Pak Lei suddenly gave me a charming smile and got up and ran out of the pavilion.

I was surprised when I suddenly saw a group of young men walking on Xiaoshi Road outside the garden. Bai Xihuang was in front, followed by Xie Tingjun, Duan Ciyu and Ling Mo. I didn’t know him.
Queen mother, is this a blind date meeting? But Ling Mo is not too young, is she?
Think about it, I don’t think it’s strange that it’s common to get married at a young age in ancient times. Ling Mo can also have a family at this age, but his personality is so arrogant that it’s hard to like girls.
They just came over and saw me, too. Xie Tingjun nodded politely and greeted me. Ling Mo saw my black face and immediately there was a cloud and mist, and when he glanced at me, he moved his line of sight.
Of course, I don’t know what he did. If the queen mother knows about us, I don’t care. I’m afraid the queen mother will do something to him, and we don’t even know him in the palace.
"Emperor, you have finally come. Your male and female servants have been waiting for you for a long time, and you have prepared your favorite fruit." Pak Lei smiled sweetly and ran like a swallow, but it happened that the right distance was gently tripped and Bai Xihuang fell into her arms.
This bitch! My heart is dark scold really want to slap ya one hundred.
I just ordered someone to bring these fruits, but she took the credit shamelessly and pretended to be tripped over. Pretend to be so arrogant, and it will pay off sooner or later.
But Bai Xihuang’s posture of holding her is really an eyesore. I took a hard bite of the cantaloupe and bit it as Bai Xihuang’s finger.
"Pear son, are you okay?" Bai Xihuang lifted her up briefly.
"Huang, I’m fine. It’s getting harder and harder to show up. I’m tripped when I run a road."
Pak Lei light frown on Bai Xihuang skill suddenly hold down the left waist expression as if brimming with pain.
"Pear son what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so white? " Bai Xihuang bowed their heads and asked
The more I watched it, the more angry I became. What tricks did Pak Lei play? Just now, he was still in high spirits, and his weak face became faster than a fox.
Why is her face so white? Is this an obvious fact? She wears too much powder and turns it into painting walls.
And Bai Xihuang was still holding her waist, and her heart was too unsightly. I took a hard bite of cantaloupe and treated it as Bai Xihuang’s arm.
"Well, the old waist injury has hurt again recently, but it doesn’t matter if you endure it for a few days."
Pak Lei’s hand still presses his waist, but he laughs hard. He is afraid of people and worries about knowing wisely and being virtuous.
"How can you endure the injury and ask Qi Yun to show you quickly?"
I think it’s a raging fire. Pretend you are. How light as a swallow you just ran past? I am an expert with sharp eyes. If there is a problem with her waist, she can swing and twist it step by step.
But damn it, Bai Xihuang believed it, and he also asked Qi Yun to help her see it. It was an eyesore. I took a hard bite of the cantaloupe and chewed it as Bai Xihuang’s neck.
Pak Lei’s face changed and forced a smile. "No, Qi’s adult is busy every day. How can I bother him with this little thing?"
See, I can’t put it in, and it’s not exposed after being checked by the old man Qi Yun.
"How can this be a trouble? The longer the injury drags on, the bigger the problem will be. We must look at it."
I almost laughed to death, Pak Lei. You deserved to dig a hole and jump in it.
Pak Lei hesitated with a sly look in her eyes. She turned to look at me defiantly, and her lips smiled again.
"Why bother Qi’s adult when there is a ready-made doctor who cures too much? Let the queen’s sister show me that the queen’s medical skill is so powerful that it can bring you back to life. Of course, my minor injury is not a problem. I don’t know if the queen is willing?"
I squint at this Pak Lei trying to drag me to her, but I dare not expose her, huh?
"Then let Yan Er help you have a look."
Bai Xihuang holding Pak Lei came slowly. Bai Xihuang and I should sit together because of the position of the long table.
Bai Xihuang sat next to me and Pak Lei stuck up again. conjoined twins seemed to hold Bai Xihuang’s hand and didn’t deflate, which made me almost lift the table.
So we had to sit in Bai Xihuang’s chair, and both sides really responded to the sentence "Left wife, right concubine, left hug and right hug".
"Yan Er, you are so beautiful today. The whole person looks aura." Bai Xihuang just sat down and immediately turned around and looked at me with a critical eye. She smiled and praised me.
I saw Pak Lei’s face turned black over his shoulder.
She is so beautifully dressed today, and she always looks at him with a smile on her face, but he doesn’t even have a comment, and he praises my horse when he sees it.
This is almost treatment. Hum wants to rob a man with me, so let’s see who can catch this man’s heart.
"Of course, there are no ugly women and lazy women in this world. I don’t think it is necessary to dress up before. Now I want to enjoy women, and I am beautiful."
No woman is not sweet when she hears the exaggeration of her heart, and so am I, which makes her feel beautiful. He doesn’t ask much about my appearance, which means that he doesn’t care that I am beautiful and ugly, which makes me happier.
Bai Xihuang close to me satisfiedly chuckle "is because women please yourself! Yan Er, I am very happy that you dress up like this. "
"You will be happier later." When you see my true appearance, your eyes will probably fall out.
However, before that, he needs to undergo many tests before I can judge whether he meets my requirements. When I am willing to face him in person, it is time for me to entrust him with my life happiness.