Wang Gan felt a burst of heat flow in the lower abdomen, and felt that a large amount of liquid qi rushed into his gas sea and bumped around, but he wanted to directly explode his gas sea!
However, Hua Shangshi didn’t expect that Wang Gan’s air sea was ten times that of ordinary monks. Although these qi violently collided with the air sea, the law would be destroyed
But soon these liquid qi found a new target.
I saw clouds of cyclone qi impacting and exploding into chaotic vitality, but in a blink of an eye, more than 200 million cyclones were blown up by these qi and went all the way straight into the center of the big cyclone.
A silvery elixir cyclone full of cracks, with its central rotation, destroyed its whole structure by over-extraction, which made it no longer destroyed by the seamless method as before. Now, these qi violently hit this elixir, making the cracks more and more. Soon, when I heard a click, the elixir lit up with a golden light, and then it oscillated with layers of ripples accompanied by bursts of fragmentation and explosion!
"ah!" Suddenly, Wang Gan uttered a piercing scream and spat out one mouthful blood, but she was unconscious. There was a huge rebound in the palm of her hand, and her body could not help but go back several steps, and her face showed surprise.
She can pour the true qi into it, but she doesn’t know what happened in Wang Gan’s air sea.
"His true qi how so much? Although there is no condensate gas liquid, the rebound power is so great that I can’t stand it, but without it, the gas sea should be abolished from the perspective of rebound power. "Hua Shangshi secretly speculated that there should be no mistakes."
See her palm a turn a small and exquisite incense burner fly out of the palm unexpectedly Wang Gan inhalation.
"Hum! It’s time to pull your samadhi pure sun out of the body and waste your whole body to see what money you have! " The flower dress blows out a wisp of fragrance and turns into a enchanting and colorful flame, and the incense burner burns.
This flame is not a real fire, but a poisonous fire specially made for pure yang real fire. Once it is contaminated, it will be controlled.
I don’t know how long it took Wang Gan to wake up from a coma and feel wet with sticky sweat. You can imagine how painful it was.