"Your dad, of course, he is not a bonfire empire now, but I have given him what you brought." Gao Chen looked at Mag’s eyes and said faintly. Although it was such an answer, Gao Chen knew that Mag would definitely be able to understand the meaning of his words!

"Thank you, boss. I don’t know where they live now? Or windy city? " Magg took a deep breath and looked relaxed. He said a lot. Since Gao Chen said that he had given his things to Mast, Mast must still be alive now.
Gao Chen, such a strong man, has to make a move to deal with an enemy like Masud. That is usually to kill the other person. Listen to Gao Chen and say that when Gao Chen just returned to the bonfire empire, the situation of the Gao family panicked at that time. If you change your position and think that if you go back this time and you have Gao Chen’s strength, will your own means be like Gao Chen? I thought for a moment, but I shook my head and let it go. This is absolutely impossible!
"Practice hard. Everything in the secular world is just a cloud. Strength is the most important thing. Lang Hai, they are all real geniuses. Although it is only a matter of time before they surpass you, it is really a bit unreasonable if you don’t speed up your level and be surpassed in a short time!" The color of the map has not changed. Gao Chen is relieved. He is really afraid that the color of Mag will turn red. Although he is not afraid of Mag, there are not many people who can stay away from home anyway!
"I won’t let you down, and now I’m practicing!" Say that finish maag turned and walked out.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Encounter acquaintances
After arranging Lang Hai and others, Gao Chen intends to duel with Hua Weining for half a year now. Although even if Hua Weining becomes a ninth-order strong person, he is afraid of it, but in that case, he will expose the beast. The beast has always been a card of Gao Chen. If he really exposes the beast, he is a little unsatisfactory. After thinking about it, Gao Chen decided that he should also find a place to upgrade to level 90, and all problems will be solved.
Thinking about going out of the door, Gao Chen was definitely closed for half a year. Sometimes the enchantment helped this half a year, and there were more than one hundred years in the enchantment. If it was to increase the experience value, it should be almost the same. But at this time, I suddenly heard the voice to Tianyu, "Gao Chen, what are you doing now? Didn’t you practice at all when you went to the secular world for three months?"
"I have a practice, but the effect is not very obvious." When I heard it, I was busy with Tianyu pitch and respectfully returned to the Tao. Of course, he would never say that he should have a seven-star state. After all, this secret can’t be said casually, otherwise a lot of problems really don’t know how to explain it!
"There will be a decisive battle between you and Hua Weining in half a year. Hua Weining has already thought about the chamber closure and got the help of a piece of Tianchen Julingyu, the elder of China. It is likely to break into the ninth order in half a year. What are you going to do?" It’s a surprise for Gao Chen to listen to Tianyu without sadness or joy. Hua Tiandu actually helped Hua Weining to practice. It seems that his opponent is definitely a ninth-order strong man. Although he has long regarded Hua Weining as a ninth-order opponent, he was still a little shocked when he was really determined.
"I will try my best to be promoted to the ninth rank in half a year. This disciple will definitely live up to his reputation!" Gao Chen than firm serious mouth way
"Want to half a year from order a week to nine order? It’s hard. What do you need? The interpreter will try to satisfy you! " Sighing slightly to Tianyu, it is obvious that he is not very optimistic about Gao Chen’s going to rise from the first order to the ninth order in half a year. I have to say that this is crazy, even if it rarely happens in the whole history of the science of uniting!
"Thank you, Master. I think it’s time for me to go out and experience, so that my realm can rise rapidly." I feel that it’s not slow to warm my heart to Tianyu and then close my mouth, but it’s definitely faster than not killing monsters. In this case, why not kill monsters?
"It’s good to go out and experience, so where are you going to experience?" To Tianyu light asked
"Chang Yun War Zone" wanted to think about it. Gao Chen thought carefully about a few great experiences in the field of cultivation. Gao Chen felt that this was the most suitable because Chang Yun War Zone did not belong to an alien race. It was a paradise of Warcraft.
"Chang Yun war zone is good, too. Now the teacher will help you send off the array, and then you can go there for experience." To Tianyu, I heard Gao Chen’s ear.
"Thank you, Master" Gao Chen made a respectful worship in the direction of the Wind Temple.
Then I found Wenwen’s mouth and said, "Wenwen, I’m going out to experience, so why don’t you just practice fireball at home?"
"Brother, master, can I go with you? I don’t want to leave you." Just called out the word brother. Wenwen vomited her tongue and didn’t want to call a master!
"It’s too dangerous to go to a place without a division," Gao Chen said seriously. This time, going to the Chang Yun war zone for experience can be said that the encounter with Warcraft is at least six orders, which is no longer dangerous for a fireball artist to form, and it is simply to die …
"But I can respect you there, so I can be with you. If I don’t work with you, can I learn a fireball? No, I want to be stronger, and I will practice with you." At the end, Wenwen’s face and Shizun’s brother shouted out. Gao Chen’s face was sweaty. Brother Shizun, what a strange name is this!
However, after thinking about it for a long time, I think it’s better to take Wenwen with me because he wants to try Wenwen, and whether he can gain experience by beating monsters can also be upgraded to explain how Wenwen doesn’t overlook the temple. I think Wenwen should not attract people’s attention, even if Wenwen doesn’t, not many people know it, so he said, "We agreed that I won’t let you out when I get there."
"Hee hee, I knew you were the best brother and you would promise me." Wenwen said happily.
"To call master" Gao Chen drink a way with a straight face.
"What’s fierce? Call it a master. Call it a master." Wenwen’s mouth was flat and she said
Wen Wen’s words have just finished, and he has entered Gao Chen’s ear to Tianyu. "You are ready to send the array, so you can set off at the place ten thousand meters south of the Wind Temple."
"Thank you, Master!" Gao Chen respectful mouth way
After the fluctuation of Tianyu’s spirit disappeared, Gao Chen said to Wenwen, "Get ready, I’m going to set out for experience."
"Let’s go now," said Wenwen in surprise.
"Yes, we’re leaving now," said Gao Chen, and then we will directly start sending rings to the south of the Wind Temple as soon as we collect them in the shops!
Although Xiang Tianyu’s strength can send Gao Chen to the entrance of Zuma Temple, the distance between Fengshen Valley and Changyun Theater is too far. Even Xiang Tianyu can’t send Gao Chen to such a far place. However, there are arrays in the top ten sects. Although these arrays are rarely used in general, it takes energy for this array to start once, which is not affordable for ordinary practitioners. However, this energy consumption is of course a piece of cake for Xiang Tianyu.
Soon Gao Chen came to the sending array located in the south of the Wind Temple. This sending array sample is no different from the sending gate seen in Gao Chen’s game. If it is really different, it is that there are two tenth-order Fengshen Gu Di guarding the sending array in front. Although the sending array is rarely opened, it is of great significance to every sect. It is not surprising that all two tenth-order strong people guard this Gao Chen.
Gao Chen walked up to them and said respectfully, "Hello, two senior brothers. I’m going to the Chang Yun war zone for experience. Can I be sent to the battle now?"
After Gao Chen, the two tenth-order strong men in front of the escort formation, looked at one of Gao Chen at the same time and said, "Are you Gao Chen’s younger brother?"
"I dare to ask my brother’s name?" Although the tone of that person doesn’t sound emotionally fluctuating, the other person called him with the word "teacher younger brother", which means that the other person’s way of speaking is not aimed at anyone or that he is not pleasing to the eye. This is his speaking habit, just like a cold leaf!
"What’s the name? You’ll naturally know that since you want to go to the array to experience, you’re also very grasping. The Valley Master has already prepared the array to go now if you want." The most talkative one didn’t say anything, but another ten-order strong man said lightly …
A strange feeling is that this person doesn’t seem to have a good impression on himself. Of course, this is a feeling of Gao Chen. Gao Chen nodded to him and said, "Thank you very much. I’ll see you later!"
After that, Gao Chen stepped into the delivery array. He stepped into the delivery array and instantly felt a sense of terror coming to him. Gao Chen was on the alert. Although there should be no danger in this delivery array, Gao Chen had to be on the alert.
The flash in front of my eyes seems to be no different from that in the game. Another place has already appeared. I took a map and saw it. First, it was a strange scene. It seems that this should be the periphery of the Chang Yun war zone. Gao Chen is very puzzled. How did that fear come from? Is it because of the uncertain factors in the lineup? After thinking about it, Bai Gaochen didn’t feel relieved about it. He came to a new place. Gao Chen habitually looked at a map first. Suddenly, from the map, he saw several red dots rushing towards him. He was busy finding a secret place and hitting himself with invisibility.